Monday, March 19, 2007

No February

I feel bad. I actually feel bad for this here blog. I was sitting here talking to Aviva about how it's almost a year since i've been off of coke. I mean Coca Cola. Relax. And so i went on the blog to see the exact dates cuz i remember blogging about my trip to the cardiologist. Once i read that post i got to reading some old ones and i just felt really really bad. This old blog doesnt know anything that has been going on in my life (not that there is much). So i'm gonna try to be a good person right now and give some sort of update.
Midterms are basically over. I have one test this week that was really supposed to be last week but was pushed off for some reason and i almost didnt know and i'm happy i asked the teacher cuz otherwise i would have showed up to class ready to take the test last week and there would have been no test to take. Overall i've done well on my midterms, well on the ones i've gotten back.
Last week Shimon came to play. I did a lot of walking in the city. I normally don't do so much walking for two reasons. Reason number one: cuz its too cold out and i just stay inside. Reason number two: cuz theres no one to play with so i dont explore the city on my own. But it was stunning weather all last week. i even wore flip flops one day!!! So when i went to pick him up from newark that took hours upon hours. I had a lot of alone time and listening to music time and being yelled at by conductor/ticket ppl time (cuz i put my feet up on the seat and apparently thats a no no). We had gone to Times Square and there were tons and tons of police ppls there and their cars and so we asked what was going on cuz clearly we had to know and they were doing a terrorist drill. One of the police ppl backed a car into me. i mean they started to but kept their eye on me. i'm still here, dont worry. so we had fun in the city.
my migraines are still an issue in case y'all were wondering. we've upped (sp?) my dosage and so nausea has really kicked in. no food for fro. except for canned fruit. pears. yum. thats what sounds really good. basically i something has to sound good and thats the only way i can eat it.
rachel has an orgo test this week and isnt studying just in case the world wanted to know. she has other priorities. aviva is studying away for her accounting test. i should be studying for health psych.
guess who is going to mavs game tomorrow night.... guess guess guess. MEEEEEEEEEEEE! mavs vs knicks. yay yay yay. hopefully it wont be like last time. i believe we went into overtime and then lost. we hadnt been playing so well but had been able to tie it and then go into overtime. im talking about last time we played in ny jan 14 2006 right before winter break. and now they r here again. its gonna be my 3rd game of the season. so excited. debs coming with me. so its really for seniors at yu. minor details.
omg do u know what happened when i got to school this morning. my blue pen wasnt in my bag and so i had to write in pencil all day. not cool. i need find my blue pen. i mean i have others but i dont use another one until i use up the one thats currently in use. the one i had been using this yr finally ran out in the middle of my philosophy midterm. that wasnt so cool. but i had been prepared for it to die so i had another one on me. but i had no back ups this time.
now on my way to school this morning there was a guy lying on corner of 34th and park. it seemed like he was hit by something and ppl kept looking up at the building. im thinking ice or snow or something like that had fallen and hit him in the head. there was a police. i kinda wanted to wait around and see what was gonna happen but i had to go to class. that always interferes with things.
alright, thats my life for now. as usual as soon as i post this im gonna think of something else i wanted to post.
less than 2 weeks until i go home. woohoo!
hi malkie! see u soon!