Monday, July 31, 2006

more comics!!

even tho i miss the ny times and i hate the washington post, i do luv having comics 2 read.

comic #2 is miriam back in the day. i'd just like 2 make a shout out 2 aviva/voosh of the worst cell fone plan ever. yes yes indeed. miriam gets unlimited texting for 5 bux on sprint, i could hypothetically get unlimited for 5 bux on verizon, but i dont send 500 texts so its not worth it. and aviva gets 200 texts for 5 dollars on cingular. (raising the bar?) but no fear man. when u run out of ur 200 texts, u can send 300 on my fone and then unlimited on mirs. she'll probly say no 2 that tho. thats the end of this random message. thank u.

the wonderful world of science

well i have officially gotten a taste of the world of science. heres how it goes:
dr. chen: oo, your data isnt good. but its ok bc i did this experiment earlier this year and i'll just give u my data so that you can finish this abstract.

please note that this was after 9 hours of rachel spazzing that he was soo freaking slow and couldnt he just look @ our 23 line abstract and sign it so that we could turn it in and not b the hated ppl of the student research program? yes that how life goes in dr. chens lab. u freak out about something that he freaks u out about. then when it finally comes down to it he just does something so simple u wish u had never wasted the energy freaking out about it. so thats how it goes i suppose. but i pulled some classic rachel spazzing dance moves 2day. i 4got that ppl who havent been near me during finals have never seen such impressive spazziness. ask my old roomies...they luved the entertainment. (wait a while and ask not sure shes gonna like it. she tends 2 get annoyed @ me when im in a super hyper spazzy caffiene induced mood) point is that @ 2:30pm after spending all day spazzing, dr chen sits down looks @ the data decides it isnt good enuf, inserts his data which we have no clue what its about, and then proceeds to type in chinese. ok it wasnt chinese but we had to do some serious grammar editing afterwards. best part was this convo (i have never laughed so hard in the lab):
dr chen after talking for 1 hour straight about the data. he is about 2 walk out the door when he pauses, turns his head and says:
jay (ner boy), i think u need to get more sleep. you seem very sleepy.
rachel: HA (insert ppl who have heard me laugh in that HA way. bc u see the entire 1 hour that dr. chen was talking i had 2 do the uhhuh i understand o stronger rite? higher rite? yes yes of course thing while ner boy fell asleep 100 times.

gotta go help keep the invasion quiet...

As If I'm Doing Anything Else With My Time...

.... i might as well blog. The day started a little after 12 when my sister came into my room to get something and i woke up from her opening my door and then i couldn't fall back asleep when she didn't fully close my door. That. Pisses. Me. Off. Beyond. Words. How hard is it to just pull that door another millimeter so it will click shut, hmm? JUST CLICK THE DARN DOOR SHUT! I yell several times a day for people to shut my door completely since they never ever do. I'm sure i can continue ranting (is that a word?) on about this matter but i will not. So anyways i did nothing all day long and i could not eat till after 4:30 since i was so nauseous. I only ate cuz it got to the point where i was going to be sick if nothing got into my stomach soon. After i got thru the first bite i was okay and now i have an appetite for the most part. It has just been a blechy day today. I'm not gonna lie, i am still in my pajamas.
I wanted to blog about the whole situation that was going down at the bowling alley Saturday night that i was not aware of but i am so not in the mood so I'm just going to sum it up real quick which is basically 2 guys next 2 us had asked what church we went to and rochelle responded that we went to a synagogue and they were like what and she was like we are Jewish and they were like are you serious and they said something to the group of people next to them and one of the guys in the group had a KKK tattoo and they were all telling each other that our whole group was Jewish and they didn't know what to do with themselves and of the guys kept looking at us and kept drinking beer after beer and ya. That is my story.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

hot time summer in the city...

here r some things i've done 2day:

1. yelled @ the radio for 5 minutes straight bc i cant handle ne more updates from beirut by the washington post's middle eastern diplomat. i really just wanted 2 listen 2 regular radio..but alas, the new washington post radio is probably a better choice 4 the times..

2. i learned what it feels like to actually choke. i also learned y u shouldnt eat apple juice popsicles, make fun of ur nephew, and inhale all @ the same time. then u end up choking. in a not coughing, i can barely breathe way. like wheezing coughing bc there is so little space 2 let the air in and out. it was great fun. (i kno my idea of fun has been drastically changed since the days when i thought 6 flags was fun)

3. i realized that i have a farmer tan on my ankles..ok maybe the real difference is pale versus paler..but thats still 2 different colors. not all of us have nothing 2 do all day but tan. (theres more 2 life maybe, then 2 lie there and tan! was that myob or regular "legal" newspaper? o good times when we almost got suspended for the 100th time...we sure were busy in high school)

Bowling (pronounced the Israeli way. If u read it wrong u must read it again... correctly)

There is nothing really so exciting for me to post. I just know i am supposed to cuz otherwise Rachel starts harassing me and that is not such a comfortable situation. Friday was fine until it got closer to shabbat then things got a bit crazy. I awoke at 10 a.m. Correction: i was woken up by my sister at 10 a.m. and she just assumed i would be able to fall back asleep... whatever. I just lounged around. There was way too much food made for shabbat, it was not normal. When i had put the challah in the oven my hand touched the top element and i got a burn. It is small but it really hurt. Now it is doing better. But Friday it was not a good situation and that it why we keep Dr. shimon handy (ok, he is not really a Dr he is just my brother but he is an EMT). I almost got 12 hrs of sleep Friday but i was woken up at 12:30 cuz we were having guests, i was not happy. I think i was woken up earlier. My mom came into the room and said 'Miriam, are you getting up?' to which i replied 'mhmm' and then i continued sleeping. I love doing that. Then of course my family realizes I'm not really waking up and they come into my room and make sure i get out of bed. It's abuse i tell you! My left shoulder was hurting me when i got up. I think it's cuz i slept with my arm weird cuz of the burn on my hand but I'm not sure but in any case i cant really lift my arm so well. I'm so broken its so sad. Really. Rebecca and Yulia came over in the afternoon. There were a lot of other people over. We were playing Apples to Apples and just hanging out. Then after Shabbat (and by after i mean 11) we (as in 12 ppl) went bowling. We didn't start till after midnight. I think my score was 71 maybe. All i know is that my bowling ball and the gutter were best friends. Of course when i was bowling for someone else i got them a spare. I did break a nail *gasp*. It's my right thumb nail. The same thing happened when i went bowling back in October during succot. I didn't get home til after 1 and its the bowling alley has indoor smoking so i smell like smoke so all i want to do is shower. I need to be up early for a brunch. Man, I'm gonna be tired tomorrow..... actually today....

P.S. yay for boring posts
P.P.S. i did get a bruise from the truck door when it closed on me leg

Saturday, July 29, 2006

magical talents r so useful

i once thought that my magical talent was that i could guess what yulia was thinking in her version of 20 questions..however i have found an even better talent (if thats possible)..

heres the story. my neice is 4 months old and shes sick. or teething. or something. last nite she started off in my room. we slept peacefully and then i woke up @ 8:30am feeling like a person who just pulled 9 1/2 hours...until i saw every1 else..they all looked EXHAUSTED. thats when i found out that both my neices had been awake since 12:50 screaming their heads off downstairs. i missed the family sister in brother..sarielle and ravital all downstairs 2gether @ 3:30 in the morning. now if u think thats not talent..i dont kno what is...of course then i felt guilty..and then i had to hide my inner tiredness bc its shabbos after all and who isnt exhausted on shabbos. but clearly i wasnt as tired as them or entitled 2 b tired. so instead i just fell asleep on the couch as soon as they left for the park...

hmm other stuff going on..2day i heard some1 complaining after shul that the rabbi isnt there..theres never was great 2 hear some1 else complaining about kiddush (ok its true i dont always mind when shul ends earlier w.o a dvar torah)

heres a joke that our #1 most loyal reader malkie shared w. me:
(originally read in readers u get peices of beit hamikdash for quoting readers digest as ur source?) (and i kno im not quoting it directly, malkie read it 2 me on friday)
a 2nd grade teacher told her class that she was a yankees fan. she then asked the class, who here is a yankees fan? all the kids raised their hands except for one girl in the back. the teacher asked her, why aren't u raising ur hand? the girl told the teacher that she wasnt a yankees fan. the teacher asked..who's ur favorite team if u dont like the yankees?? the girl told her that she liked the red sox. the teacher asked her, y do u like the red sox? the girl explained, my parents like the red sox. the teacher said, do u have to do everything the way ur parents do it? dont u think u should think for yourself? i mean what would u be if ur parents were morons?? the girl replied "a yankees fan" :-D

Friday, July 28, 2006


My goal for the summer was to get a tan. That was it. It seems my body had other plans. Its goal is to see as many doctors as possible this summer and did not okay this goal with me before hand, rude! I have no idea how many doctors appointments i have had so far. We have had the eye issue and the headache issue (which is taking up way too much of my time let me tell u) and now the toe issue. Luckily my toe did not have to be chopped off, yipee! If it continues to bother me then we'll need to go back to the doctor (ok, so he is my cousin, but he is still a doctor!).

In other news, I'm in a fight with the truck (yes yes, the beautiful red truck). So you know how car doors can open all the way to a point where they click into the open position but sometimes you are parked in a spot where you don't have that luxury of opening that car door in the full opening position so you open it part way and it'll stay that part way with out the click. Well you see, the beautiful red truck is big, very big. The doors are also big, very big. If the door is not opened fully in the open position and clicked it likes to close on you since it's very heavy (cuz it's so big) and smash you leg that you have yet to place inside the truck and is still resting inbetween the door and the truck causing excruciating pain and sometimes bruising accompanied with pain for a few days. Now the first time it happened i totally let it slide cuz its the truck. But then the second time it happened it left a bruise and it hurt for me to bend my knee since the doors closes right on my knee. And it happened again today and i hadn't driven the truck in some time and i was all excited and then i get in it and *bam* the door and my knee are having a meeting. Thankfully there are no signs of bruising.

