Thursday, February 04, 2010

who said you can't go back??

dear mir, i totally think we should re-ignite the blog.
perhaps this is because i am avoiding washing and chopping off the ends of string beans. all i'm making for this weekend is string beans. which means i can spend all night not making them since i dont have to do anything else. makes a ton of sense to me. so the oven is preheated and the string beans are sitting next to me.....awaiting their fate. muahahaha.
the supermarket was OUT OF CONTROL this afternoon with everyone getting nervous about our minimum of 16 inches of snow starting tomorrow. me and elan have no worries. we have about 10 boxes of pasta. what else does one need?
this winter has been very tough on my uggs. this means it is time for me to move on. however the conondrum of the calf continues. aka the 'i refuse to wear saggy boots just because my legs are streched out like string beans' issue. so we'll see what kind of boots i end the winter with.
i think that is all for now. a nice short blog to entice miriam back. :-)