Friday, July 03, 2009

According to Me

once a year this blog should be updated, thats how i feel. unfortunately, not much has changed since last year. i still work. no one is in dallas. and that sums up my life. i did take off this week to just play - have a mini summer vacation. and its been rockin. i went to the zoo, the wax museum, out to movies, stayed up late. the only thing i havent done is slept in :( and i was looking forward to that, but i can sleep in next week since im scheduled for the second shift at work.
even tho i work and i dont have 3 months off in the summer its still feels like summer bc A) its 100+ degrees out (delicious) B) the next food network star is on (such a great show, i wait for it each summer. so even tho i dont have cable, each sunday night ill go to my bros apt and watch it. and i even woke up at 9am to see them on rachael ray. i am dedicated) C) there seems to be things/activities to do. and its times like those i wish i had more friends around to play with me. of course i dont wish enough to move back to smelly or anything or go out and visit them :P
which reminds me, i havent been to smelly since nov. thats a super long time. i know im due for a trip there bc i REALLY need a haircut.
alright kids, thats the boringness i call my life.
ill check back in 10 months :)
ps rachel, if u read this in the next 24 hrs ill come visit u this summer. maybe.


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