Thursday, August 31, 2006

I'm A Good Girl I Am

There are several reasons why i'm a good girl.
Number one. I am blogging.
Number two. I didnt blog a blog that i wrote up out of frustration. (now arent we all curious)
Number three. I called up my mommy and let her know i was alive and well. Ok, so maybe im not well but im still alive!
So really those are the only reasons as to why i am a good girl. I mean im sure there are other reasons but those are the reasons i wanted to share.

I would like to take this time and tell you all what i hate about stern. I hate the elevators here. I'm not sure if i've mentioned this yet. I think it's unlikely that i have since i never ever ever blog but still. Anyways i get really annoyed when im trying to get off the elevator and girls are trying to get on but they are trying to get on before they let people off therefore creating no room to get on and no room to get off and then i cant move at all and all i want to do is have all those people bite their noses. Just move out of the way for one single instant so i can step off that elevator and go on my merry way. Please. I have walked up 9 flights of stairs twice so far and i've only been here for a week and a half now. That is pathetic. Pathetic as in i should only have to walk up the stairs twice the entire year and only on shabbat and not cuz there are 2937593 girls waiting there and there are only 2 elevators and they are on the 7th and 14th floor and are going up and i'm not gonna stand there and wait for 20 minutes to go up to my glorious 10th floor while all the new yorkers and new jerseyers lives on the low floors and they get to go home all the time and first year students are on lower floors as well and here i am way up top looking down on the world after climbing stairs and i can no longer breathe and really i shouldnt take the stairs cuz my heart cant handle it cuz its been acting a bit fishy lately (shh, dont tell my mom) and i've had a cough since i arrived in smelly ny but dont you worry bout me u first year and second year ny nj low floor dwellers i'll be just fine.

I feel like i'm finally getting settled back in to NY since i made two purchases at H&M this week. That is where all my money goes. It's sad. But at least i have clothes. I need to go shoe shopping. Yes, need is the word.

Story of the night. And by story i do mean random comment. So i'm walking back from Mr. Broadway and i see a big red car and i see the Honda symbol and then i realize ITS MY TRUCK!!!! except that its not such a pretty red. its just a plain red. my red is a hot shimmery red. which makes sense cuz my truck is really hot. but anyways it was my truck and then i got really sad and i just stood there and i cried hysterically for an hour. ok. so no crying happened at all. but i did just want to go home and drive around in my truck and blast country music. i heart home.

The time is now after 2 and i should really get to bed since i have to wake up before 11 tomorrow. Tuesdays and Thursdays are my good days. Class starts at 12 then. I get to wake up 11 usually but this time i'm gonna spice up my routine and shower in the morning and NOT straighten my hair. Scandalous. I know. Then i'm gonna go to developmental and inform my teacher that decided to give our first test the first day back from succot break that i will not be here so too bad for her. Ok, so the conversation will go nothing like that. I'm gonna come off all sweet and innocent and beg and plead that i can take the test a different time since i must must must be at tsippis wedding. It'll all work out, right? I got into my gym class i wanted, the rain stopped. Things have been getting better. So this will go smoothly. I'm really trying to convince myself of this right now. Please G-d let this all work out. Amen.


Monday, August 28, 2006

monday, wish it were sunday...

so today was fine until class ended (well it was prematurely ended..but shhh). then i came back to the room and was hit w. a bout of sleeping sickness. I AM SO TIRED. and i didnt have my usual mountain dew @ lunch 2day and rather then feel less caffinated, i was shaking. like my thumb on my left hand was twitching @ lunch and then during fizix my rite arm was shaking which is problematic when u r a righty...but its all good bc there was so little 2 write down that i could spend a long time making sure my notes still looked pretty even w. my arm having no muscle strength. neways its all due to my tiredness. maybe i caught mono from aviva. shhhh dont tell mir. but dont worry guys, not only is she not contageous nemore, im not actually sick. so its all good.

today was a special day..i got 2 wake up 30 minuts later than usual bc i had ezra nechemiah and he always comes 15 minutes late, so we decided to leave 4 class @ 9 and put our stuff down and then go grab breakfast and then bring it back upstairs. it all worked out perfectly.

the day continued on a lovely road...i actually went to a class that i liked. that would b the one class out of 7 classes and 2 labs that i actually enjoy going 2. we're off 2 a great start this semester. its women in jewish law and even tho he spent 20 minutes asking each person their name, their high school, and where they went in ended up being interesting. which was a first this year. yay. hopefully it wont stop being interesting bc thats happened b4.

then we hit some boring spots. that would b known as orgo recitation. y u have recitation when u havent learned nething im not sure. but she kept us there the entire 50 minutes. great realization of the day: we have an orgo test in 2 weeks from thursday. that is bad bc its so soon but good bc tests = passage of time = semester moving along. so september 14th here we come.

then came the 2nd most dreaded part of the day...english. but suprisingly not only did class go by semi quickly and w. semi interesting discussion, but i actually made sure 2 participate 2 times!! woohoo! really i said more things, but only 2 times did i raise my hand 2 make a real comment and not just a 1 word response that doesnt need a whole call on me thing.

then we had the most dreaded part of the day...yay fizix. it was more boring then last time. if possible. today we had to teach him how to use power-point. super fun. then we left early. yay.