My Exciting Story For The Day
I was on my way back from Gooeys (the fat free frozen yogurt place where Rachel wanted me to work but i never did) with Rebecca and Aliza (my sister) and i was pulling up to a red light and i said to them look behind us and they didn't look so i repeated myself look at the huge truck behind us and they didn't look and i said again a bit louder LOOK AT THE HUGE TRUCK BEHIND US. And they finally looked and there was a truck that was carrying a house on it, you know those really annoying ones that take up all 6 lanes even tho there are only 3 and you wonder how they ever manage to get around the city. The driving house was being escorted by a police officer on a motorcycle. So they are approaching us at the red light and he's honking his horn and the officer is next to me and I'm sitting there waiting for the green to appear and the officer waves at me to go and I'm like OK! so there i was running a red light with a cop right next to me cuz he told me so. HOW COOL IS THAT? IT WAS LEGAL RUNNAGE OF REDDAGE? He made my night... correction: he made my day... correction: he made my whole week! I wish that cop and driving house were behind me all the time... on the road that is.

Shout out to Malkie so she'll love my posts too! Come visit Dallas!


u kno how sometimes u look @ the clock and u kno that u'll regret being awake, but then u remember- its just exhaustion. thats all. plus 2morrow nite is shabbos so that = sleep. this theory has caused me much exhaustion. i always think that thursday nites i should go 2 sleep late, bc friday nite i get so much sleep. what i 4get is that i hardly get more sleep on friday nites than usual. this is usually due 2 a book. and then i have 2 wake up 4 my visit 2 the house of prayer. but then i get in my nap. now u see in senior year we learned that u cant make up lost sleep and that is definately true. no matter how long u nap for, u're still just as tired as u would have been without it. ok maybe i wouldnt go that far, but a day later or a few hours later, its like u never napped. yet i do the same thing every week. in israel i would go 2 sleep late wednesday nite too bc thursday nite i could sleep late. uh oh. i hear awake sarielle. laters...

Thursday, July 27, 2006

i luv putting comics here...


so here i sit. thursday. the day dr. chen was supposed 2 return from his vacation. but he hasnt. so far this has been my day. 1 failed book drop (hahahahaha no1 seems 2 find it as funny as i do) 2. i found a HUGE glob of rat fur stuck 2 the bottom of my shoe 3. its 1:15pm and i have been doing nothing since like 12 when i finished typing everything i could possibly type. so now, here i sit. sit sit sit. in 1 week from 2morrow is my presentation. that means goodbye smelly mice. woot.

i really have nothing 2 blog about since i'm just chillin here. update on the family funniness (shout out 2 the family) neways so my brother is driving down 2day and he hasnt called ne1 to ask how he can get in2 the house. as in he was supposed 2 call my sister so she would drive over and unlock the door. but he hasnt. hahaha. well @ least we hung the signs up just in case.

these weird ppl were sitting behind me on the train talking about big foot, fairies, and the magic bullet that killed jfk. now let me tell u, i've been 2 the jfk museum 8 times (literally) and there was no magic bullet. hes dead, get over it. what else what else...sigh. thats all for now folks.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

the drop off

u kno that feeling when u prepare for something and then it gets delayed? or its not cool? or nothing happens? so there i am rushing to get all the rooms ready 4 the arrival of the brother and putting together the pack and play..which i carried from some1 elses house thank u..and im pulling out the futon and the bed under my bed...and im changing the sheets..and im transfering all my stuff 2 the other room..and im rushing away..and then i go downstairs 2 grab some water when ring ring brother calls...some sketchy thing happened w. the car rental place (long story that makes no sense if u think about it 2 deeply) and so they're coming 2morrow nite. insert rachel who just wrestled a baby sheet on2 the pack and play. so basically...its just one of those moments where i was mentally and physically prepared to have them arrive. now please note, im not complaining that i get 2 spend an additional nite chillin in my own room alone. its just funny. and i thought i'd share it...

thats all for now.
(i have short term memory loss. it runs in my family. or @ least i think it does...hmm where is my family??)


I am in two fights currently (actually I'm in more than two but I'm not going to get into those on here, sorry peoples but not everything goes on the blog).

Fight Numero Uno: Me Vs. Axert
I got a headache last night and i thought maybe it wasn't a migraine and that it just was sinus pressure since it might rain. My mom said i shouldn't take the Axert unless it's a migraine and it didn't seem to be getting worse but i wasn't sure and so i just opted on sleeping it off. But of course it's the next day and the headache is still present. You would think it'd take the hint that it's not welcome here, but no. So i took the Axert not too long ago and right now I'm taking free samples from the doctor and so it's packaged in 2's. It says that you should take one tablet and that if the headache comes back then you can take the second dose. Ok, that's totally cool. But then it says at the bottom "If you only need 1 Axert tablet for your migraine pain, save the second tablet for your next migraine." What the heck is that? They are anticipating my next migraine? Oh ya? Well I'm anticipating kicking your butt! Ok, so that really had nothing to do with anything and was a really bad come back but it's just so mean. I am not planning on having another migraine, got that?
This reminds me of the time i got pulled over (it was only once, sheesh guys). It was a really awkward situation. The cop seriously didn't know what he was doing. Anyways, me and my friends were going to the dollar theater. i missed the first turn so I turned into the second opening of the parking lot. As I'm turning in I notice these nice bright red and blue lights following me in. i think"oh no" so i find my purse. Find my license. Look in the glove compartment to find the insurance stuff and roll down my window. But no, the cop comes over to the passenger side. He says "I'm from the plano police department and ur being pulled over for speeding. Can i see ur license please" what cop comes over to the passenger side???Anyways he looks at my license and is like "r u currently living in Dallas?" "yes i am" "do u have insurance on this car" "yes. I'm trying to find it" he goes back to his little vehicle. Well apparently my friend yafit kept turning around looking back at the cop and stuff so he came back up to the car opens the back door where yafit is and starts talking to her and she's like "i don't speak english" since she only spoke hebrew. So he comes up to my side for the first time and is like can u translate and I'm like sure. So he's like tell her to sit still and stop turning around cuz it gets the cops nervous. I'm like ok and then i found my insurance. He hands me back my license and says "next time have ur information readily available" and leaves. Now why would he say "next time have ur info ready?" Did he think that i was planning on getting pulled over again?
*Let the record reflect that the story about me being pulled over was copied from an email i sent to Rachel while she was in seminary, thank u*
So that's my first fight with my migraine medicine and it thinking I'm gonna have more migraines. Hmm, really that's all i had to say instead of all those stories.

Fight Numero Dos: Me Vs All You Blog Readers
Now why is it so difficult for you guys to just leave a nice little comment. I'm sure you enjoyed something you read and you can relate to something you read. Maybe you even have a similar story you would like to share. All of those things can go into your glorious comments you want to leave us. Help us feel loved. Boost our egos. Buy us slurpees. Hmm, we already have those. Buy us dinner!

thats me!!

lalala lampshade

o the joy of coming 2 work when i feel like it. its such a lovely feeling. u just leave ur house when u desire. spend a little bonding time with your car...casually walk in2 work...thats the life and im glad i got 2 experience it once this summer.

heres some details miriam 4got 2 mention about our fone convo yesterday where we used each other 4 entertainment. really it was useful so that we could each talk 2 ourselves w.o appearing insane (note appearing insane and not being insane...we already r insane) neways here ya go:

miriam: uch they dont have my hair spray? who told them they could change their product line? what am i gonna do?
miriam: should i get the one that says smooth in2 dry hair, or the 1 that says put it on and go in2 loving arms? i cant decide.
rachel: OMG THATS MY EXIT. HANG ON ONE SECOND. miriam..r u talking 2 me?
miriam: no way. im talking 2 myself.

ok so really it was funnier @ the time..but isnt it always?

Rachel Had No Title

For a change i did things today. *pats self on back* So i awoke this morning at 11 cuz my phone got this random text msg from sprint (really i woke up at 7 something it was soo weird but i immediately went back to sleep). I did nothing and made plans with Aviva and left the house a little after one. We first met up at DSW where i bought 2 pairs of shoes. Me and Rachel now have the same pair of shoes but in different colors its like 12th grade all over again except then the shoes were exactly the same (besides from the size, ur welcome Rachel) and that made us so cool. Anyways now the grand total of shoes is (are?) 86 pairs! And you know what, I'm proud of that number. I like shoes. i don't think that's a crime. I don't feel that that number is a reflection of who i am. That is all i have to say on the matter cuz i don't need to defend myself. Then we went to Avivas house to drop of her car and i drove us up to SYMS. i found a wedding top there that i really like and its slightly small and Aviva doesn't think its a good idea for me to have it but i like it and that's all that matters. From there we went to payless where she bought a pair of shoes. Then it was 3:30 and we drove back to her house. Now originally we had wanted to go to old navy so she could exchange her flip flops for a different size but we decided that there wasn't time for that since she had to be back home at 4 and we couldn't meet up until 1. And DSW is by me and SYMS is up north closer to her but further than her house. So the plan was for her to drive to me go to DSW then follow her to her house and i would drive the rest of the day. As we are exiting the parking lot of SYMS we notice across the street is an old navy but Aviva didn't bring her flip flops then we drive a bit further and we notice a DSW and we could have saved ourselves time and gas had we just done ourselves some research. So i hang out at Avivas until she has to leave and from there i go by myself (so sad, i know) to SuperTarget (yipee). My real purpose for the trip was to get a certain ice cream (Strawberry Shortcake Bars by Good Humor) that was only sold there. I also needed some other odds and ends. Just as i arrive my phone rings and i had been worried about how i was going to be kept entertained while i was there and there was Rachel to my rescue (of course she thought that i was going to rescue her). She was stuck in traffic and needed to vent and be entertained. So there i was doing my shopping and listening to Rachel talk on (about absolutely nothing and being really hyper and yelling and just going crazy aka her usual self) for the next 35 minutes until i left that store. I realized later that i forgot to buy lotion. I really need lotion since i used up my other one and i don't wanna keep using the bath and body works one cuz i don't always like having that scent around. And so that was my day. Now I'm just waiting until I'm dairy (just a few more minutes) so i can have my Oreo Uh Ohs (which i bought at SuperTarget) and milk. Tick Tock Tick Tock.

