Friday, April 28, 2006


i just realized that maybe the red sox loss wasnt so funny after all. they're only 1 game ahead of the yankees and they're gonna b playing them next week. we should have had a nice 3 game weekend with them like 2 weeks ago when the yankees were like 24 games behind. ok maybe it wasnt 24, but the point is u can lose 3 games to the yankees and still b e 21 games ahead. i kno i kno its not 24. neways so now im a little scared. i mean a lot. not that i should be scared bc 1 loss for beckett is not gonna ruin him. unless hes like derek lowe and cant get over losing. hm that would b tragic. but i do miss lowe. like the time he won the playoff game v the yankees and he was so nervous when the game was ending. ok thats all 4 the addendum.

would u jump from the 86th floor?

I dont think our 'loyal' blog readers are going to be 2 impressed w. our recent blogingness. or lack thereof. alas i have been overloaded w. stress (see picture below) and have realized that just like u can lose brain cells sniffing glue, you can also actually lose ur personality by studying too much. ok, the connection is a little weak, but i see it.
exciting news of 34th street, yesterday a man in mask tryed to parachute off of the 86th floor observatory of the empire state we know that the $34,000 we pay to stern is actually an entertainment fee, certainly not 4 our education.
another thing, last night the red sox lost so badly i was cracking up. i mean in those situation u can only laugh. well had it been the mavs mir probably would have driven every1 crazy with her sadness. i guess i'm not as weird of a fan. or maybe i've just lost my personality to chemistry and i can no longer muster up enough of the typical rachel- obsessed and excited about weird things. its ok, by the time may 11th 7:05 pm rolls around, i'll be SUPER excited. yaay red sox game!
lets tell a story about how i convinced jenn to come w. me to the Darfur rally and now i feel really badly bc its totally gonna b a super unorganized yu thing. first of all every day they send a new email telling us how the bus is leaving even earlier. so as of now, its 645am from brookdale. then once we get 2 dc, and somehow thats taking us 6 hours, we have to take the metro to the mall. and then the rally ends at 430 and then we have to get back on the metro with probably 10000000 hot sweaty rally ppl and get back on the bus and somehow this time it'll only take us 5 hours in total travel. yea rite. aka i am missing greys anatomy and its the first new one since colombus came to america. but i still wanna go even tho my mom gave me a whole thing about how i shouldnt feel pressured to go. but im not bc stern is the most apathetic college campus in america. so there i go- off to see george. i feel like he's gonna b a no-show. but maybe i'll get to poke hillary clinton again. no, shes definately a no show.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Dry Eyes

I am sooooo bored. Bored. Bored. Bored. I really have nothing to do. No joke. I mean i do have a hebrew test tomorrow that i could study for. HaHaHaHa. My contacts are bothering my eyes. They are very dry. I bought drops. They only help for a little bit. I think im becoming addicted to eye drops. Theres nothing wrong with that, right? I mean i could have a worse addiction such as buying shoes. Oh, wait, i already have that. Shoot. I could have a worse addiction such as drinking caffeine. Oh, wait, i used to have that. Shoot. I could have a worse addiction such as talking on the phone. But i dont cuz it never rings. Back in the day my phone was off da hook. Now i can go days without my phone ringing. That takes talent let me tell u. I have been sitting on my bed in my dorm since who knows when. I need some entertainment. World, entertain me! Get us on NPR. Oh no, its contagious. Not only am i bored, it has now spread to this blog. Shoot. I like the word shoot. It reminds me of shooting like basketball shooting. Twoooooo Shotsssss. I heart the mavs. Hmm, thats a great way to end this thing. I am ashamed. This is not one of my better blogs. Rachel, wow us with the next blog. No pressure.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Jacobs Ladder

I AM HORRIFIED! i was the last 2 post something here and miriam is sending me 2 blog welfar? EXCUSE ME??? EXSQUEEZE ME BUT HAVE U EVER HEARD OF STYLING GEL? i think not.
moving on. thats what i need 2 learn how 2 do. but we wont discuss that here. bc this is a public space. but i need 2 move on. u kno what i mean? like move on from finding my lost earring. thats what i've been referring 2. move on from finding ur lost coat..if u kno what i mean...
on a pretty note, i will be going to the red sox yankees game w. mirbir and i'm hoping the trend of this season will hold through that time. aka yankee failure and red sox domination. ETERNAL REWARD!
ok so i have reached a plateau in my mountain climb quest for a summer job. o thank heavens for 7-11. (no i am NOT working @ i did NOT have sexual relations with that woman...aka i was not high...good times.)
another thing. this summer i will be sooooo cool. aka since i will b so bored i will do all those things that no1 ever does bc they are 2 busy hanging out w. their friends till 3 am. (going 2 fino and 7-11 and walmart and parking lots ahem ahem. so therefore my new idea is that i will run a lot. since i dont kno ne1 neways i have no fear of crashing in2 ne1. and i will make a million paintings. and i will make my room pretty. (i kno how can u make my room ne cooler then it already is? but silly i said pretty not cool)
ok really i should go 2 sleep bc i am going back 2 ny 2morrow. yay friends. boo chemistry test. yay almost red sox game boo almost finals. yay greys anatomy boo work. yay summer boo silversmelly.
farewell and until next time i remain yours faithfully,
jabba the hut(t?)