now that i have bored u all w. my daily schedule here r some fun things:
1. yesterday i got lost on the subway. well not lost, just merely spazzy and spaced out while blasting the ipod. but its really not such a good story so sorry guys.
2. i got 2 pick up my stuff from painting last semester. so fun 2 see traci and remember the good times in the art department. she asked if i was taking ne art classes this semester and i had to tell her that i didnt have time bc im a bio major. and then she said, well if u're ever stressed come play up here. neways now darth vader in his yankees hat is chillin on my bed until we figure out a way 2 hang him up on the wall.
3. im heading out 2 woodmere this shabbos 4 shira's shabbos kallah. i'm hoping the food will b better then the potato kugel i'm missing. its ok. i'll have more fun this way and thats what long weekends are all about. (and studying 4 orgo tests bc the next weekend is her wedding and then monday nite is sheva brachos @ dougies in brooklyn woohooooooo)

thats all 4 now. i apologize 4 our boring-ness. dira 7 (minus 4 ppl) reunion dinner 2nite. that should b a good way to avoid actually doing ne work :-P

Friday, August 25, 2006

i am blogging only cuz seeing rachel blog makes me sad

today was a bad day even tho it really shouldnt have been. so i woke up this morning all happy and in a good mood cuz i got almost got 10 hours of sleep and i woke up at 11 o'clock. and i had extra time to even unpack my suitcase and la de da. so i get to class and it's with hinda and i'm all excited cuz its our only class together this semester and we have at least one together each semester so far. so then the first thing out of the teachers mouth has to do with some students leaving the class and hinda is one of them so no more hinda and i just wanna cry. then we get the syllabus and i see our first exam is the day we get back from succot break. um, excuse me? am i supposed to be studying over chag? not to mention the fact that that's when my friends wedding is supposed to be so now i will not be attending the wedding but im so frustrated at this point that i dont really care. so then i am heading back to my dorm since i was let out of class early and im ranting to rachel and im standing not on the sidewalk but where the cars are parked on the street and im waiting to cross and im just talking to rachel and im totally not paying attention to what's going on around me cuz im mad at the teacher for when she scheduled the first test and then 2 girls who were standing at the corner also are yelling at me and i turn around and they are telling me to move and it's cuz im standing right behind this huuuuuge truck that's beeping but i cant hear it cuz im talking on the phone and its reversing right into me and i have to quickly run out of the way before i get smushed into the smelly streets of ny. i thank the girls and continue ranting on to rachel and work into the convo how i almost died. so then i spent the next 40 min in my dorm room in a bad mood and then tried to get all psyched for russian. a lot of the girls in the class seem to speak russian already which i dont get cuz isnt the point of the class to learn it so if u already know it then what's the point? i hope that class goes well. so that class ends and i get back to the dorm and im waiting for the elevator and 395893 girls smuch in to the tiny lil space and every single time so far that i've been in the elevator (ok fine, not everytime, but most times) some girl has gotten off on the 5th floor. excuse me. cant u take ur lazy little legs and walk up those 4 half flights of stairs to your low little floor that i should have been on and not waste my precious time on the elevator as i go all the way up to the 10th floor, hmm? im not bitter. at all.
i liked my first day of school better. my first class started 20 minutes later. my second class was cancelled so i got to go back to my dorm. my 3rd class was let out 40 minutes early so once again i got to go back to my dorm. my fourth class was normal but after it i have my hour break so i hung out with my friends in the caf and then i had my last class and came back to my dorm and just sat and stared at the wall. then me and aviva went for chinese food across the street. that was a pretty good day aside from the waking up at 8 thing. of course i was spoiled and i will never ever ever have a wednesday like that again and i'll go from 9 until 2:40 with no breaks at all but still it was a great first day of classes and the second day just had to ruin it all. im really not bitter. at all.

shout outs

first of all we must take a moment to wish a mazel tov to our most loyal blog reader malkie. (even if she did stop commenting as much..but she had a good excuse) neways malkie we r super happy 4 u!!!! yay!!!

my second shout out is 2 this girl who i spend a lot of time with. her name is miriam and she has pulled a miriam. that means she invented something in her head b4 the situation even happened and she stuck 2 it. aka "im not gonna blog when we get back 2 skool bc i wont feel like it" and then when she actually got back 2 skool she didnt blog bc "i already said that i wouldnt feel like it" BREAK FREE WOMAN!

heres my third comment. its almost 2am and it has been quite the nite. complete with 2 bags of free bagels, lots of funny moments, journies thru times square in honor of popcorn indiana, sketchy chicken/bird man in popcorn indiana, and of favorite...reading the infamous book for lit class. yes yes folks. after the entire story of not locating the book, the english teacher went and emailed us telling us that the book did in fact exist and they had 18 copies. how annoying? so then dear dalia picked it up for me. yay. i have discovered the art of the date written in the 1170s. no joke. the art of courtly love is the most random thing i have ever had 2 read for class. its literally a dating book but 1000 times more boring. woohoo

what else what else...stress is rising but its all good bc rite now the only thing i am looking forward 2 is sleeping and my 4th trip to barnes + noble in 1 week. yes thats rite. even tho i asked them if they had my books used and they told me that they didnt, each teacher was like and my book is available in barned and noble used..they told me there r 85 copies. meanwhile i have the new version. so im heading back to do a little exchanging. yipee.

ok thats all for now. uh oh miriam is here and she just saw me and she claims she wont blog again ever. for some moronic reason. like just bc im blogging means that she cant blog.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Sometimes i need to remember just to breathe...

wow. i cant even formulate a complete sentence. my head hurts. my legs ache. my brain is sending out sos messages. day 1 of fall '06 is complete. i'm already thinking about how far away december 28th is.