Rachel, I have stolen your funny. If you want it returned alive and in one piece then pay up!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

OY. i sure am out of shape. i'm still achy from my 2 mile each way hike. thats rite folks its 2.03 miles each way and we walked both ways, so thats 4 miles. then add in .59 miles each way. so thats like 1 mile. so thats 5 miles. and then add in another quarter for getting to my sisters. so thats 5 1/4 miles in one very hot day. just fyi.

ok. im totally drawing a blank rite now. absolutely nothing happened 2day. minus the time i got to have art time. yay. and um. i got stuck in a lot of traffic. but thats nothing new. and i went to cvs as the first outing i've had in a long time.

i think miriam stole my funny. GIVE IT BAAACK U NEED 2 GIVE IT BAAAAAAACK. (10 points 2 the person who can correctly identify that song..and no cheating on google bc thats what i would have done)

Monday, July 24, 2006

we DONT like to waste time!!

a big applause to the adderabbi for the clever title to this post. really i was supposed 2 put a link in, but i honestly cannot figure out how to put a link in without having the whole ugly http:// thing. and i am 2 lazy 2 figure it out. so u can all go and search adderabbi and find it urself.

heres what the title means. the title means that when 1 green punchbuggy (volkwagen beetle if u must b proper) has a small accident causing no injuries, but does inflate the airbags, no ambulances arrive, only 1 car is involved, and 1 police car comes...DONT SLOW DOWN TRAFFIC LOOKING! i really think that i am the only person in the world who has anywhere to go bc every1 else just seems to like to go 5mph on the highway until BAM (literally..heheeh) they see the "accident" and then all of a sudden they feel like their life has purpose and they can speed up and move along. sheesh ppl. get a hobby. a hobby that doesnt involve slowing down 2 see the lamest accident ever. i mean im sure that the person involved was happy it was so lame, but still. there is no need 2 stare @ them. thats just rude.

heres how life works when dr. chen is on vacation: arrive alive. work on paper for 10 minutes. go help cindy w. photocopying for 2 hours. leave for lunch @ 12:45. walk for 45 minutes to johns hopkins for lunch. get quesedillas. (how the heck do u spell that?) and ice cream and then we walked back 45 minutes and then we walked 10 minutes to get new id badges. and then i walked 20 minutes to the train. and then when i thought i would get there @ 3:25pm and the train would come and leave @ 3:30pm, but no. it was a classic marc day..aka the train didnt show up till 4pm. thats rite. 4. thats 30 minutes late. and i was SO hot and tired. exhausted. and my knees hurt so badly.

ok thats all. i think. yesterday morning i woke up and there was a mosquito buzzing really loudly in my ear so i covered my ear with my hand and went back 2 sleep and then i woke up later and my fingers were covered in mosquito bites and they really itch. so sad.


can u guess where? it was by the pool. i bet the last time miriam wrote more than 3 lines on this blog was the last time she went swimming. ok i already have 1 bet going w. mir so i dont want 2 make another 1..but i still bet i'm rite.

i think miriam IS funny. especially now that we found her funny! so all u blog readers out there..and we kno who u r..COME SHOW UR SUPPORT FOR MIRrac.


Sunday, July 23, 2006

Change Of Name

After reading the last few posts (all by Rachel) i was thinking the blog should not be mirrac but rather racmac cuz she writes on it way more than me and as i stated in an earlier post she is way funnier and she even agrees i lost my funniness. And so i proclaim that this here blog name be changed and Rachel be the sole blogger. (I bet Rachel is going to spaz on me but i just wouldn't feel so much pressure even tho i do enjoy blogging and all that good stuff she's just so much better and that's why she was valedictorian and i just graduated. [kinda])

Guess who went swimming today... ME! Guess who still has lost her tan that she worked so hard on at the beginning of the summer... ME! Guess who wants to have her own swimming pool so she can live in it... ME! Guess who is tired and bored and doesn't know what to do right and is debating about watching Nanny McPhee... ME! Guess who wants Rachel to come clean her room... ME! Guess who is craving something but has absolutely no idea what it is... ME! Guess who wanted to make pizza today but her mom won't let her until the 9 days start... ME! Guess who has run out of things to say... ME! Guess who has lost her ability to blog... ME! Guess who can complain way more and way better than Rachel... ME! Guess who just remembered something she wanted to blog about... ME!

So on facebook my status says "Miriam is trying not to think about today's date." Now we all know the rule that we are not allowed to discuss how many days are left of summer and i will completely follow this rule and i will not discuss... however, i would just like to mention a few dates such as.. Aug 23 is the first day of school and today is July 23 and Aug 22 is the day i go back to smelly smelly NY. Why is July over? Can someone please tell me? Why have i only had one week of triple digit weather? Why have i lost my tan and so there is no proof that it has been summer? Why have i spent my summer seeing doctors cuz of stupid stupid headaches and not being able to see and i will continue seeing doctors until the summer is **** (4 letter words are not permitted. if u cant figure it out then u either a) have a potty mind or b) are an idiot). There were so many things i had wanted to do this summer (ok so maybe it wasn't so many but there were some things) such as go to Israel but since my mom didn't end up going i didn't end up going which is probably for the best since we would have been there now and i had wanted to go to Chicago and that didn't happen. I have read 4 books so far and I'm half way thru the 5th. I took 2 classes and got that taken care of in the beginning. Of course i haven't found my prince charming tho I've only been searching since last week ever since i watched the Prince and Me again and decided i wanted to fall in love. Any one wanna be my prince? Come out come out where ever you are. (is that desperate? Oh well...) Ok, now I'm done. So long, farewell, and let summer continue forever!

it just keeps going...

dont worry folks..i'm not really here 2 ponder some more. its just that i realized that i have actually done the typical blog move: i just blogged w.o a point. i mean i started 2 make a point, and then i didnt make it.
so heres my point..
i will REALLY do something fun this week. REALLY. u all wait and see. READY??


this is what i do when i am home the entire day (minus a 1 block run aka drive to the mikvah to dip some pans in the dirty, pardon me, holy water)..i ponder. ok really i just get so bored that i start to be slow moving and nostalgic...the slow moving is because my brain never starts moving fast enough to wake up fully, and the nostalgic is from the 'remember when i used to do something fun every day?'. so as i sit here on my bed @ 9pm, 12 hours after i first rose from my bed, i look back on my day in sadness.

heres what i did. i lazed around. i learned how to make pancakes the hard way. aka the way where u have to take the fire alarm off the ceiling so it will shut up. i lazed some more. then i cleaned my room. i kno u r all so proud of me. then i lazed some more. then i cut out some funny comics. then i played w. ruchama's makeup and ended up with orange splotches all over my white shirt. then i did laundry. then i painted my toes. in that eh, no1 will look close enuf 2 see the nailpolish all over my toes and not the nails kind of way. then i lazed some more. then i went 2 the water hole to dip the pans. aka i went 2 the mikvah and tried not 2 think about the tiny microbes of bacteria that were implanting themselves in the alumanim pans that would soon be filled with food. and yes i kno they were washed w. soap and water afterwards, but if the little buggers could live in that slimy green water to begin with, what makes u think that some soap and water will kill them? this was all accomplished in full jap mode bc i convinced my parents to let me drive the altima the entire 1 block to the mikvah with the ac blasting...good times. then i lazed some more. then i ate dinner. then i lazed some more. then i realized that i am so easily defined. either i am doing something super fun and being totally hyper, or i'm sitting on my bed all day wondering about what its gonna feel like when my shaky fan finally falls on my head (CVS guys..dont worry)

so heres my new plan since my "i must do @ least 1 productive and 1 fun thing per nite" thing ended. its not that it totally ended, its more that i realized i was only doing productive things and that was sad bc really i only added the productive thing in as a way to seem productive while just trying to have a good time. the issue is that my dear friends out in dallas do something fun every nite. at first i thought wow. they r so cool. and then i remembered that i used to do that 2. o sigh the smell of summer. aka my feet out doyle's window (as in miriams car) and 7-11, and cranium, and the highway overpass w. its ketchupy handrails (mir STILL owes me 5 bux..shout out 2 yulia :-P) basically i think i made it thru the first part of summer being tired and bored, but tired won out and i thought its a good thing i dont have friends here bc then i'd b so sad that i couldnt hang out w. them bc im 2 tired. that was back in the days of the 'lets see how early i can go 2 bed game' yea..that didnt last very long. once i hit the stay up late phase i realized dude. i could spend this time in so many fun ways..aka not in my room talking 2 the ppls who then go and do fun things... is this 2 blah of me??

i have realized a benefit of blogging. i can complain and while i kno every1 is thinking my goodness she complains a lot, i dont have 2 see them roll their eyes so its as if i'm not really complaining. i really really think i complain less in skool...but i think thats bc every1 else complains so much more about skool that i just cant compete. shocking i kno.

point is about a year ago i was heading out 2 my 3 weeks of dallas fun...alas this year i am not as loaded and i am instead looking forward to ways of getting out of work early this week. my how times have changed. i think back 2 last june in the holy land when rabbi katz gave us that whole end of seminary speech (not quite as famous as rabbi orlofsky's of course) and he said that whole u go home and drink tropicana thing and u 4get all ur israel stuff. and let me tell u..i have probably polished off like 10000000 gallons of tropicana. and whats left is the lazy lazy rachel. i need to go 2 6 flags. i kno i kno u're all thinking that rabbi katz wasnt talking about being lazy in the 6 flags sense..dont worry i kno that..

ok. i think i have finished. im sure i'll have some great stories 2morrow..hardee har har.

the comics really speak to me...

