Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer Days... drifting away...

Rachel said we should start blogging again, which sounds like a great idea since shes moving and we need to find a way to keep in touch (forget the fact we dont live near each other anyways, so nothings really changed).
My favorite time of year is here! SUMMER!!! and im not doing anything. i know i should work, even part time but then i fear of being stuck (well stuck isnt the right word bc that sounds negative and i would never say anything negative...) in dallas for another year and half. but i forgot that if im not working im not making money so maybe its time to cave even just for a little bit (unless my money tree decides to start blooming, that would be FANTASTIC).
I'm also trying to find a dressmaker to make a dress (obviously) for my sisters wedding. this is not an easy task, esp here at home. and theres only 6 or so weeks til the wedding. im most definitely in a pickle.
so that sums up my life about now. and all should know rachel is cool bc she knows someone in the nba. yay for rachel!


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