heres my day: (do you have the time 2 listen 2 me whine..llalala)
1. ezra nechemiah went by quite in i didnt fall asleep. basically every time he said something i would listen remotely, process it for 4 minutes and then write down 1 line after i finally realized what he said. meanwhile aviva wrote furiously. sara wrote sometimes. and jenn copied off my page. which was funny because i wrote random things. like ezra was a sofer just like moshe. then sara poked me and pointed out that his name is ezra hasofer and moshe wrote down the torah so duh hes a sofer. but i thought it was an impt point so i wrote it down neways. ha.
2. berman didnt show so we got 2 leave class 50 minutes early. woohoo
3. love and war lit- teacher is a little spazzy and calls us dudes a million times and told us about all the reading we're gonna have 2 do. then she told us that by monday we have to have read 2 packets and part of a book that we have to buy. so first me and jenn maximized our break and ran over 2 borders thats a few blocks from stern, but alas there was no book. then after fizix (i'll get 2 that next) we ran to the subway and went all the way to 18th and 5th to the special barnes and noble. ps thats the 3rd time in 2 days that i'm there..yea thats like 6 rides on the subway for 2 bux each..russian lady didnt kno how 2 spell art of courtly love but when i spelled if 4 her she realized that the book wasnt there @ all. like its not even in the computer. so then we're pissed but we decide 2 b smart and ask some1 else who speaks english to look up the book for us. but no, not only does the art of courtly love by cannillus not exist in barnes and noble, they cant even order it 4 us. they even tried looking up the art of courtney love but they didnt have that either. then we were really not glad. then we came back 2 brooky so sad.
4. fizix- so i was pre-warned that the class is really not bad and that the teacher is super bored so u can accomplish a lot in the class or not go. which im totally thrilled with, just the most intimidating girls in all of stern r in my class. and i was soo not in2 that. neways its mostly fine.

now im blasting my itunes and dancing for aviva and miriam and eating chips and pop rox chocolate and being SUPER hyper. thats what happens when im overtired and stressed. then im going 2 get dinner w. schiff and muller (yay 10e..from last year)woooooooooooooooot!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

last day of summer, 1979

its 2am. the last 2am i will ever see when not studying. well 4 this year. stern is officially beginning. i finished phase 1 of decorating my wall and even tho there was much sadness and many times i almost stepped on scissors or thumb tacks, it eventually worked out. i'm sure by the end of the year many beautiful items will have made their way on2 my wall and added to its inner and outer beauty.

heres a funny thing that happened 2day:
we were standing in a huge line @ kmart and i had a new jug of gel w. me. aviva turns to me and in a normal voice (not even her indoor voice) she says: "is that your black ppl gel?" i gave her a look of, dude every1 around u is black and u just said that. she then realized her hysterical-ness. and then she stopped talking but i thought it was so funny i cracked up. and up. and up. good times.

miriam is right. we had a lot of fun 2day. especially when the ppl in j2 were complete space cadets from mars. heres how that discussion went:
aviva: hi can i have 1 stuffed crust?
man: sure. 3 minutes go by. then he sticks a regular peice in the oven. 1 minute goes by and he sticks a stuffed crust peice in the oven.
me: hi, can i have 1 stuffed crust and 1 deep dish *note deep dish peice was 4 miriam*
him: sure. he sticks 1 deep dish peice in the oven. finally he takes the peices out. as in 1 stuffed crust and 1 deep dish. thats 2 peices when there should be 3. so then i have to ask him if i can have another peice of stuffed crust. then he rolls his eyes @ me and puts a peice in. then they gave us cold fries. cold slimey fries. but it was all good in the end. especially when we realized that it wasnt stuffed crust but sicilian. maybe thats y they didnt have a clue what we were talking about. o well.

heres something that makes me sad. after cranium was cancelled (dont worry i still plan on playing on sunday but i have 2 do some convincing, i think ppl want 2 go shopping instead. how lame? neways so then i decided that i would go 2 6 flags w. aviva bc its only $5 during orientation. so i go and have a spazzy discussion w. super smart girl that was in my class last year about change for a $20 and then i start filling out the thing 2 go 2 6 flags when she says..o wait u were here last year. and im like yeaa...and shes like, u cant go its only 4 first year students. so then i had a total stern meltdown and i was like omg! y can aviva go and i cant? i pay the same $37,000! and then i was SOO upset. thats after they refused to give me my purple scrubs that make aviva look like a candidate for the 'i just lost 400 pounds' ad.

i went 2 find a boyfriend 2day @ kmart and they only had army ones. i dont want an army boyfriend. i want a solid colored boyfriend. like lime green, orange, or maroon. but no. i must remain single and boyfriendless. (shout out 2 all confused ppl. boyfriend= husband pillow= pillow u lean on w. arms..calling it a boyfriend pillow just makes me feel like i'm really part of this generation of tumah)

what else what else? i finally got a duane reed card. that was a year long battle w. my inner self. i felt that if i succumbed and got a duane reed card then i'd be aware of every $100 i spent there. without it i could always pretend that i didnt even spend $100. but then i realized all those dollars could have been going towards my $5 discounts. and they didnt. so i signed up 2day. yay!

thats all 4 now. i tried to take a break from the blog, but i just couldnt. how else will i get 2 tell my stories? i mean really 2day had way more stories, but alas u dont get 2 hear them unless u ask 4 special permission and pass a rigorous investigative security screening. gnite.

