Sunday, August 24, 2008

still crazy after all these years...

i think we all need to take a moment to recognize a few things:

1. me and mir r super twins. bc we both read the blog on shabbos in separate states.
2. mir blogged first. without any threats from me. this is pretty much unheard of previously.

heres whats up in my life.
i wake up at 530 or 6am every day. i wait for the bus, i get on the bus i go 2 the metro. i wait for the metro, i go on the metro, i go to work. work is fun. then finally its 430 and i go home. while at work, i get made fun of. i make fun of carolyn. we all make fun of dr cowan. dr doshi spazzes. emily dances funny. and i eat judy's chocolate. then i go home. i make dinner. we wash dishes. and thats pretty much it. either there is laundry, food shopping, or applications.

i think thats y i havent blogged. bc i pretty much summed up my entire summer in 1 paragraph. haha. actually my summer can be summed up in 1 convo i had numerous times at work on friday:

person in sarcastic voice: so rachel, going to a wedding this weekend?
me: actually..hahaa. yea i am
them: wow i was totally kidding. how come no1 invites me 2 so many weddings?
me: u have 2 hang out with jewish ppl more often

in response to mirs post. it is SO weird not 2 go back 2 skool. like super weird. for the first time since b4 preschool i have no skool is starting nothing. weird weird weird.

thats all for now. i dont want mir 2 complain that i write too much.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So glad you are back. Can't wait to read the continuing sage!

7:40 PM  

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