Hot Chocolate

I am sitting here, at home on, a Saturday night, drinking Hot Chocolate since i am nauseous and that's the only thing that sounds appetizing. I started reading my 5th book this summer, The Devil Wears Prada. And guess who finally got some sun after 298783748792 years? ME! Ok, so it was only for 20 minutes but still, its been a really really long time. Today it was soooo cold out. It was only in the 90's. I wasn't sure what to do with myself. So really that's all i had to say. I'm bored. Very very bored. Maybe i should watch a movie. i have to be up early tomorrow for Ryan's bday party. It's at 10. Who has a party so early? I remember being little and my birthday parties were always in the afternoon and i know this because it took forever for the day to pass until it was time for the party. I want a birthday party. You are now in charge of throwing me a birthday party. It does not matter that my birthday isn't until November (yay for being 17 days older than Rachel!). I would like a party now. And one (or two or three) again in November. Thanks! I must go back to my hot chocolate, there's no point in drinking it if it's not hot.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Me and the Phone

I'm not a phone person. I hate calling ppl i dont know, i hate calling ppl i kind of kno, maybe know, possibly met once. back in the days of super fun skool trips..aka LA and ny i had to call ppl and beg them 2 buy flowers, cookies, just give us all ur cash and we wont hurt u.. this is how the calls went:
me: ok here we go..dial number
ring ring ring ring..
me: please dont answer please dont answer please dont answer
ring ring ring...
me: eyes shut, shuckling like a rabbi, please dont answer please dont answer
finally the answering machine comes on and i get 2 leave a message. phew.

over the years various embarrassing things have occured when i called ppl..especially important ppl...and so i would have 2 psyche myself up and get super hyper and then i would call and they wouldnt b there..or its the wrong number..or they transfer me 2 the wrong place..

now u're probably wondering what happened that has caused me 2 share my fear of the fone..
i had 2 call the Bostoner Rebbe's son on friday. now let me tell u. that is some scary stuff. my dad had 2 tell me 100 times that it was his cell phone so there was no way ne1 else would answer. and then i had 2 practice what i was going 2 say 100 times. and then we realized that we had lost the number. so then i had 2 call some1 else 2 get the number and thankfully i got 2 leave a message bc it was good family friends and i never kno what 2 call them. neways really this experience was funnier than can be explained...really only ppl who have seen me spazz over making a fone call can understand. its like a process. and if its some1 for like a summer job or something i spend 30 minutes spazzing 2 my dad b4 i call...then i go and spazz 2 jenn..and then i jump up and down..and then i call.

ok now that i have officially written a "and then i found 20 bux" story..i feel the need 2 write something funny. um. ok! heres a good story:

The Story of the Comput (sorry mir i kno u already heard it)
First of all lets lay something straight..its comput..not kahmput or kimput or koomput..but Comput. u kno..the cooked dried fruit in that super sweet sauce...ok good.

So its the 3rd day of pesach yom in no clothes 2 wear..totally tired..and im running late 2 shul...but im starving so i grab the container of comput from the fridge and scoop some in2 a bowl. as i take the container to put it back in the fridge..i dont get a good grip so it falls STRAIGHT down. SLAM it hits the floor. POP off comes the lid and the comput SHOOTS up straight in2 my face. so then im screaming bc there is comput everywhere and its made w. lemon juice and its in my eyes and i cant see nething. my mom is freaking out bc its the 3rd day of yom tov and the kitchen is already a mess. and so im in the bathroom trying 2 get the comput off my shirt..out of my my eyes..and finally im like UCH WHO CARES IM GOING 2 SHUL (bc please note i dont have nething else 2 wear) so im @ shul and i notice there is a huuuuge stain of comput on my skirt, but its kind of folded over the stain so i have 2 make sure it stays that way. and then i get home and my sister is like picking dried comput out of my hair ( i kno..too much info) neways yom tov is over and we're cleaning the kitchen when my dad looks up at the ceiling and starts CRACKING UP. there is comput ALL over the ceiling. not like one spot. there is comput splattered ALL over. so then of course a family debate starts over how exactly to get the comput off without ruining the paint..not that ne1 ever looks @ the ceiling so it doesnt really matter. but they didnt ask me. so finally after much debate my dad gets up on a chair and cleans the ceiling w. water. and its gone. and i think that the story is better when told in person..but im desperate here...

Friday, July 21, 2006


ok. so heres the TRUE story about me locking my keys in the car. really i was on the fone w. miriam and as i went 2 get out of the car, Dirk Nowitzki showed up rite there and said he wanted 2 talk 2 me about miriam and her obsessive fan love. so i of course was so shocked 2 see him that i just jumped out of the car and locked the door. (i bet this is more believeable then my attempt to pretend that i can bake cookies)

the best moment from locking my keys in the car was when my mom said:
mom: o rachel, u must have been upset about something if u locked ur keys in the car, thats so not like u. r u ok?
rachel: um mom? i was on the fone w. miriam
mom: o. never mind.
hehehe ( o excuse me i am not allowed 2 say heheeh i must only say hahah)

once again the ER was a great experience and every1 thought i was a med student and started asking me really scary questions when dr. white left the room and i was like, really i think u shoudl ask them. and they're like no just tell us..and im like no really u shoudl ask him he'll explain everything.

"great" news...dr chen is going on vacation monday, tuesday, and wednesday..but we still have to go 2 work..what we shall do im not exactly clear how many articles can i read? and how many peices of data can i obsess over? not clear. probably a lot of fighting will occur w. ner boy and tim the tech over who gets 2 use the internet computer. i think i'll probly end up watching endless google videos.

So Very Confuzzled

I know the blog is going to say it's already tomorrow (as in the 21st... Wow, that's a scary number) but I'm talking about today (as in the 20th... It's still today until i go to bed). So I'm at Avivas house and it's some time after 7 and i say to her how i keep thinking today is Thursday and then she says to me it is Thursday. I was not expecting that one. Now it's not like i didn't know it was Thursday, i had all the clues. I knew my sister was coming in tomorrow and i knew she was coming in on a Friday. I knew my appointment with the Doctor was on a Wednesday and that i had the appointment yesterday. Aviva even asked me how late Paint Yer Pottery was open and when i checked online i looked at the hours for Thursday. But for some reason i thought that it was Wednesday i was just getting confused that it felt like Thursday and i was all mentally prepared that i had a whole day of nothing planned for tomorrow and maybe I'd even go swimming and that the hecticness of Friday wasn't for another day. And then *bam* Aviva confirms that my confusion that today was Thursday is in fact true and i mentally lose an entire day. It was very very very saddening and disappointing.

Now i shall tell you all about my day (which was Wednesday even though it was Thursday). So i woke up at 9:10 and then i was like haha, you wish and i went back to sleep and woke up at 11. This is the second day in a row that i was in a really deep sleep and i woke up feeling like it was 3 in the afternoon when in fact it was still in the a.m.. Anyways, my internet lost connection during the night or morning or something so i had to quickly get back on AIM. Then i did nothing. Ate waffles for breakfast, again. And finally at 1 i went to go drop off my glasses cuz my lenses were in. Then at 2:30ishness maybe 2:40 i went to pick them up. Then i continued to do nothing. Then at 6:30 i went to Avivas. I watched her eat dinner with her parents. It was fascinating. Then we went to blockbuster to rent Prime. We were underage so we had to go back with her mom but we (meaning Aviva) bought mike n ikes. (i will now clarify this cuz Rachel is so very very confused. Really Aviva isn't on her parents account and she didn't have the blockbuster card with her so we couldn't rent it so we had to go back home and came back with her mom and she added Aviva to the account and she even got her own card and then we got the movie and went back home) Then a little before 9 we sat down to watch the movie. Then Rachel called cuz she needed 4 minutes of entertainment since it didn't take as long as last time to get to the ER. While talking to her she locks her keys in the car and so we hang up so she can deal with the sitch. We continue playing the movie. The phone rings again, it's Rachel. She informs us her mom is on her way. Then we hang up again i don't remember why. We continue the movie again and then guess who calls again. Rachel. So she is waiting for her mom to come and she comes and then we hang up once and for all. We wait a minute just to make sure we are in the clear. Now really i feel like Rachel may have only called twice but i think it was thrice. And i don't really know so she and Aviva can comment on this story as they please. I also feel like Rachel is gonna yell at me for taking away her story about locking her keys in her car. Oh well.

Aviva i hope you are pleased that i remembered to highlight your name.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


WE HAVE SPAM!!!! ok i am sure all careful blog readers have noticed that we have had a few comments about "great site tons of info" or "on my top list" etc etc. seems nice @ first glance..but if u actually click on the little arrow thingy below the comment u find that OUR BLOG HAS BEEN SPAMMED! ITS SOME ONLINE POKER SITE. WE NEED SPAM PROTECTION!!! HELP US!!!

honestly i had no intention of posting nething bc i didnt really have nething 2 write about and i am absolutely exhausted. which is weird bc not only did i oversleep by 30 minutes which is totally unheard of in the world of rachel (my fone was on vibrate) but i even took my coffee in a mug which required an additional half a teaspoon full of coffee. now heres where the grossness comes in2 play. this mug (shout out 2 mesorah 04 and malkie who is the only non-matching person on the mug that all of mmy marveled over "omg ur whole class fits around the mug") neways i used that mug 2 the death last year. well really it was almost 2 years ago..but shhh neways i had tea, and soda, and coffee, and prigat, and petel..and obviously i cleaned it w. soap and water and sponges, but its still not what i would consider sterile. i mean its like no matter how much detergent u used in israel ur sox where still not perfectly clean like @ same thing here. and even tho the mug has been washed since it returned..i was a little grossed out 2 find myself w. the mug in my face as i zoomed along on the "inner" beltway drinking coffee that smelled like my israeli peppermint tea...yea..and then @ hte bottom of the coffee it didnt taste so pretty. so really i didnt have as much coffee as i usually do.

thats all for now. yay er night.
ps. miriam and aviva want 2 delete the spam so that every1 thinks i made it up. so if its not there...please realize that although i never do nething fun..i am not bored enuf 2 psychoanalyze spammers and try 2 ruin ppls posts...

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


i think that me and miriam r soul twins (shout out 2 aviva who will probably claim that she's the one who read the dimple lala book w. me and not mir..but its that famous triangle again..y remember who i had the joke with when we all think its funny?) neways. miriam got her book from the library that was on reserve and so did i! woot!

im feelin the pressure here. i cant think of nething funny 2 say and now i feel like im required 2 say funny things even tho i think mir's was funny. maybe it was funny bc she was making fun of me. thats nothing new. hehehe. the reason i make spaces in my posts is bc it looks so pretty and professional. also..shout out 2 malkie...she always used 2 type papers like this and i just thought it was a brilliant ploy on the double space, indent ur paragraphs...AND SKIP LINES BTWN PARAGRAPHS! she clearly learned that 1 in mesorah..home 2 the original ap 4...hehehe good times. o remember the days when life revolved around simple things like nearly getting suspended for 2 weeks for pics of weed placed in our lockers by our dear friends the sophomores. (honest truth about y i included that comment was bc i find it totally amusing to see the words that ppl searched for and wound up on our shidduch. shout out 2 the shidduch searcher..i hope u find ur shidduch not on our blog..neways now when some sketchy person types weed into google or blogger search we'll come up...hahaha..clearly i have spent 2 much time discussing chinese archeology w. dr. chen 2day. )

neways as i sit here eating new york super fudge chunk ben and jerry's out of the container i think about how judaism would have been different had some of the laws been written 2day. like during the 9 days i think they would have said no ice cream if they were really thinking about something 2 get u 2 mourn. i mean o no..not a super sized hunk of meat...oo! i remembered another sign i wanted 2 blog about..this is so beloved by me that i want 2 steal it...ready??