Smelly NY

I said i wasn't gonna come. I lied. I came. Snort. I didn't sleep at all Saturday night which i expected since i didn't start packing until midnight which is technically Sunday the day i was leaving. Crazy crazy. I left my room the way it was all summer... a mess. I'm sure I'll come home and it'll be all clean. Happens everytime. It was so sad leaving everyone and everything. I didn't cry hysterically like i thought i would. Just teared up a bit. I was so nauseous from the medicine i had taken earlier since i had gotten a migraine on shabbat (I'm guessing from stress) and so overwhelmed with packing and stuff that i didn't have time to focus on the actual leaving part and just kept my focus on fitting everything into my luggage. i met aviva at the airport. She was sleeping when i got there so i got to wake her up, hehe. i was so hyper from no sleep and she didn't know what to do with me. i was also so not thrilled about leaving that i had to not focus on that and so it caused me to be hyper. Then we got on the plane. i had the window seat and aviva was in the middle and some random business guy was sitting in the aisle seat. The flight wasn't so full so before take off he moved and so we had the whooooole row to ourselves and slept so beautifully. i went to queens from the airport. aviva went to stern. i got to my sisters and we ordered pizza. i hadn't eaten since seuda shlishit and even then i barely ate. So from about 8 pm Saturday until 2 something Sunday i didn't eat. Impressive, i know. Then at 4 i went to stern and saw Rachel!!! yaaaaaaaaaay. i saw her before she saw me cuz i pulled up in a car and she didn't know what car i was in but then the driver saw her and waved at her and she was all weirded out and i was cracking up. I'm drawing a blank as to what else happened yesterday and I'm so tired to think about it now. i saw hinda!!! She locked herself out of her apt when she came to see me so i went with her let her back in. i didn't go to sleep until 1 and i woke up at 9:45. That's not so much sleep for not having slept since Friday night. i thought i was getting sick yesterday cuz my throat was all scratchy and i was coughing non stop so i bought some cold-eeze and prayed. B"H i woke up feeling fine. Today was fun. Me Rachel and aviva hung out with a friend of ours. We did sooooooooooo much walking. Like not normal. My legs haven't gotten used to this whole walking business. They are used to driving a big red truck. i saw a silver Honda ridgeline today and i got sad. i miss home. :-( ok, my brain isn't functioning and I'm sure i did a lot of fun things but i cant think of them and I'm too lazy to type them out. i already told Rachel I'm never gonna blog this year....

Monday, August 21, 2006



Sunday, August 20, 2006

back 2 skool back 2 skool

well here i sit. brookdale. 10e. wassuupp 10th floor where i kno 1 other person on the floor minus my room, which is weird bc last year i knew them all. ok thats a lie. i only knew some of them but its still weird 2 b back here. i mean think back 2 last year and man that was a year filllleeed w. stuff...lots of stuff..good and bad and its weird 2 think that there is a whole year of that ahead. kind of intimidating and nauseating..but fun 2.

it took 30 minutes, but thanx 2 the mir my internet is finally working. woohoo verizon. my wall is so far decorated w. the "greatest" gift i ever received from israel and a pair of peppermints...or peppermint material. u'll just have 2 come and see 4 urself. or not.

we are now live with both mirbir and racmac..mirbir is eating clubhouse crackers bc she is 2 cool for the buffet bbq. yea wtvr. we got 1000 laffy taffy's and all she got was this t-shirt. speaking of free gifts. rachel is suuuper mad that she isnt getting a pair of purple scrubs from stern just bc she was here last year. i mean get real ppl. as if a pair of purple scrubs is only good enuf 4 some i just got off the shtark boat from israel ppl. they dont wear scrubs neways. @ least 2day they dont.

heres a pic of me and mir. note the clubhouse crackers versus the laffy taffy. i think the results r clear. laffy taffy is cooler. my dentist would kill me. mir says crunch crunch. thats a lie mir didnt say nething @ all. but it was onamonapoeia. dude as if i have a clue how 2 spell that 1. hm lets look it up,,,onomatopoeia..hmm i was pretty close.

really i hate that pic, but miriam told me that if i didnt put it up she would take away all the laffy taffy's. and i couldnt allow such a thing 2 happen so i put it up.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

i wanna be rain that tastes like wine..i wanna b anything but your mistake

here's my mistake:
so i dont want 2 take up 2 much space since im sure that miriam who hasnt started packing will need something 2 do 2nite. but i was lying in bed last nite absolutely not falling asleep (i mean name something in my life and i thought about it..EVERYTHING i couldnt stop) neways and suddenly i realized. i had commited a sin bigger then scraping a huge red truck....
I REPEATED SOMETHING IN THE BLOG. ok....3 thursday nites ago i talked about my sleeping habits in israel..and then this past thursday nite i did it again. ok so i didnt verify bc im 2 lazy. but i remember being in the futon room bc it was the first nite that my brother was here and posting it. and i am just so sad. it means im a boring person. i talked about the same thing 2 times!! sigh. what can i say? i have just completed my 12th week in woodside and strange things have been happening.

heres a nice classic story:
we tend 2 get some1 else's sports illustrated who goes 2 our shul. it is fun bc he told me that i had 2 return it, but i could read it first and then return it.
2day was a new extreme of mail-man illiteracy. see i understand the sports illustrated bc its the same number and our houses face the same street, just his street address is different. complicated to understand. like if i lived @ 123 Main St he would live @ 123 Bob St. im sure that still doesnt help ne..but im not about 2 draw u a map of where i live..thats way 2 sketchy.

neways back 2 the story (back on the farm is how a certain teacher who shall remain nameless bc of my fear of miriams wrath, used to try and get our attention) so 2nite my mom brings the mail in and starts going thru it and she's like wow this is a lot of junk..and then we realized that...well it wasnt our junk. we had 4 different ppl's mail. like 8819, 8807, and 1 other. as in NONE of our mail. like they just gave us random ppls mail. and then our neighbor 2 doors down called 2 say they had our mail. like what the heck? how funny??? i think its hysterical

off 2 have some ice cream rather then finish packing. maybe i can get some of that dairy godiva 2 pour over it...