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Stressed Out...

Man oh man. Playoffs are starting up for the Mavs tomorrow night. Im really trying not to think about it too much. First round i think we'll be alright. Im not too concerned. But that means come second round its gonna be the spurs. Its not that i dont think we can take them. We can totally take them. We took them just last week in San Antonio. We murdered them. It was amazing. Im just worried that for some reason we're not gonna do it again. Not because we cant, i need to emphasize that point. We totally can. We have in the past (not during the playoffs) and we can do it again. I just get that feeling when i brush my teeth that we're not gonna. I really cant be thinking this far ahead. Its really not healthy for me. Im just worried. :-/.
In other news my 79th pair of shoes was purchased on Friday. I have nothing to wear with them. But thats not the point. Um... what else. I heart Dallas. I really have no desire to go back to school. It's not so much the going back to smelly NY this time. It's the school thing. Im so over that. Who is ready for summer? Pick me!!! Choose me!!! Love me!!! I heart Grey's Anatomy.
I would like to report Rachel S. Nechama to Blog Welfare. I feel she is neglecting the blog. That is all i have to say on this matter. No further questions.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Reading Comprehension

i specifically recall saying i did not think you should change ur away message theme, just the actual wording. 4 example u could have changed it to say that ur heart stopped @ the dr bc he told u couldnt have chocolate or coke nemore. good thing u were @ the heart dr. ok so thats lame, but im sure u could wow us with ur away message brilliance. ok? so shock us all. ZAP!

Let the Record Reflect...

Please let the record reflect that i had thought about changing my away msg but that the content in the current away msg is so important and life altering that it could not be changed. let us discuss what happened while i was at the cardiologist yesterday. arrival time 1:50. appt time 2:00. we sit. we wait. and then we are brought back. i have an ekg done (i later had an ultrasound of my heart and a blood test) by the physicians assistant (i think, or nurse, whatever they are called these days) and then the dr comes in. we talk about the issue with my heart (tho i believe that there really is no issue at hand, u know how parents can be) and then the convo goes as follows dr: do you drink caffeine? me: yes. dr: used to. me: um...i think we need to discuss this for a moment. dr: no chocolate, no coffee, no tea, no coke. this is shocking news. i think my heart stopped beating. good thing i was at the heart dr. i love coke. i live for coke. i drink coke like water. i love chocolate. i live for chocolate. i eat chocolate like water. what the heck am i supposed to do now?! i cant get through a day of school with my caffeine. and a night before a test i have my caffeine so i can stay up and study. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO NOW?!?!?! and so it is understandable for me to have my away msg up of the convo with the dr cuz.... cuz.... I LIKE IT! so ha! thank you all for tuning in. oh, and please let the record reflect that i still HATE doctors. they only tell u bad things (i.e. no more coke or chocolate; who does that to a person?!?!)

sof sof...

whats with that? thats so....sof sof....thats so f hehehe. neways mir is bugging me that i am OBLIGATED to post something. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? I CREATED THIS MONSTER. MUAHAHAHAAH.
ok so seriously i have come here 2day to inform the world of a crisis. what is this crisis u mite ask? it is the state of miriams away message. i mean seriously dude. u can keep ur away message on the same theme of lack of caffiene, but to keep the exact same away message is like a total crime. seriously. that is why i have come here today to ask the free people to unite their colors and shout ENDTHEMADNESS(.com) hehe nice sentence rite? i hope that by inviting the world to question the behavior of miram, we can change the way people all over view the laws of away messages.
heres a thought. some ppl have blogs that are famous. like 1 time in silversmelly i was listening to npr (doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo..from national public radio news in washington i'm carl okassel..and k204 cb88.7 whichita falls, the news is next) neways they were discussing some arabs guys blog. and then other ppl have like 20000 ppl who read their blog @ least 1 time a week. but me and mir, sometimes i wonder. are we merely expressing our feelings to cyberspace. a place of lonliness and lost childhoods? its like an article i once read in the sports section of the washington post. (perhaps the lamest sports section EVER) neways they were talking about how many of the Nationals games arent actually broadcasted because the owner of the Orioles owns the cable thing. or something. wtvr. the point is no1 was listening and as an experiment one of the sportscasters gave his fone number on air to see if ne1 would call. alas the guy who called was some techie downstairs working with the sound system. so i ask our readers, no, i DARE our readers SHOW US THAT U EXIST! PROVE WRONG MY PARANOIA OR LACK OF SELF-ESTEEM. GET US ON NPR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 17, 2006

