Sunday, August 31, 2008

She Works Hard for the Money

I'm thinking this is going to be a weekly blog. Something of that sort. Not a daily blog like it used to be - u know back in the day when life was so carefree and what not. I just dont have time to stop and fill u kids in on whats been happening here that often. Plus i know once i blog rachels gonna come in and blog and no one will even notice. Story of my blogging life. boo rachel.
Anyways, I worked 3 days last week - M,T,W. and i was cancelled Th and F. Mon and Tues were good days at work. Easy, everything happened as usual, nothing out of the ordinary. But wed they put me on a 1:1 and i was not happy cuz i saw that pt mon night and saw who had to be on the 1:1 then and was super thankful it wasnt me but in the end i was stuck with her for 8 hrs. well really for 6 hrs cuz someone else switched with me for the last 2. It was just a lot of work. i prefer 1:1 if its the night shift and the pt is sleeping. u dont really have to do that much, just sit back and read, or do sudoku or something, without being yelled at. thurs and fri i was cancelled but i always have to prepare as if im going in for work - beauty of being prn. so i dont like to stay out late. but u see, rochelle yelled at me the other day for not wanting to stay out and play shes like 'dude, grow up - wait, no, STOP GROWING UP. ur only 21' and she raised an excellent point. but i hate going in to work tired. i mean we r talking about me here, i dont do mornings so waking up at 6 is so not fun and i like to get a good nights sleep so i can function during the day. and its not like i can have caffeine (see all posts during 2006 if u dont know what im talking about) to help me out so my sleep is crucial. but still, what she said really got me thinking that im kinda missing out on life just a lil bit cuz i am supposed to be living. its not like im married or have a family. i shouldnt give myself a 10pm bedtime. omg who am i? what happened to the person who stayed up til 3am every night in school (ok, maybe more like 1ish/2ish) and could sleep in til 12? i miss her. i dont like this getting tired super early. and waking up on my own before 9. its not ok. thats not me. its soooo not me. i dont like this new person. i havent like her all summer. ok, thats not entirely true. cuz secretly when u get up early u have a lot more hrs in the day to get things done. but thats a sidepoint. the point is that im not me anymore. im an adult. and theres nothing i can do to change that.
stupid college degree, ruined everything.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

still crazy after all these years...

i think we all need to take a moment to recognize a few things:

1. me and mir r super twins. bc we both read the blog on shabbos in separate states.
2. mir blogged first. without any threats from me. this is pretty much unheard of previously.

heres whats up in my life.
i wake up at 530 or 6am every day. i wait for the bus, i get on the bus i go 2 the metro. i wait for the metro, i go on the metro, i go to work. work is fun. then finally its 430 and i go home. while at work, i get made fun of. i make fun of carolyn. we all make fun of dr cowan. dr doshi spazzes. emily dances funny. and i eat judy's chocolate. then i go home. i make dinner. we wash dishes. and thats pretty much it. either there is laundry, food shopping, or applications.

i think thats y i havent blogged. bc i pretty much summed up my entire summer in 1 paragraph. haha. actually my summer can be summed up in 1 convo i had numerous times at work on friday:

person in sarcastic voice: so rachel, going to a wedding this weekend?
me: actually..hahaa. yea i am
them: wow i was totally kidding. how come no1 invites me 2 so many weddings?
me: u have 2 hang out with jewish ppl more often

in response to mirs post. it is SO weird not 2 go back 2 skool. like super weird. for the first time since b4 preschool i have no skool is starting nothing. weird weird weird.

thats all for now. i dont want mir 2 complain that i write too much.

The Good Ol' Days

So i was in my room on shabbat (for most of shabbat) and saw the blog lying out and thought 'hey, lets read u' and i did. Man, that was entertaining. It was mostly of summer 2006. Can u believe its been over 2 yrs that we've had this blog. Better yet, can u believe no one has posted on this blog in over 7 months? And do u know how many things have happened since then. Well first rachel graduated. Then i graduated. but only she has a diploma. im still waiting. then rachel got hitched. unclear if that was a smart move on her part. but it was a super fun wedding so i guess we'll permit it. so i guess since the blog first started we've become adults?! unclear. well u wont really hear about school schedules anymore. at least not for another yr. cuz i think thats when we're both going back to school. its really weird everyone else i know is going to school now and i didnt get to buy any pretty new notebooks. there was no counting down my last days of summer. weird. like, chava and vivian and erin and tobi were all like this is my last shabbat home i dont wanna go back to ny. and i was just standing there laughing at them. ok, so that may not have been the nicest thing to do but its funny cuz im not in that situation. anyways, as i was saying, u wont hear about school schedules anymore. ur going to hear about jobs. thats right. we work. u'll hear how we're tired (i like how im speaking for rachel also) cuz we wake up super early. and rachel will complain about cooking and cleaning and laundry. but she chose that whole married life thing so we dont feel bad. i just get to play with mental patients all day long and... well then i do nothing cuz everyones going back to ny.
point is that i miss the life of blogging and feel like we should start it up again cuz now it REALLY will fulfill its purpose since we're both in different places. and it was fun. at least during the summer. i mean we wrote A LOT. we really had no life at all. good for us.
so i shall try and keep up with this blog. lets see how it goes.