Friday, August 18, 2006

Cherem Here I Come

I did an awful thing today. Awful. Horrible. Disgusting. Despicable. Disgraceful.
so i was pulling outta the garage from the drs office and had to pay and so i pulled thru the booth and so the one on the far left was open and i was like fine I'll go there. Now the truck is huuuuuuuuge and i knew the angle wasn't good and i had that feeling like i wasn't gonna be able to pull into it well but i went anyways and the yellow cement block thing that's inbetween the booths and the side of the truck decided to have a meeting. The sound. Oh the sound. It was HORRIBLE. i didn't know how to move. Should i back out? Just pull forward? i couldn't back out so i tried to pull forward and the sound again was so bad and i was sure i was driving with a huuuuuuuuuuuge dent and yellow paint alllllllll over the side of the truck and i called my dad was crying hysterically and he's like i don't care. ur fine who cares bout the truck and I'm like I CARE!! ITS THE TRUCK!!! THE PRETTY TRUCK AND I SMUSHED IT!!! And then i got home and looked at it and there's nothing there at all and I'm so confused. i heard the noise and i just didn't get it. But then i saw some stuff but i rubbed it off and then i noticed a bit of dent in the door but my dad couldn't even see it until i showed him. My dad's all happy someone finally dented it. I'm not.
P.S. Rachel, this does not mean i lost the best driving record.

I spent the entire morning sitting in dr's offices waiting to be seen. No joke. My first appointment was at 9:30. I wasn't seen until 10:30. But i had to go to the eye doctor cuz i woke up this morning and my eyes were all red from my contacts that i were trying out so i had an emergency appointment at 11:15. I wasn't seen until 12:45 or 1. My eyes are so broken and i should be giving up on contacts but I'm not. And i wanna go to the library and i have more laundry to do and i have to go to the bank and i needa go get a prescription filled and ya. I needa get off my bed....

Who Needs Sleep (well u're never gonna get it)

it is true. i did not harass miriam about posting. and im not sure y. i think its bc even tho i've been posting, i feel like i havent. its a difficult emotion 2 explain. an emotion that is easy to explain is the type of freak outness i had when tsippi got engaged. now u may wonder...y was i freaking out if i knew in advance? but u and tsippi go back 2 the 5th grade when we ate in the closet on fast days..(and thats not like bringing up bad things ppl did b4 they were frum..bc we were 10..ok?) now shes gonna wear a white dress...and dance in a circle. i mean im gonna dance in the circle 2..but in a different way. man...we r gonna have some awesome shtick @ that wedding...woohoooooooo. those db girls wont kno what hit them. yea, thats rite i feel the need 2 prove i am an older friend. so take that..hmph

today i spent a good chunk of my summer fortune @ target. ok so maybe it was more like a slice, but it was still a decent amount of money. it was fun tho. especially my special-ist purchase..and no that wasnt my $1 container of mini chips ahoy. especially bc once i started eating them i realized i dont like the after taste of mini chips ahoy. they taste like famous amos (this is the part where malkie reads this and goes..but u luv famous amos..sorry was a lie)

another thing i did 2day was venture up in2 the upper echelons of the special sauna. aka the attic that was sooo hot and stuff i really thought i would pass out and not have ne1 find me till 6 when my dad came home. but i conquered my fear of the flying knife/spring and the creaky ladder (see post from like june) and i went and found my suitcase and 'slid' it down teh ladder till it hit the futon and bounced across the room. now if thats not a sturdy suitcase i dont kno what is...neways its full. of skirts. and a few zip ups, 2 jackets...but mostly skirts...hahaha i luv how i have no shirts and a million skirts...and no that does not reflect on my poor choices as a consumer.

2nite was my last nite @ the er..for in until i become a dr (with the utmost mercy of Gd) and get 2 actually chill there in a 'i kno what im doing' way. 2nite was definately the best nite. even w.o seeing in2 some1s intestines. there was a guy who was handcuffed 2 his bed w. security outside of the room bc he was running from the police...there was an x-ray w. lung cancer and thats not mean of me bc she already knew she had it, she just brought it along ...there was the time i got 2 listen 2 a guy's chest while he had an asthma attack...o the list goes on and on. point is..i am soooo ready to dominate this year...wooooot...i feel like i just finished a huddle @ a texas high school football game...intense stuff ppl...shout out 2 the time i got my wisdom teeth removed and saw friday nite lights while barfing bc my oral surgeon thought i was fat and gave me 2 much anasthesia (how many omg u're not fat comments can i generate from that? its called shock value ppl..i would b in the hospital still if i thought i was fat)

thats all for now. its 3:09am. i have 2 wake up @ 8:45 to prep for my pedicure. (shout out 2 the sister...thanx a million 4 the gift i can go 2 stern in full jap mode 2 match my domination mode) im kind of WIDE awake and in the mood 2 stay up all nite. i will regret that. but it goes w. my warped thinking that thursday nites u can stay up late and wake up early friday morning bc then its shabbos. o i did that many a time in israel. and then i would stay up late wednesday nite 2 bc thursday nite just wasnt a real nite so then the exhaustion would add up until shabbos morning when shul started @ 5:45am and then FINALLY i would get a little nap bc u could never sleep for so long in some random persons house...and then saturday nite u stay up late bc u're american..and then sunday nite u finally crash. hm lets not do that. maybe i should go 2 sleep. but i dont wanna! I DONT I DONT!

ok. maybe i will. maybe i wont. u'll all just have 2 sit here and wonder...muahahahaha..(hahah)

