Sunday, April 01, 2007

"frogs here, frogs there, frogs were jumping everywhere!"

could it be? no..not possible. i must b some weird cough that has overtaken rachel and replaced her with a blogging person. bc real rachel hasnt really blogged in 4eva.
shockingly it is real rachel. real rachel munching away on her string cheese (shout out 2 the food i stole from my sister's fridge every single day this summer). my room is not clean, but its free of possible chametz antigens. wow im a dork.

here is what i have done 2day:
1. learned that its fun 2 sleep on the couch bc then every1 thinks u've run off
2.decided that there is a difference btwn splenda and sweet n low. it just changes the whole flavor of ur coffee.
3. partied with the ghetto peeps @ the car wash. i think they give u more time w. the vacuum now which is sad bc it takes the competitive edge out of the whole experience. b4 u had 2 like intensely jump from 1 side of the car 2 the other, now its like ook i can space out here. (shout out 2 the parents: i did not space out while cleaning..well not 2 much)
4. i realized orgo lab is fun bc i dont have 2 get a good product so i can just rush and mix and do and who cares? i apparently have a patience issue waiting 4 things 2 b finished. so in orgo i can do other things, but in kitchen world u cant do that. it actually matters if u potato kugel tastes like barf or potato kugel. so sad. so i got a little frazzled and started hopping up and down
5. casiens r dairy. even tho america thinks they arent. according to the ou they are totally dairy. which makes sense bc they're from cheese. all very grand until u cant eat rita's after u have meat :(
6. target rox my world bc they have tubs of gel when duane reade and walgreens have given up on the concept
7. i should stop writing so me and mir dont have 2 print so many pages when we write out big novel.
yay pesach!

shout out 2 malkie. i wonder how loyal of a blog reader u r at home..hmm