Tuesday, December 26, 2006

yaaay malkie's wedding!

i really was intending to have a whole long post about the awesomest wedding ever..shout out 2 malkie !!! woohooo!!!! but im so brain dead from orgo and im soooo stressed about fizix that im not sure if i can actually remember nething that has happened 2 me in the past 24 hours.
point is, we miss u malkie and even tho mir isnt blogging "nemore" we did discuss how 2 contact u last nite. i kno all we really have 2 do is call u..but this is way more fun! lets see how often the married malkie reads our blog..hehehehe

Thursday, December 14, 2006

lets see how long mir can go w.o blogging

rite now mir is yelling @ me that i cant blog while her thing is going on. ha.

neways since i feel kinda nostalgic 4 the blogging days i think i'll clue u in 2 a few things going on.

1. our good blog reader (if ne1 still reads) malkie is getting married a week from 2day. SHOUT OUT 2 THE MALKIE!! WE R SO PSYCHED ITS NOT EVEN NORMAL!!! YAAY

2. its after rosh hashanah, thanksgiving, and columbus day (it took us a while 2 think up that columbus line...did that really pass yet??) and yet mir, rachel, and aviva r still alive. most importantly they r all still talking 2 each other. well i guess. its a lot of random comments and then funny looks as a response. also a lot of rachel silently yelling @ mir and aviva when they r still sleeping @ 11am and shes already been 2 skool, eaten breakfast, taken a lab quiz and returned and they're STILL asleep.

3. enuf of the boring stuff. heres the big news. r u ready?? theres a big announcement that needs 2 b made..and it is....o never mind. its a secret i cant tell u. hahaha

4. u kno that i've 4gotten how 2 blog when i have 2 make up secrets 2 pretend that theres something going on. also everything there is 2 say i've already told 2 a lot of ppl so its lost its interesting factor. like the fact that aviva almost got caught by the security guard when she went 2 lock the door so we could skip the fire drill. but it was way funnier @ the time.

5. on a good note it seems as tho my finals schedule 4 the spring has worked out so that i can leave skool 1 day early!! WOOOHOOO! i kno...its still december and im thinking about may 15th AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. YAAY!

6. the brown shoe curse has been lifted...but i've been searching for so long and suddenly i have the shoes and i realized that..wait...i dont actually have any brown outfits!!! how sad??

7. here is an awesome story...(im not faking it this time 2 interest u) neways so some girls in my orgo class go 2 this orgo tutor in staten island. he tutors ppl from all different colleges in ny. yesterday he showed them a picture of a guy from brooklyn college. in the picture is a huuuge dining room table w. rows and rows of 2L diet mountain dew bottles and at the end of the table is the guy, an orgo book, and a molecular model. basically he wanted the orgo man 2 give his picture 2 the stern girls and show them how much mountain dew he consumed studying orgo. how hysterical is that??? so they made a copy of it 4 me and i'm gonna hang it on my moutain dew wall! how totally awesome is that??? i kno i kno

neways i figured that i'd do something nice 4 anonymous in dallas. i kno that u wonder how mir is...she apparently has sworn off blogging so i'll tell u. 2day she wore brown shoes and went shoe shopping w. me. but only i bought shoes, not her. thats all i can reveal!

ok time 4 greys and more study procrastination. nice 2 see u all

ps. anonymous (not in dallas) we figured u out in 10 seconds. ok mayb like 12.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

I Wonder

How long can we go without blogging?