"COLLEGE HUNKS HAULING JUNK" hahahaha i LUV them. how amazing is that sign? that is true advertising brilliance. u see if i had junk 2 haul i would remember that there r some college hunks who will haul my junk. so there u go. just 4 that great sign i'll give them free advertising.

ok thats all for now. i really dont think this post is as funny as yesterdays..but o thank heavens (for 7-11) tim the tech didnt make me clean up after him nice of him. and on a totally random other note...a while back (as in last week) i had an away message about tuesdays over..friday is so very far away...and no1 caught the shout out 2 the dunkin donuts commercial that i luv.."lunch is over..dinner is so very far away" how well does that capture life? u've always just finished something and r waiting for the next opportunity to come ur way. wow i just made a totally meaningless commercial

ok i just totally posted this and then remembered that miriam is mad @ me for returning her call. enough said.

Long Overdue

The time has come to blog a real blog. Or rather post a real post. Maybe post a real blog. Blog a real post? Anyways.... I would first like to discuss why I am lacking daily posts. The first reason is because Rachel intimidates me. That's right, I said it. SHE intimidates ME. She is just so darn funny and that's put a lot of pressure on me to be so darn funny as well and you know what, I'M NOT. The second reason is because my memory is worse than Dorys (the fish... From Finding Nemo... ). I go about my every day trying to think if anything is blog worthy and then I'll be driving along and I'll think of something but then by the time I get home it's totally gone. And I do mean totally. Gone. Maybe I should start walking around with a pad of a paper just in case something semi funny comes into my head.

(I decided to skip lines like Rachel does so my posts will look kinda long like hers)

Now I shall tell you all about my day. It started at 5:00 a.m. I took my sis to the airport. On my drive back I called up Rachel since she's up ridiculously early. She did not answer my call in case y'all were wondering. She claims she was davening. I'm going with she was sleeping. I got back home around 6:15. Laid in bed, checked what was on TV, and went back to sleep around 7. I woke up at 12:12 but I did not get up then. The reason I woke up was because Rachel called me. Since then we have been in a fight. Now she's not sure why we are in a fight in fact she thinks how could we be since she even called me today. Well that is precisely why we are in the fight. Ironic isn't it. (Aviva, you like?) Let me explain how this fight occurred. I was sleeping and dreaming away and in my dream (it's a pity it was only a dream) it was me and Dirk Nowitzki. I think we were in New York. I was supposed to be going to a dinner with all my old St. Louis friends I was going back to the hotel I was staying at to get ready and he was in the lobby and we were talking and I just happened to be wearing the Western Conference Championships shirt and he signed it and we were totally hitting it off and then I am woken up by my phone ringing and guess who it was? Rachel! And guess who will never marry Dirk Nowitzki? Me! And so I shall remain in this fight until Dirk proposes.

To continue on with my day... I woke up around 1ish. Showered. Did my hair. Then I went to my doctors appointment at 2:30. I was given new medicine and referred to a neurologist. I came home around 3:30. I chilled for an hour and painted my toe nails. I can not believe I went out of the house with naked toes. Then I went to library cuz a book I had on hold was in. And now I'm sitting here on my bed watching TV and I have nothing to do for the next two hours which is when I will go over to Myas to play a game. We've had game night since Monday. Monday we were at Avivas and played Cranium. Yesterday we were at Arianas and played Scattergories. Today we'll be at Myas and we'll play MadGab. It's fun to play games. That is all.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

How To Know When You Have A Sports Addiction Problem

the title is really from sports illustrated back in the in senior year..actually its sporting news and chani cut it out and put it in the pretty picture she made me and i just saw it and i think that is a fitting title for my list of funny quotes..

wow. so many things to blog about. u know when u're in a verbal spewage mood? thats the mood i'm in. and i have 2 make up for miriam's lack of funniness. i mean seriously dude. we have ppl here who rely on us for entertainment and what r we showing them if we dont entertain?? that we dont care. BUT WE DO CARE!

ok here we go. much of my verbal spewage has to do w. some clever and some not so clever signs/bumper stickers etc that i have seen 2day.

1. holy chevron has really let me down. "Gd loves u as u are, not as u should be" ok dude. thats just bizarre. i mean first of all, as u should be implies that u SHOULD b better. and 2nd of all, if Gd luvs u as u r, y bother being a good person? y not go steal gas from the chevron since Gd still LOVES u. not just likes u. or tolerates u. but LOVES u. weird rite?? a little disturbing. i think they need to rethink their signage.

2. old sketchy man w. no teeth standing on the corner of Howard and Lombard(?). he's wearing a light orange shirt w. white letters..."I LOVE NEW YORK, ITS THE YANKEES I HATE". now theres a shirt. i mean i connected w. that shirt so well that i even smiled @ him. like not only do i not look @ ppl when i walk, but i NEVER smile @ random ppl. i dont even smile @ ppl wearing red sox hats. but seriously. what can beat that shirt?

3. sitting in traffic on baltimore/route 1...2 cars in front of me is a white 15 passenger van that has a bumper sticker that is partially covered by the car in front of me..the only part i can see says "follow me to the city of zion" so im all ready 2 follow and im so psyched until the light turns green and it says...follow me to the city of zion church..hehehe

4. this was a commercial on the radio (1500 AM washington post radio..they're a little 2 into the nationals and their fireworks) so this guy is like "i love the internet..i spend a lot of time relaxing on the take blogging. i love to blog. i probably spend too much time blogging. i bet u like the internet too. dont u think the internet should pay us back? 15 minutes on could save u blah blah.." point is i was sitting in the car totally conecting to the commercial.

ok those r the signs for now. now lets talk about how certain ppl think i shoudl be their cleaning lady. so the tech in the lab is really....interesting. and 2day he breaks a huuuuge beaker as he's setting up his he just stands there w. glass all over and curses. so im like umm i'll go find the broom. and i start 2 b all helpful and look 4 a broom while he stands there and curses (what is it w. guys and cursing? i'm the only girl in the lab, and the only 1 who doesnt curse) neways so there is no broom. then he picks up the big peices and throws them in2 the sharps container. and then he goes back 2 work. like dude. theres glass ALL over. so then im annoyed bc the soles of my shoes r thin and im totalyl gonna end up w. glass in my foot. so then dr. chen comes out and hes like, o theres so much glass, i dont want some1 2 get hurt..rachel can u vacuum it up? yup. so there i am on my knees w. the little dust buster vacuuming glass. yesterday it was clumps of rat hair...2day its glass. and does techy say thank u? NO! and then dr. chen takes out a heart for techy and then he's like..rachel can u wash the instruments? and then i turn 2 ner boy and im like is there nething u want me 2 clean..bc the cleaning lady is only here for a little bit 2day..(thats like when my mom takes me shopping and tells me that santa is in town for a limited time only)

ok. i just 4got all the rest of my verbal sad...i have 2 go fulfill my nightly requirement...@ least 1 fun and 1 productive thing per night..last nite i did 2 productive and 0 fun things all nite. that is sad. so 2nite i'm hoping 2 do 2 productive and 1 fun thing 2 make me feel better. ok?

Monday, July 17, 2006

Weather Plus

Do you really think I wish I were there? Here the current temperature is 101 and it's supposed to be a high today of 104 but should feel like 108. The humidity is 31% and the UV index is 10. I'd rather be here.
In other news, I have nothing to post cuz there's nothing fun or exciting going on. I did drive at night on Saturday for the first time in weeks. It was very thrilling. I was wearing my new contacts so I could see. I'm too lazy and things are so boring in my life that I cant sit here and write anything. I'm so sorry dear blog readers. Maybe things will pick up soon.


we're live from MSTF 8-16 - some thrilling things have occured today. the morning started w. a chilling session w. 2nd year internal medicine resident cindy. cindy told us all about how much she loved medical school. we then continued our day by pretending to find information for a table on mouse hearts. that took about 2 hours. suddenly the unthinkable happened and ner boy actually made an appearance. welcome welcome. then we stopped off 2 discuss israeli politics w. dr. scharf. then we took a rather long detour from the lab and munched away on peanut butter sandwiches. well not really. it was a sandwich. then we had the opportunity to talk 2 susan about potentially letting poor little rachel join presentations w. ner boy since she has nothing 2 present. HOPEFULLY THEY WILL LET! PLEEAASE. theeen we shaved a rat. now its 3 and im so bored. bored bored bored. i hope i get 2 leave @ 4 2day so i can go and chill in the 101 degre weather outside. oo lets go check for the humidity factor. please hold. there is 33% humidity and a UV factor of 8. doesnt mir wish she was here??
ok thats all for now. i'll post later since mir is 2 cool 2 post.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

many updates from my "busy" life

if i knew how to write serious things in this blog, then i would proably write about the haftorah this week and how it connected perfectly with everything going on in israel. but since i dont really know how to be serious here..i guess i'll just say that i kind of feel that every1 is just going to point out how the haftorah fit, and how its the 3 weeks etc etc but then not actually do anything about it. but once again im so not in the rite mood to be all smart and thoughtful rite now. but i am thinking about it. so maybe if i dont post nething and miriam bothers me, then i'll write about it. not that i dont care. just i dont like writing about serious things. here. ok. now we'll move on. its like when miriam tells me things on the surface but wont tell me the actual story and then i get annoyed and tell her not 2 bring it up unless she is going 2 tell me. but ha. i did it 2. just not really bc its not a secret. its in the news.

here r 2 funny things to cheer us all up. ok one of them is cynical funny. but the other one is really actually funny.