Tick Tock

I have not posted since Tuesday and Rachel has yet to yell at me. Weird. Ok, so what have i been up to. Oh, so i wanted to post last time which i had forgotten that i had been driving Doyle for the past few days. It had been nice to catch up with him. I drove him to Mesorah on Wednesday. I even pulled in to my spot in the morning. Of course Rachel wasn't sitting in the car with me, it was Aviva, so it was weird. But still, it was just like the old days. Anyways, I went to Mesorah for an AA meeting. They wanted us to come for a discussion panel (i kept wanting to call it a debate) to discuss our experience post high school. That was fun. We got free food. I think that's why we all came. Afterwards i went to the eye doctor to deal with my contact sitch. It's very difficult to wear contacts with dry eyes. So i was given a whole bunch of trial pairs. I picked them up and came home. Then the doctors office called me back and said the doctor had wanted me to come and try them on there so i went back. I had waited for over an hour before i was even called back and the whole visit took 2 hours. So far the ones I'm trying out are working well. They are the Acuvue Oasys with Hydraclear. I see the commercial for them all the time. Then i had to sit in traffic to pick up Rochelle from the airport. It normally takes 20 minutes to get there. It took an hour. i had hinda on the phone so it was all good. Let's see. What else. Today i went with Aviva to bed bath and beyond and then to walmart. I finally did some laundry and i have yet to start packing. That's the beauty of denial. I went to babysit the twins today. While i was there Tsippi called and she is *drum roll* ENGAGED!!!! We all had the warning but still. She is the first to go in the class. I think we all thought Becca was gonna go. Back in senior year i thought i was gonna be the first. My how the times have changed. It's weird. I think it's gonna be really weird when i actually see them together. Now i get to call her back. Yipee.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

im still walkin down memory lane...

2 years ago today a good friend left this world. that friend was my purple minivan, carl. his life ended on the corner of coit and campbell after i picked up my last fino check, bought a baked ziti, and made fun of miriam. i still remember the first time i was in carl @ the dealership and i thought the back seats tilted so far back. and then i remember the bus stop for phds and how my mom came to pick me up in the shiny new purple voyager..i can still see his pretty interior and how he always smelled like fino and always had fino yeast crumbs flying in the back. and o, that gas gauge that didnt work. 250 miles per tank...back when it cost 20 bux to fill up that nice large engine. good ol ac in the 110 degree dallas heat. no fm radio...i luv radio disney..every time i hear hillary duff or aaron carter i think of that summer. especially hillcrest and beltline for some random reason. but only the part coming from up north. i think its bc i was driving there 1 day when it was raining and i was blasting hillary duff and i just felt like such a i luv dallas moment and so that moment is stuck in my head. good times also happened the 4 times i scraped the side of carl pulling in2 the garage like a maniac. and the first time i ever drove on a regular street and i was screaming @ my dad bc i didnt kno what 2 do. sigh. i miss u carl! sorry bout the little 'incident'. @ least we got more money 4 u that way...u served us well.

now that we have covered that topic lets talk about the complete chaos that is also known as packing for stern intermittently (shout out 2 chronic intermittent hypoxia...yay summer job). theres like random piles of pictures for my wall...and ethernet cables and my trusty calculator and a nice big stack of multicolored post its...basically i get inspired to pack and then i get when i get bored or when something shiny catches my eye..hehe jk.

heres the name of my autobiography: A Tree Grows In Brooklyn and a Girl Grows On Shabbos hehehe. shout out 2 aviva for that great comment about my shabbos shoes. thanx man.

now this link should only be viewed when u won't b emb. to crack up out loud. (as in lol). even tho miriam claims that while it's funny she didnt crack up thats just bc she is still angry that i dont luv the mavs as much as she luvs the red sox. (please note i DO love the mavs MORE than the spurs. and i DO luv miriam more than i luv the red sox..there is NO love for the spurs in me. OK?) neways really its hysterical..really..
  • (i gave up on making it look fancy)

    continuing the red sox theme, i do have 2 say that 2nite was delightful not only bc i got 2 party hard w. the mom for her birthday, but bc the red sox won, the yankees lost, and the white sox lost...all good things..woohoo. also i downloaded 17 songs off itunes and i luuuuv them all. yay.

    i think thats all for 2nite. 2morrow is gonna involve some serious "packing"..and a long stop @ target..dsw...cvs...all my favorite places..and of course i can't 4get 2 water the little plot of grass. shout out 2 the grass..

    here r some snippets from my new songs that i want 2 share w. u all...even tho they're so much better w. the music:

    1. "life is a highway, i wanna ride it all night long"
    2. "i miss that town i miss those faces you cant ignore it you cant replace it" (shout out 2 dallas)
    3. "Come back to TexasIts just not the same since you went awayI bet you missed your exit And drove right on thru the Lone Star StateThere's a seat for you at the rodeoAnd I've got every slow dance savedBesides the Mexican food sux north of here anyway"(another shout out 2 dallas)
    4."nobody knows where they might end up, nobody knows where they might wake up" (yay greys!)
    5."It doesn't matter where you are, doesn't matter where you go If it's a million miles aways or just a mile up the road Take it in, take it with you when you go, who says you can't go home"(no shout outs there, but come on..who doenst luv that song?)

    thats all 4 now...
  • Tuesday, August 15, 2006

    Slip Slip Slippin' Away...

