Saturday, July 28, 2007

where has july gone

man does time fly when ur at home and doing nothing all day. i've been home for 3 weeks and one day now and during that time i have yet to go swimming since the weather in this glorious state has taken a vacation. yes, that is correct, the usual texas summer weather has gone on vacation when those of us on vacation need it. i agree with all of u its rude. when i watch the weather ppl on tv they say things like 'we r below avg right now' 'we may not hit 100 this summer' 'i sure hope not' all sorts of crazy things that i just dont understand. and at night, it's in the 70's. i mean, what kind of number is that? i should see that number in the winter here. not the summer!!! i dont only have complaints about the weather, i had one good week of no rain and everything and naturally that occurred during the 9 days. this is an evil and cruel world.
what else have i been doing since i've been home? well i took out 14 books from the library. i've read 5 so far and i've started the 6. now usually i would be more than half thru the stack of books by now but u see... i kind of started this lil obsession with watching movies. it started the first day i came into town and now i have this total access thing with blockbuster so i have movies all the time. lets see how many i can watch by the time summer is up. (NOT THAT SUMMER IS EVER GOING TO END)
when i first got home i had played tennis with rebecca but that kinda died down after 2 weeks which is super sad since she is leaving tomorrow. i have to find a new tennis buddy. well not just a new tennis buddy but a new summer buddy in general cuz we both just did nothing all day so we would get together and do nothing. it was so fun. if i had to go to tom thumb i would call her up and she would go shopping with me and push the cart for me and when i was done with an aisle i would just be like 'follow me' but now i cant do that anymore. REBECCA DONT LEAVE ME!! at least i dont have to go to tom thumb so much anymore cuz i dont have to play mommy come monday since my mom is returning from the holy land. yay for me. but it was kind of fun playing mommy. i wanted to borrow a kid, like one of my little cousins and go thru the grocery store so i could really play mommy but that never happened. see, this is how exciting my summer is. i think go to the grocery store with my cousin is a great activity for the day.
its great fun to go shopping again. new rule, no returing home during the 3 weeks. i went shopping on thursday but of course i found nothing. i mean its not like im looking for anything in specific but it would be nice to walk out of a store feeling successful. while me and rebecca (see, my summer buddy) were at dillards (possibly macys, i really dont remember, ur asking too much of me now) the song charlie brown came on (i dont know if thats the name of the song but it makes sense that that would be) and thats just a great song to dance to so i clearly start dancing to eat and a lady working there makes a comment about me dancing. she was an older lady and super nice. so i explain that the song just makes u want to dance and we were just leaving then so i tell her that she has to keep the dancing going and she does!!! it was a great moment seeing her start dancing all fun to the music. this is y i have fun in stores, u never know who else will start having fun.
thats my life right now... i hope y'all enjoyed the update