1. (this is the actually funny one) so after an entire week of asking dr. chen every day if i could go get more distilled water, he finally decided that he had the time to process my sentence and send me off. so there i go w. 2 HUGE distilled water jug things on a wobbly metal cart. and then i have to go all the way around the building down the elevator, over a bridge to get to some1 elses lab to get the water even tho there are probably tons of ppl on our floor who have distilled water. but wtvr. neways so i go and of course the water takes 4ever to come out of the faucet so im standing in this random lab w. ppl doing intense experiments and waiting. and waiting. and finally they're full and i heave them out of the sink (even tho the guy offered to do it..i just did it myself and now my arms r sore..dont make fun they were like 50 pounds. neways so i put them on the cart and off i go. so first i am debating with myself as i go. is it easier to push the cart? pull the cart? so i keep turning around and turning hte cart and all the ppl r staring @ me as i walk down the hall. then i get to the bridge which isnt straight since the buildings arent perfectly on the same level. its kind of like a ramp more than a bridge. so the first part isnt so steep so i can just hold the bottles and walk slowly. but then it got more steep so i decided that i should just walk next 2 the car, let it drive itself, and hold the bottles steady. great idea rite? no. the cart hit a joint in the bridge..and well...BOOM. it tipped over. both bottles. the cart. everything. so there i am mysteriously alone on the bridge. cracking up. bc now i have 2 50 pound bottles that are on the floor. and b4 i just picked them up off from the sink which is much higher. but what am i gonna do? im not gonna b a wimp. so i pick them up and get them back on. and then i shove the cart back 2 the lab. (and then i found 20 bux)

2. so a few weeks ago i had 2 friends over 4 shabbos. one left me w. a book that i "absolutely had to read". i knew that it would be quite entertaining bc its not exactly my type. what is this book u might ask?? "The Art of the Date". ok so im not gonna make fun of the book bc thats just mean..but i gotta say...get a life. i mean seriously. is the only goal in life 2 get married? is that y ppl get fat and ugly after they get married bc the only reason they ever got dressed b4 that was 2 make sure they got a great shidduch? i mean come on ppl. here r some things i just dont get about this book. like some of the "rules" are ridiculous. like the guy comes 2 ur house the first date. dad answers the door. one minute later mom comes and makes small talk. 2 minutes later the girl comes. like hello? is that normal? or bring a digital camera 2 every simcha so that u can snap pictures of guys that interest u and then ask ppl about them. or have seperate tables at weddings, but put them in viewing range of each other so they can pick out the ones they want. like can we possibly get more superficial than that? really my problem is the whole wear makeup and look pretty bc this is when it counts..i mean come on ppl...u dont get dressed in the morning so that u can find a shidduch. or do u?? like why is that ur only goal in life?? sheesh.

on another note. my super hott ipod has arrived!!! woohoo! the clicky wheel needs some breaking in tho bc its not so smooth. but no fear guys. he has been welcomed in2 a loving home. i think thats all for now.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Everyone Loves Me.... but only for my cookies

How many cookies do y'all think I baked? 12? 24? 36? 50? 75? 100? The correct answer is *drum roll* 90!!!! Now I know ur thinking that it's a lot of cookies and u are correct. First I made 36 Banana Nut Drop cookies. Then later on after my mommy went to the store and bought milk chocolate chips I made (this is a tough one) milk chocolate chip cookies. I was debating what recipe to use. One made 24 cookies, one made 36 cookies, and one made about 60 cookies. We went with the 60 cookies recipe (tho they only made 54, close enough). So between both cookies I made 90. I also burned myself. I seem to burn myself once every summer (of course we are not talking about sun burns otherwise the number would be higher). 2 years ago I was draining some noodles and the hot water spilled on my stomach and I had a really bad burn and it hurt to cover it up so wearing shirts tzniusly became a slight issue. Then last summer I was taking something out of the over and my arm touched the door part and left a burn. This time I was removing the cookies with a spatula from the pan and the pan was sticking off the counter a bit and I leaned forward and *bam* the pan touched my stomach and once again left me with a burn. So now I will probably have 2 scars on my stomach (I scar really easily but the scar from 2 yrs ago has faded a lot as well as the arm one).
Aviva came over to watch a movie (we decided on Mr. And Mrs. Smith which really I didn't want to see because I don't like brad and angelina but I gave in and watched it anyways) tonight. I gave her strict instructions that she has to eat all the cookies (well not all of them, I want some too) since I made sooooo many. Rachel wants me to send some to her, as does everyone else who knows I made cookies. So, if you would like cookies please send me a check and then I will send u some cookies.
Shout out to Hinda, Happy Birthday Man!


ok. so honestly i've watched so few episodes of ER that every time i see it i ask some dumb what show is this? or something like that. neways i think that the drs name is kovach. but maybe its not.
point is 2nite i spent like 2 1/2 hours in the er. ok so i could lie and tell u all that i saw toons of crazy things happen. but thats a lie. really i was in the tamer part of the er (i kno so sad..but its week is rumored 2 b more fun) but it was still SOOOOOOOOOO cool. not like in a their pain is cool way. just in a like...omg soo cool way. and all the patients tootally thought i was in med skool bc dr. white would b like..this is my student rachel she's helping me out 2nite..and then they would ask me questions when he was doing things and i got to be all sympathetic and cool and see cool eyeballs and radiology straight from the old city(as in israel) wooot. ok so i'm tootally happy! yay! even tho its 1am and i need to go 2 sleep i am tootally wired. but alas no1 is around 2 hear of my wiredness. i didnt even have coffee as i had intended 2 b4 i went 2 the er. now i have a shtickle headache but perhaps thats from exhaustion. nevertheless its kind of like a self-control thing. the longer it is till my next coffee the more i dream about it. i mean even as i was breaking my fast (at the rite time of course..not breaking in an illegal sense) i was dreaming of my coffee. I CANT WAAAIIIT! ok thats a little freakish of myself.

ok. so 2morrow is the last day of my 6th week in the lab. today's best comment from dr. chen:
dr. chen: ok so it looks like we are making progress
rachel: REALLY? (face lights up and she is SO happy)
dr. chen: (sees rachel's face and realizes that perhaps he was being too kind with his words): well a little tiny bit of progress

basically i have 2 weeks to complete the experiment. we still havent figured out how 2 get the tube in perfectly. but chave no fear. chachacha natasha (and boris) are coming on monday and she is "an expert" in this whole thing and she will implant in my brain a chip that will show me exactly what 2 do. in the meantime i have 2 talk 2 all these ppl 2morrow about what i have done so far and try not and emb. myself. that might take a miracle. a large miracle.

Thursday, July 13, 2006


now who's house do u want 2 come 2?? and of course i made those cookies. and then took a picture w. my special high intensity amazing digital camera....NOT. I WANT MIRIAMS COOKIES. one time i remember on pesach she made amazing pesach cookies. and that was pesach. kal vchomer ben bno shel kal vchomer her non-pesach cookies are AMAZING.

so..just to show u a glimpse @ how my brain is running 2day here is a convo btwn me and my mom:

rachel (reading washington post article about whats going on in israel): mom listen 2 this sentence..when did they change the name of the IDF? "the military formally known as the Israel Defense Force

mom: what?

rachel: o hahaha formally as in officially..not formally as in previously

mom: what??

rachel: o wait..its not formally..its o shoot whats that word..FORMERLY!

ok so really that took like 5 minutes where my mom was totally confused at my brain and i was confused bc i couldnt remember the word.

on another note. 2morrow is friday! WOOT! and do u know what that means? not only do i get 2 drive in2 work..but MY IPOD IS ARRIVING 2MORROW! as of 7:33pm it had left hagerstown maryland...that means that some time 2nite it will arrive in silverspring and then 2morrow it will be delivered!!!!! yaaaaaay!

really i dont have much 2 write about..but the fast isnt over for another 30 minutesish so im just trying 2 fill my time. i kno i am so good @ wasting a lot of it. but 2nite @ 10pm i am going 2 the er so woohoo i will actually have something 2 blog about laters.

at this time last year i was in boston @ the big family reunion. and they actually had kosher cake, but it was a fast day. so sad. then 2 days later i left for dallas 2 "surprise" my friends. just fyi in case u were wondering not only what i did 2day, but what i did 2day..last year..and the year b4 that...i have no recollection..but knowing that summer i probably was in fino all day serving food 2 the 3 ppl that came. thats all for now.

My Day On a Plate

That is what i did today. For some reason i like to bake on fast days, its weird. Those are banana nut drop cookies. They sure smell divine. I'll let u know how they came out at 9:12.

I Chave No Chair (how many ppl read that wrong?)

My day began at 10:30. I woke up, ate breakfast, and kinda made plans with the Voosh (this way I don't have to highlight). I decided to get my hair cut since the 3 weeks were starting up and I had been meaning to get it cut since I got home but never did since I like my hair long and 2 inches off is a big deal. So I head out at 11:30 in the beautiful red truck (yipee!). Now I really value my hair, I really like it, I take it very seriously. So the haircut lady person asks me what I want. I explain very clearly and several times that I want about 2 inches trimmed cuz my hair is so dead at the ends and that I need it relayered but that I've had my hair layered before where the layers in the front are drastically different than the length of my hair and I do not want that to happen again. I reiterate this point several thousand times. So she's cutting along (we determined to cut 5 inches on the layers and just trim the length 1-2 inches) and then blow dries it and straightens it a bit and then it comes time for me to check it out and she asks me if its good and not drastically different in the front and I just kind of smile and nod and say its great and thank u and pay and leave. Now as I'm leaving I'm on the phone with Voosh and I'm walking to my car and I'm explaining to her how I'm very unhappy with my hair and the layers in the front are so drastic and I specifically said that I didn't want that but it happened and it did and she's like y didn't u say anything. I'm not good in those situations. I hate those situations. I don't know what to do in those situations. So I get to avivas (shoot, I wrote out her name) cuz I really need to straighten my hair and then analyze it and I'm so very upset with my hair and she's trying to tell me that my hair looks really nice and she loves my hair and la la la and I'm just ignoring her and hating my hair.
We went to grapevine mills to do some shopping around 1. I needed to find a wedding outfit and just clothes and shoes in general and I hadn't been shopping since I came home which is really really pathetic but I was in school and tired and lazy and preferred to be outside in the pool and tanning. So we are driving along LBJ (in the beautiful red truck, looking all hot) and it's off to a slow start and I'm getting really impatient and don't wanna drive out there (the mall is near the airport which is 20 min away plus from avivas (oops) house was another 12 minutes) if it's going to take 41875 yrs. We finally arrive there and go around the entire mall for about 2 hours and I walk out of there with pajama pants and pantyhose. Not a successful trip. Aviva (oh man, I did it again) got the world, twice. She said I'm her good luck charm. She's my bad luck charm. Oh, funny story (not story cuz I'm not gonna tell it all now) about one time me and Voosh (woohoo, I did it right!) were walking thru grapevine and were having a normal conversation and it was going on for a few minutes and then we realized that we were talking about 2 different things and somehow all the things we said worked with what we thought we were talking about, it was so weird and really funny and I totally didn't explain it well and killed it.
Now I will show you all the most amazing thing notice as we were driving home:
The thing that should be noticed is that the outside temp is 111 (so says the truck thermometer). How awesome is that?!?! It was a really hot day out but I spent it indoors instead of in the pool, pity, the UV index must've been sooo high.
I know there were other things I meant to write but of course I cant think up anything and so this must come to an end.
*let the record reflect that I almost lost this post but thanx to my fear and ocd I saved this (as I now usually do) throughout the writing process*