    The time keeps going by and i have to do anything to get ready for school. *applause* I was up bright and early today cuz i went to play with the twins. I had so much fun. We colored for most of the time. Some of the time we had what they called 'somersault chain over Miriam' where i was sitting on the couch and they were jumping over me and by over i mean most of the time landing on top of me and it was quite painful. Then smart Miriam put a pillow over her and they continued the chain. I had an awesome conversation with Grace that went like this:
    me: how old r u?
    grace: 3 1/2. How old r u?
    me: I'm gonna be 20. Is that old?
    grace: no
    me: i think that's old
    grace: so y don't u be 9? 9's not old
    that was the best advice I've ever gotten. And so this year i am turning 9. woohoo!
    besides from playing with the twins for 4 hours i didn't do anything except for tan for 30 minutes and nap. i know, I'm so boring. Oh well. Yesterday i went shopping at galleria and target and academy sports and outdoors (the right stuff the low price academy) and i spent money i didn't have but i babysat on Sunday and then last night at my cousins and then today and then I'm gonna go to the twins again on Thursday so its all good. Now I'm sitting here all bored. And its spread to this here poor post. Pity.

    forget reality..waking up is hard 2 do

    so i didnt end up going 2 sleep last nite until like 12:45 and then my dad woke me up @ 4:21am and he's like we're leaving @ 4:30 exactly. so of course i am the queen of roll out of bed and i was waiting by the door @ 4:26am. thank u very much. @ bwi i got 2 drive illegally 2 park the altima. i guess ne day that starts off w. an illegal drive in the altima is bound 2 b an exciting 1. we got back home @ 6:40am and by 6:45am i was gone. back 2 the land of the dreams (i've had like 6 dreams about fender benders recently..weird) neways i had set my alarm for 8:30 to call the dr. but when it went off i felt like death warmed over. so i went back 2 sleep till 10:30. then i got up looked @ my foot groggily and decided it was more worth it 2 stay in bed then it was 2 find out that i needed 2 have it removed. so i didnt go 2 the dr. and my foot is almost all better. WOOHOO.

    heres my sketchy bank story:
    so my debit card's billing address was never changed from dallas bc i never actually get a bill. or something. i dont really kno how it works. but whenever i order online i have 2 put in the dallas address for billing and the ss address for shipping. then when i shipped a wedding gift it only asked 4 billing and so my friend got all confused when she saw the dallas address. so then i decided that the time had come 2 cut the final strings. i assumed that to change my billing address, i would have to show some id @ the bank. but my license has the first house in ss address. so then i had to order a change of address card for my license. that finally arrived yesterday. so finally @ 3:30pm i left the house all ready to deal w. intense security @ the bank. i go 2 the bank man's office and he's like..ok what ur ssn. so i tell him. then he's like hm its not showing up here. so then i tell him the number again. then he just takes my card and types in the number. then he's like ok whats ur new address? and im like blah blah. and hes like ok. and then he's like let me add ur ssn to the account. so i tell him AGAIN. then i sign a paper to say that i added my ssn. and thats it. HE NEVER ASKED FOR ID. i could have stolen mirs card and just changed everything. what the heck is that?

    the house is kind of quiet now. and clean. i didnt have 2 clean nething up 2day b4 my mom came home except for my own stuff. its kind of sad. and im not a sad person. as in i dont get sad bc things dont connect in my head.

    2morrow is official pre-skool target shopping. i dont really have nething 2 buy bc i can buy all my skool stuff in staples with my snazzy 10 bux off thingy that i better get there in time gonna have 2 stop for that first so that i dont miss it. its weird how fast this past year has gone by...

    sorry about the lack of funniness...the total exhaustion is really hitting me...its taken me 4ever 2 write this not so long post.

    Monday, August 14, 2006

    what REALLY happens when rachel bakes cookies

    ok. so really i took a million pics of the destruction that occured when i baked cookies. but my dads camera is very broken and it didnt save them. before it was minorly broken. then it was the kind of broken where if u pop the batteries in and out it works..but now its officially dead. done. ghetto camera from 1924 has been retired. we'll miss u old pal.

    point is i was feeling like i wanted 2 finalize the fun bonding day i had w. my neice pre-they r ditching me 4 israel. (fun bonding day means looking @ every single only simchas wedding album w. ur 5 1/2 yr old neice who always asks u y u dont have a husband if she has 2). so i suggested that we bake cookies. my sisters response to my neice when she informed her that we were baking cookies was quite foreshadowing..."rachel knows how to bake??" i just laughed and said, of course i can bake chocolate chip cookies. i mean come on how hard is it?

    the experience started off quite well. i managed 2 not treif up nething which is always a special miracle w. me in the kitchen. then we put the cookies on the baking sheets. they were a little large and a little close 2gether, but we're not trying 2 get these cookies entered in2 some food magazine, we're just trying 2 make somethin good n tasty so we didnt care if we had 2 break the cookies apart.

    crisis #1. the baking pans from dallas apparently dont fit in the milchig oven in this here part of the country. technically i could just make the cookies in the fleish oven, but my sister dripped chicken sauce in the oven on friday and started a fire that was so minor, but i was terrified and freaked out. and that still hasnt been totally cleaned out so smoke comes out when u turn on the oven. there4 we had 2 deal w. the milchig oven. so we decided to try stuffing the pan in, but the door wasnt 100% closed and so the temp wouldnt rise. so then we started off just baking the cookies on the small sheet.

    then we took a break to do some crazy dancing w. the chassidish music blasting (shout out 2 the chassidish shabbaton in dallas where they gave out free cds and i am obsessed w. this cd it makes me so happy) neways while dancing ruchama hurt her foot (no fear..all is better) and rachel's foot started 2 swell up even we were chillin on the couch when my sister took the first pan out. she tried 2 find a good way 2 get the cookies off the very pre-oiled cookie sheet..

    crisis #2. the cookies seriously wont come off the sheet. not in a use some arm muscle way...but in a if u use a plastic cookie scraper they will break kind of way. so then we dug thru the drawers and found some silver pie scoop thingy (that was after trying it w. a super sharp knife etc). then we had 2 scrape and scrape. cookie crumbs were flying all over the JUST cleaned kitchen. as in that morning cleaned kitchen. crumbs on the stove-top. crumbs on the counter. crumbs on the floor. crumbs on my feet. EVERYWHERE. finally we got the cookies off the sheet. some were completely crumbed, some in many peices, 3 were still whole. wooot. then i cleaned as i do so well. my sister said something very comforting 2 me. "dont worry. u're husband will cook and u'll clean up after him since u're good @ that" but its all good bc i already decided that if my husband is hungry, he's gonn have 2 cook since i sure as heck am not julia child.