I Heart the Mavs

sof sof i went to a mavs game at home. i've been planning this one out for months. i was determined to go see the mavs at the american airlines center. there were two possibilities depending on when i was gonna come home for pesach. april 8 and aprile 16. not that those were the only two home games. but because of the holiday and what not. but u see, i couldnt go to the game on the 8th because we decided to lose a stupid stupid hour and shabbat ended during the 3rd quarter. so my only game i could go to for the whooooooooole season at home was on april 16. now really i had wanted to go to the game on march 14 cuz we were playing the cavs and i wanted to see lebron play. but i had to catch a flight back to smelly ny that evening to make it back in time for school. i was bitter. very bitter. especially since the flight was delayed a few hours. snort. so anyways, april 16 was my game. i had made plans with a friend and we were gonna go since we had wanted to go to a game together. and then she decided to DITCH me for the holy passover and that once again left me with no mavs games to go to at home and i need to go to at least 3 games a season. its just a rule. i am a loyal fan. i went to the mavs game in ny and in nj. we are NEVER EVER to discuss those games. EVER. so now i had no one to go with but i needed to go to the mavs game. so anytime time i saw any friends of mine i was like 'wanna go to the mavs game on sunday? we can all go. it'll be great' and all of them were like 'okaaay' and nothing ever happend with that until *dum dum dum* vivian called me up and said 'i thought i would let u know im going to to the mavs game. im not sure how thats going to help u but i just wanted to let u know'isnt she just such a sweet person. so i call her back and we are discussing the mavs and their lack of playing ability in the past 2 games and how there are only 2 games left in the regular season and avery johnson doesnt want them to play as hard right now and just chill. so i wish her an awesome time at the game and we hang up the phone. a minute later my phone rings 'i'll be there for youuu when the rain starts to pourrr' and its vivian. vivian 'you still interested in going to the mavs game?' miriam 'um, i dunnno, i dont really follow them that much' vivian ' well i just found out we have an extra ticket and i can invite a friend' miriam ' yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. im so excited. omg. yaaaaaaaaaay' i then had about 30 min to get my hair done. the game was at 7:30. got there at 7:15. dirk didnt play so well. he barely made any shots.the only time he was playing well was when me and vivian had gone to the mavs shop during the 3rd qtr. and then we came back and he wasnt doing so well. is there a connection?!?! but he made his free throws. B"H hes great with those. and the scariest thing in the world happened. dirk was going for a shot and someone blocked him and he fell to the ground. hard. on his left shoulder and the whooole stadium, in unison, gasped. i was holding on to vivians hand sooooo hard. dirk can NOT get injured. hello, playoffs. and ya, i think thats my story. i had an awesome time. cant wait for the finals :-D. oh, and dont you worry, my hair looked perfect.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

this is my pesach story.

u know when u're in shul and its silent, and then all these men feel the need to suddenly say a few words out its like silent silent silent LOUD LOUD silent silent now the other guy LOUD LOUD..?? neways its always driven me crazy, but after 3 cups of wine i couldnt handle it. (hey, i'm little) so there we are the first seder and we're saying hallel. 2 seconds in2 hallel the whole table starts mumbling, and then WHAM i was dying. like cracking up beyond belief. like i couldnt breathe i was laughing so hard and my wine was spilling and my family didnt kno why i was laughing and i laughed and laughed. and then i would try to keep saying hallel and then some1 would do the mumble then LOUD thing again. and it was great. so if u r ever with me, PLEASE dont do that. thank you.
things about miriam:
she is ocd. if u want to hang out w. her u first have to shower in acid to burn off ne bacteria that might be on ur skin. and then u have to inhale it, bc who knows what bacteria is in ur mouth??
she hates shoes. make it stop. hehe. neways she really does. the only reason she has so many is bc she is ocd and doenst like 2 wear the same shoe too often. snort.
she is OBSESSED with dallas. like hello i am queeeen of obsession but this girl, she is OBSESSED with dallas. props to you miriam.