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

why my parents keep me around..

ok so please recall the whole leonard has no lights for night-time driving story. now please imagine the confusion when ur dad tells u that when he drove the car he had no problems with the lights. and the cops didnt pull u over etc. ok then imagine that ur dad has u pick him up from the train @ like 10pm. and then imagine that he comes to the car and tells u that only the parking lights are on. not that u know what parking lights are. but u assume that it means that u were right and the lights dont work. then he looks at the light clicker thing and gets that exasperated rachel is so weird face and tells me no the lights arent turned on. and im liek what r u talking about. one click is the night lights and 2 clicks is the blind the other car lights. and hes like no. 1 click is the parking light. 2 clicks is the night lights and if u push the thing in thats the high beam lights. ok so basically i cant stop laughing for 5 minutes. like im cracking up like a hyena bc im just so shocked @ my stupidity. like i was voluntarily driving around w. my lights off. like hello. and then i remembered that back in dallas when i first drove leonard i would pull the light thing to turn on the high beams and they wouldnt stay on bc u had 2 push it in. o so sad for me. i lost all my brain cells to that freaking mouse lab. on another note, i have 450 minutes! yay! i made it thru a week and a half with 2 minutes and i finished the month having used 449 minutes. woohoo!


so i woke up this morning and i felt like i had JUST gone to sleep. not like i was so tired it felt like i hadnt slept, just that i felt like last nite was 10 seconds ago. and then i go and sleep on the train and then i come to the lab and no1 is here yet. but ok thats not a huge deal ususally they come like 2 minutes later. but no. now its 10:10 and i've been here for almost 1 hour. and no1 is here. and i already ran water thru my machine. and checked my email. and read all the news in israel. and hacked in2 the stat counter thingy bc i have the password saved on my computer @ home, but not here and miriam made it. i am so good @ figuring out passwords. like the time i hacked in2 every sn that chani had. muahaha. watch out folks.
i tested out my new tires today. it didnt really feel ne different. that was kind of dissapointing. i thought all my slow car troubles would go away with 2 new tires, a realignment, and an oil change. but i guess not.
so 9 hours has passed since i started this post. and not many happy things have happened. im sooo not happy with this lack of understanding what i'm doing. its like for 3 weeks i've done nothing and all of a sudden dr. chen is like you need to hurry up and do one mouse heart a day otherwise u wont finish. dude. u're the 1 who kills the mouse. how the heck is it my fault that we havent done nething until now? and i still dont get how he wants me 2 do the data thing. and its all so annoying bc hes really nice, but hes hard 2 understand and he soo busy i hate asking him stuff. sigh sigh. and then i was gonna go 2 a movie 2nite, but i didnt get home until 7 and it started @ 630. man o man. i really need 2 do something 2nite to cheer myself up. like play w. my new ipod. o wait it STILL hasnt freaking come 2 my front door yet. sheesh. thats all for now. im so hungry and i dont know where my mommy is.

Accidents Happen

Today (meaning July 11, not July 12) was a busy one. The original plan was to hit up every 7-11 store in Texas but that didn't quite happen, in fact we only hit up one (I will explain, please stay seated). So the plan was meet up around 1 and go to some 7-11's then go swimming for a few hours then hit up more 7-11's then get dinner and take it to the movie. What did end up happening was meeting up around 2:30 going to one 7-11 then going swimming for an hour then going to get dinner and taking it to the movie then Aviva getting rear ended (that poor girl has definitely lost the driving record contest) then the day ends. So I ended up not being able to meet up until after 2. So Aviva came over and we were going to stop by two 7-11's before swimming but then we wouldn't have enough time to swim and still make the movie so we only went to one 7-11. We got to the pool around 3 and had just under an hour to swim. We each got back home a little after 4 and called in the order of Chicken Flautas and Shwarma. I went to pick it up and it took forever until they got me my food which made no sense since no one else was in the restaurant and I had called it in 30 min before and they said it would only take 15 min. So after what seemed like an eternity I got out of there and called up Aviva and told her I was on my way to the theater. Originally we were going to drive together but there wasn't enough time to get to her place and then get to the theater before the movie started plus we were already behind schedule. So we get to the movie a few minutes late and its a little tiny room since its the dollar theater (as if we are going to pay full price to see a movie when it first comes out, come on u guys) and its all dark and its packed and we cant find seats. So after 5 minutes of just standing there contemplating how we are going to find seats we walk down the aisle (not to get married) and spot some seats and squeeze by a family sitting there and then I drop my phone in the process and the nice kid found it for me (thanks!). So we sit down and eat our dinner and watch the movie (we saw Stick It). An hour and 45 min later the movie ends and we head out to go hit up two 7-11's. So I'm driving in the right lane and Aviva is in the middle lane and we are going down Coit and we're sitting at the light at 15th street and I'm ahead of Aviva and I'm driving along and I notice she is no longer in the lane next to me or behind me or anything and there aren't many cars in the lanes and then my phone rings and it's Aviva and she says "I was just hit" so she tells me where and I turn around ( I had made a U-turn and my wheels made so much noise) and so I pull in to where she and the other drive had pulled into (which I couldn't find and Aviva called me and is like where are you and I'm like where are YOU and she's like oh, I see u, turn in here) and they are both on their phones and exchanging info. Apparently what happened was that at 15th street the light turned green and the person behind Aviva had started to go before Aviva had a chance to and *bam* their cars had merged. Her bumper was cracked and the trunk wouldn't close and ya. Everyone was fine except Aviva thinks she has whiplash. So we drive to Avivas house and her mom checks out the car and they get on the phone with the insurance company and then its getting late which means its going to get dark out and so I must get home because I cant see anything at night and so for some reason my parents wont let me drive then (I just don't get it) so I leave her house and the headache which had started after being out in the sun is really intensifying like the pain is spreading so rapidly in my head that I can feel the explosion of it only seconds away and I don't think I'm going to make the drive home (luckily I was on the phone with Rachel who was keeping me entertained, thanks man!) and then finally I make it home and pop my prescription medicine for my headaches and call it a day. It's really sad because last year I had 5 slurpees (I have yet to hear of anyone beating that record) and I really wanted to surpass that but I only had one. So sad. That is all. Tomorrow the plan is to go shopping since the 3 weeks are going to be starting up.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


this morning i got 2 ditch the lab and go hang out in the sleep clinic. let me tell u something that i have discovered. i dont understand truly obese ppl. im not talking fat. or chubby. or wtvr. im talking 363lbs, i have 10 doctors for my lung disease, heart problems, sleep apnea, leg problems etc. like i have seen so many doctors i talk about a pain on my stomach and describe it being located in the "upper left quadrant". u know what i dont get? DUDE. U WOUDLNT HAVE 2 COMPLAIN ABOUT UR INSURANCE BEING MEAN AND MAKING U SLEEP IN A HOSPITAL BED @ THE SLEEP CLINIC IF U WERENT SO HUGE. i kno i shouldnt judge but really i just wanted 2 shake these ppl and b like, STOP EATING DUNKIN DONUTS ALL DAY. NO MORE HAPPY MEALS. or the lady walking around w. a portable oxygen thing, still smokes, and walks w. a cane. like lady. THIS IS UR LIFE WE R TALKING ABOUT. NOT MINE.
ok now that we've covered that, perhaps i should include a joke so that the mean mike can feel like our blog is funny enuf 2 have a comment EVERY post and not just EVERY OTHER. not that i think EVERY OTHER is so bad. really if i was being mean i would have pointed out that the comments r usually btwn me and mir. but since i'm not mean mike i wont. (speaking of mean mike, im not sure if u r mike, or mike..)
Happy 7-11 To All! i have already had 2 slurpees. deeliiiccioouuss. im considering going for another b4 it ends. i think it ends @ 11..but i can never remember. hm so sad.
2day was SO hot outside that i got really dehydrated and i still am deyhdrated bc i have had 1 glass of water and most of a water bottle since getting dehydrated. that was like 6 hours ago. i am stupid like that sometimes.
i just got film developed, and i realized that i am really pasty. like my face. like in 1 pic i am w. a person who is pretty dark so i dont feel so badly. but in another i'm in a pic w. some1 who is super pale and i still look pale. however this was b4 the spend at least 1 hour in the sun each day, so perhaps i'm not as caspery as i thought. and a sad thing that happened is that in the group pic from the red sox yankees game, not only am i wearing a jacket so u cant see my red sox shirt, but i am holding elisheva's yankee finger so i look like a confused jew. i also luv the pic from partial dallas reunion where every other person is making a crazy face and the other ppl r smiling. actually by every other i mean 2 out of 4. and by smiling i mean malkie is smiling, and yulia is talking so she looks slightly demented while not looking like she is making a crazy face. and my shirt totally doesnt match my skirt. y didnt ne convince me of this previously?
ok its really hot in my room. maybe its just my dehydration. one time i almost passed out on a sand dune in the negev. and then one time i had to sit down on the floor of the shuk. then steal a chair from a fish market man. and then i sat in a bus stop floor in meiah shearim while all the men sat on chairs. until an old man came and screamed at them that it was so rude. and then 2day i almost passed out while dr. chen was making a balloon for my multi-million dollar company. basically i get dehydrated easily. but i've actually avoided passing out tho i've gotten 2 the point where everything is black and the noises r fuzzy but then i sit down in the middle of the street. o i 4got the time i sat down in the middle of forest lane. which isnt a lane. its a 6 lane road. and i sat on the median. while malkie screamed @ me to get up. good times.
ok thats all for now

Monday, July 10, 2006

FYI: Possible Fainter

Just as I made plans with Aviva to go swimming I get a call from my cousin at 1:46 that I have an appointment at 2:15 with the eye doctor. So I quickly get dressed (yes, I was still in my pajamas, its not like I had anywhere to go or anything to do, what was the point in getting clothes dirty) and totally hate what my hair looks like, grab a string cheese and cookies and a drink (my lunch) and head out with my mom and the beautiful red truck. So we get there, and sit, and wait, and sit, and wait, and watch everyone else pass thru the door to the other side where u go to get seen, and sit, and wait, and again watch everyone pass thru, and then I hear my name!! So we go on back, the nurse asks y am there and I say I was driving one night and all of a sudden I couldn't see and my mom piped it and said that's not what happened so then I clarified that I could see it was just all blurry. And la de da I go thru the stories from the past 2 weeks which I will not write out because I'm sick of my headache/blurriness stories. So then after that we go sit in the special waiting room, not the one u first walk into but the one that's thru the door. So we sit, and wait, and play games on the palm pilot, and then my name is magically called again! So we go into the eye examination room and sit there for a few minutes then I nurse comes back in and says that the Dr wants to do a field test on me and so we go back to the special waiting room and then after the sitting and waiting process my name is called again and we go to the room where the test is and let me warn u guys right now ITS NOT FUN. Now, its not painful or anything just really annoying and bothersome to the eyes. One eye gets covered and ur looking into this machine thingy thru a lens and u have to stare straight ahead and ur given this little clicker thing and any time u see this very faint white light anywhere in the space ur staring at u click it. Now the light is white and the area ur staring at is white and u cant look around, u must stare straight ahead at all times, and if u do look around the machine will know and the Dr will know ur cheating. Now it doesn't sound so bad except that after staring at the machine for so long everything starts to look dark and then u can start seeing the blood vessels in ur eyes and u cant barely notice that very faint white light and u know ur missing them but ur not gonna click the clicker for no reason. So after that was over we went back to the eye examination room and its been 2 hrs since we had arrived at the dr's office. So we sit and we wait and while we r sitting and waiting I notice that on my chart there's a yellow post it note and it says "FYI: possible fainter". Now now, what's with the reputation? You faint just one time and then ur known as the "fainter"? Come on, gimme a break. So finally the Dr comes in and he checks my eyes and says my prescription has changed. Then he dyes my eyes and does a tear test (to deal with the contact situation) and apparently they don't produce any tears and so he gives me a different brand to try so my eyes wont turn red and that was it. We left and went to Lenscrafters and once again we were sitting and waiting cuz everyone had to be there at that time with only 2 ppl working so after what seemed like 20 yrs we ordered my new lenses but of course my prescription they don't have in stock, they have to make them from scratch and so now I will be going another week or so without seeing. Then it's almost 4 hours later and i'm finally home. The End.

manipulating the world around you...

sometimes things happen in this world that work out very well. sometimes we have to make sure they work out that way. such a thing occured today when i slashed the tires on leonard so that he would have 2 visit the car place and 2morrow i get 2 drive the altima. jkk. ne family members reading this, i really am kidding dont kill me. really the car just decided to give me a special present. thank u leonard. i am sorry that i am so mean 2 u and talk about u behind ur back. not. heres what i did @ work today.
1. checked my email.
2. learned how to match colors to my skin.
3. read 1500 trivia questions.
4. ate a nasty lunch
5. went outside during a false alarm fire alarm sounding
6. o wait its 1:45 and dr. chen has just shown up lets play w. glue for 1 hour and then leave
7. used 1 of my 2 minutes left this month 2 have my sister pick me up so i could go home early
8. thats it. i really really really cant handle the absolute annoyingness of this situation

MARC updates

this morning i was greated with a lovely surprise when i boarded the marc train. they have a little newsletter that they left @ every seat to inform me of all the things i ever wanted 2 know about the marc. for example, did u know that the marc is ontime only 89% of the time? according to national surveys, if a train system runs less than 95% of the time on schedule, its not satisfying its customers. i'd say so. then they told us that the reason they r so bad is bc they share their tracks w. amtrak and freight trains. this is a factoid that was shared at my shabbos table. it means that they get preference and thats y we always have to wait for the freight train to pass us. grr. ok im going 2 eat lunch now bc my boss is still in his meeting and i have NOTHING 2 do and i have been doing NOTHING since i got here.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Just waiting around...

Aviva and Yocheved are supposed to come pick me up in 5-10 minutes so in the mean time I thought I'd blog. Um... I don't think I have anything to write... I did nothing all day until around 2 when my cousins called and asked me to come over and babysit since they had to go to a funeral. So I babysat for 2 hrs with my sis and then just hung out there for another hr or so. I then arrived home and ate some dinner and showered and now I'm supposed to go to putt-putt or something like that. I guess this day hasn't been too bad. Of course there is still plenty of time to mess it up. I really need to go shopping. I'm hoping I'll do that soon. Maybe I should go and do that tomorrow. But really I want to spend the day by the pool. But before I do that I really want to get a new bathing suit. So really I need to go shopping first. Its so difficult.
I would just like everyone to know that Rachel has been crying to me ever since she got home back in may that she wants me to come visit. Now I'm more than happy to go visit her but I need her to pay for at least half of my ticket cuz its costs a lot of $$$. So after crying to me for who knows how long (yes, we can figure it out but if we know how much time has passed since we got home then we can figure out how much time is left of summer and that's a no no) and instead of giving me the money to go visit her she spends it on an ipod and clothes and shoes. I'm very hurt by this. And so I want her to think about what she has done and feel really really bad. Thank you.

holy chevron

this is not a post about the location of my favorite shabbos in israel. it is a different kind of holy. this is a gas-station holiness. as in the super funny chevron gas station rite near my house. now of course i never buy gas there bc its much 2 expensive, but i always make sure to read their messages left rite next to the gas prices. as if after nearly passing out @ the number, they can revive me w. some message about jesus. so heres a few of my favorites...
1. easter. proof that u can't keep a good man nailed down
2. ATTENTION! now that we have yours, how can Gd get urs? (that one took me a while 2 catch)
3. If you plan revenge, dig 2 graves
4. before you expire, you must aspire to inspire. just for the record it took me like 4 weeks to remember that line correctly and then 2day @ the mall it just came to me..

another thing that aspires to inspire is buying a jean skirt. now my mom always says sarcastically "you can never have too many jean skirts". what she really means is...why r u buying another one? but there is something so happy and successful about buying a new jean skirt. u just know that u will wear that skirt 2 the bone and once u start wearing it u wont be able to understand what u ever did without it. thanx 2 shopping i am now a very poor person just in time to not shop for 3 weeks. quite good timing. i bought a pair of shoes 2day that every1 would b very proud of. though they have a little heel, they really cant possibly cause ppl to ask me y i wear high heels. so i feel successful. we r all happy now. i have shoes that have a little kind of heel, and every1 else doesnt feel short. well they still feel short, but not as short.

What The Monkeys

I was all ready to go to bed around 2:30 but for some reason I couldn't fall asleep until some time past 3. I have no idea y. Now really that wouldn't be so bad cuz I could sleep in till who knows when but of course I wake up before 9:30. What's going on?!?!?!?! I have no idea what I should do right now. Should I just get up and go eat breakfast (I did just buy cocoa puffs on Friday, that's the good thing about going grocery shopping u getta buy whatever u want and there are no parental units there to stop u!) ? Or should I try to fall back asleep? Or should I just sit here in my bed for the next hour or so and then come out of my room as to not shock anyone in the house. Although it does sounds awfully quiet... interesting. Decisions decisions...

sleep is for the weak

i know that its 9:15 and my alarm isnt supposed 2 go off until 9:45, but i just WOKE up. u know when u just WAKE up and there is nothing u can do?at first i saw that it was 8:58 and i was happy bc i had that i beat the clock feeling since i had another 45 minutes. but then 10 minutes later i realized i was lying in bed w. my eyes open. so sad. i unlike miriam was never a marathon sleeper bc i think sleep is a waste of time. one time this year i forgot 2 set my alarm on a friday and i woke up @ 12 and i was soooo sad. now truthfully my parents think that ne time i wake up is marathon sleeping bc they think waking up @ 8 is "sleeping late".

neways this is not y i was posting 2day. but now i cant remember. o wait i just realized that the reason i couldnt fall back asleep is bc i remembered that i have to go home depot 2day and buy special super glue for my saran wrapped tube. now heres the issue. number 1 i dont know where home depot is and that will cause me to get lost even w directions. number 2 i have so much 2 do 2day that going 2 home depot will probably cut in2 a different plan. like operation rachel needs new shirts. and number 3 i realized that i forgot to bring home some of the tube so that i can show the person in home depot what i'm talking about. and now thanx 2 work i am awake. how seriously rude!

here r some funny times from high school that i just thought of when i read mirs thing about going to fino and babysitting. (please note that these 2 words actually represented a lot back in the day. as in "lets go to fino" and "im babysitting..again") ok so here we go...i'll change miriams name to protect the not so innocent (shout out 2 aviva...jessica notso darling)
1. of course number 1 has to be the best.. the time mairim got a day off of skool bc she and tsippi convinced rabbi kosowsky that it wasnt fair that me and yulia and rebecca got suspended. i'll leave it at that bc it is so much fun shocking ppl w. the story of our 3 day suspension adventure. especially when u r sitting @ the table of ur rabbi in israel's house and u happen 2 mention that it occured. good times...
2. hmm it is quite difficult remembering the rite funny story. how bout the time that miriam always paid for my fino. and we went every time tsippi didnt get a ride home w. us (i say us as if i was driving 2..but hey i was a fixture in the carpool)
3. the time that miriam was mad @ me in the morning (who remembers y..) and so i annoyed her by talking non-stop the entire way to skool. now this can be quite difficult when the other person in the car is silent. so i discussed the wonder of each street sign. she probably doesnt remember this.
4. this is the last one. really. the time i kissed miriam's shoe. ok i think it happened 2 times. but there is a little pink lip gloss stain on her super cool nike sneakers that i luv. i think i even put on the lipgloss so that i would leave a mark. but who remembers?
ok sorry 2 bore u all but its early on a sunday morning so deal w. it