Too Much Food!!!

there is one bad thing bout holidays... TOO MUCH FOOD. especially the seder. my stomach can not physically hold all that food and all that wine. i almost threw up twice!! (i know u wanted to know that) some good things bout holidays. sleep!!! i heart sleep. i heart my bed. another good thing bout holidays is doing absolutely nothing. just staying home, chilling with friends, playing games such as apples to apples. and the bestest part is sitting outside in the sun and getting a sun burn. buts its totally worth it cuz i am determined to get some color on my skin. I NEED A TAN. another bad thing about the holiday is reading the sports section and finding out that the mavs lost, twice. snort on the mavs. they need to shape up if they wanna make it past the first round of the playoffs. i wanna go to the game tomorrow. and i wanna go swimming tomorrow. and i need clothes still.
and now its time for.... RANDOM FACTS ABOUT RACHEL!!!!
~she wears a wig
~she wears a size 7 shoe
~she was born in mexico
~she used to have a pet snake
~she used to have a pet iguana and then he/she (it was both) went to live on a farm
~she almost died in a pond but i was there to save her. yay me
~she doesnt like to play scrabble
~she likes to be late to school so she can serve detention
~she wears weird socks
~she is willing to pay $20 for an ipod
.... theres more to come. stay tuned.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

DontAsk628: u r absolutely hilarious, words cannot describe

just thought i'd save that just in case she never said it again...
now here is the real tricky question...which one is racmac and which one is mirbir???


miriam luvs 2 clean. its just that she wants to feel unique, and so she pretends that she doesnt love to clean. its really sad. i mean we all hope that one day miriam will realize that just like its not unique 2 have green hair when all 'unique' ppl have green hair, its not unique 2 have a crazy chaotic room, bc all 'unique' ppl have crazy chaotic rooms. so there u go miriam. u can set ur clean self free. yay!
now here are some things u can make fun of miriam for:
ok just give me a second im thinking...
still thinking...
ok basically i cant think of nething bc all she does is make fun of me so there is never an opportunity to make fun of her. but u should just know, that miriam has a tendancy to be a bigger stalker then me, not that i'm pointing fingers, but who taught me all my stalking skills after all?
heres something about miriam that her family isnt too pleased with- she loves her dog more then her family. maybe because they make her clean for pesach. but now that we've solved that issue they wont have to be sad anymore. (i charge for this psychoanalysis btw, how else am i gonna make it through medical school? i mean i'm not a model like izzy on grey's anatomy...)
here are things that miriam hates: spurs, boys, and ny. guess which one of those things she actually doesnt hate? heheheh.
neways i'm gonna go clean potatoes now...courtesy of my family we complain all pesach and debate whether it'll be in 5 years or 25 years when the whole world gives up on this pathetic idea of kitniot....and then we also debate how its not fair that a hillel sandwich was soft matzah, no crunchy poke u in the gums get stuck on ur gigantic tonsils matzah. so yea thats the story guys...
have a happy holiday!


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i am queen once again. *applause* i would like to set a few things straight. first of all i am the saner one of the two. (this does not reflect well on racmac) second of all rachel does like the spurs and she definitely likes them more than the mavs. remember when the spurs won the finals last yr (right? i have a memory of a goldfish) and she was HAPPY that they won. would i be happy if the yankees won? NO! snort on rachel. you know what i figured out, i'll tell you (who is you?) rachel is just like farfel (my wittle puppy) i have to bribe them both with food so they'll like me. its a little sad. actually a lot sad. why cant she like me for me and not because i sing like pavorotti or because im such a hottie ::sigh::. let us now discuss what my room looks like. currently i have two HUGE suitcases on the floor with clothes spit out all around it. i have little bags of trash spread out full of papers that i had to go thru that were covering any free space i could potentially have. there has been a siting of the surface of my desk. i never knew it was white. we learn new things everyday. i really do love pesach. its my favorite holiday. its the prep that bugs me. snort on cleaning. i love cleaning like i love midterms. remember last night when dirk made a jumpshot with .7 seconds left and we won the game against the clippers 75-73. lets not discuss the lowliness (did i just make up a word? lowlyness, lowlieness, lowliness, lowly ness, low li ness....) of the score. the sportscasters kept saying whats important right now is that we win not the points.

random facts about rachel:
~she smells which is y she lives in silverSMELLY
~she used to love roswell and then greys anatomy came along
~she is a stalker, or tries to be
~she lost the best driving record
~she loves spicy fries
~she aspires to have as many shoes as me
~she snores (heehee)
~she wishes she had a farfel
~she used to write a column "all about me" for a newspaper cuz she loves talking about her
~her real name is Inigo Montoya
that is all i can share right now but dont u fret i'll keep blabbing more secrets bout her. yay.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


ok so i convinced mir that it would be super fun 2 make a blog 2gether since she thinks we wont be friends next is it! im not sure what to do..i think i just ramble. see i'm supposed 2 'set it up' and then mir will 'also join'. yea more like until shes back in skool and bored then she'll make an appearance. until then i get 2 write all about the red sox and silversmelly. no mavs or dallas discussions. yes! (not that i like the spurs more then the mavs, i just like the red sox more then the mavs...which means i like the mavs more then the spurs bc mir decided that i like the spurs when i couldnt even name a single person on the team..even tho i met david robinson, but he's gone fishin...) is there a limit to how much info u can put in ( )???
ok thats all for now. instead of doing chem or wasting time i should like clean, or read a haggadah or something....