    end of the story is that the cookies tasted fine but i am definately holding a grudge on all baking. so its over. finished. good riddance (i hope u had the time of ur life..)hehehe.

    on another note its 11pm and i have 2 wake up @ 4 2 take the family trip 2 the airport 2 say bye 2 the pisher fischer ditchers (aka sister and family). sniff sniff. i should b sleeping but since i havent gone 2 sleep b4 2 in the past 2 weeks..i really cant bring myself 2 b tired. im sure i will b 2morrow. im also hitting up the dr 4 some serious "i got stung by a bee and my foot is so swollen i cant put on my shoes 2 get my skirt altered 4 shira's wedding" drugs.

    till next time...

    Big Deal

    Alright. Fine. It happened. Just this once. I. Me. Miriam. Fropea. Went to sleep before Rachel S. Nechama. I mean it was gonna happen eventually. It's not like she was even entertaining me online or anything. I was trying to talk to her and was all 'excuse me, I'm watching greys, please wait ur turn'. So i chose sleep over her. Don't worry, its not like this is ever gonna happen in school. If it does then everyone can be concerned. Especially if i am seen studying more than she is. Then we know the world is coming to an end. Anyways, i was really tired last night so i went to sleep before 2. I know, crazy early. Then i woke up at 8. Yelled at myself. Went back to sleep. Woke up at 11. Now I'm talking to becca and i think we are gonna go to walmart or target and maybe oldnavy and ya. I'm just gonna drag her around. Yipee.

    "well this calls for a toast, so pour the champagne"

    we r gathered here today to recognize a memorable moment.. what is this moment? this is the moment where miriam has gone to sleep earlier than me. thats correct folks. the girl who fears going to sleep early has given in 2 that little nagging feeling behind ur eyes.
    i on the other hand sit here @ 2:55AM and think about how im never gonna b able 2 fall asleep w. my foot burning and itching the way it does. its really not so cool. i also cant go 2 sleep bc i just watched 5 episodes of greys anatomy (i kno u probably think that its not so productive, but it is..) i am now totally psyched 2 go back 2 skool even tho i dont want 2 b a surgeon and..pause while my foot burns..i kno life is cooler in tv. ok this is really 2 much 2 handle. i am not dealing well w. the itching burning feeling crawling up my leg. i need a bucket of ice 2 stick my foot in. arg its 3am and i wanna go 2 sleep but my foot needs 2 chill in front of the fan.
    ok. this post is dead.
    ps. i kno the title isnt a country song, but it still fit so well...not that we're really playing a title game, its just fun.

    I Chave No Memory

    I totally forgot to post last night what happened after Fino which was we (me, becca and yulia) didn't feel like ending the night so we decided to go visit beccas bro at Walmart. Aviva had already left fino so we called her and caught her before she got home and me being the persuasive person i am got her to join us there. So we walked around Walmart for a bit and did nothing but yay for me i found the planner i was looking for. Becca and Yulia stole beccas brothers car and so me and aviva just sat in the truck and were talking but they didn't know that we were doing that so when they had come back from stealing the car they couldn't find us in the store and smart Yulia left her cell in the truck and so she went over to customer service (keep in mind she is still dressed in her winter gear, did i mention that before?) and she asks for them to announce for Fropea to come to the front and the lady didn't understand what was going on and i totally missed everything cuz i was sitting in the truck. So sad.
    Today i went to my lil cousins bday party. She's one now. All my cousins were there and the twins were there and they were so excited to see me and it was good cuz we came just as they came and they ran up to me and it was so nice. I'm gonna see them twice this week and then that's it cuz summer is over. *cries hysterically* I babysat tonight. I still don't get why ppl ask me to babysit. There are plenty of girls who are 15. I am almost 20 *gasp* and I'm in college. I am no longer of babysitting age. My cousins are different. The twins are different. But i mean, come on, ask other ppl. I dragged (drug?) becca with me and made her take half the money cuz she was a stubborn monkey especially since half the time i left her with the kids and i was on the phone (for good reason) i mean the kids were just sitting in front of the tv but still, its only fair to split the money. Yay for money. That's the plus side to babysitting. The night was still young so we went to visit Aviva and got slurpees (a cool Hawaiian punch flavor: lemon berry, shout out to Rachel for checking to see if it was kosher) and then we hung out by avivas for a bit and then i drove home with my eyes closed. Becca tried to keep me awake but i ignored her. Now I'm gonna stare at my messy room and think about how I'm leaving in a day and how i have so much to do and no time to do any of it and how i should really get off my lazy butt and start organizing my room.

    Sunday, August 13, 2006


    ok so maybe we only went 2 columbia maryland 2 hit up the outlet mall, but it felt like a road trip. let me tell u..grapevine mall is waay better even tho its the same company of malls. it was so lame tho bc the entrance was a glass coke shape instead of like armadillo's and texas maps and stuff. also even tho we were super successful (in a 5 shirts and 1 skirt sort of way) it wasnt such a good mall. there were lots of jappy baltimore ppl tho. it was fun 2 see them. i discovered that there r 2 ways 2 exist. either u r wearing shabbos clothes in the mall, or u wear a long jean skirt and walk by dragging ur feet on the ground in a shleppy long jean skirt kind of way.

    best part of the mall trip?
    well besides 4 commenting on the time and location of the diaper bag so that it wouldnt get left behind and cause a huge family scream fest while rachel escaped upstairs we also got carvel! woohoo! i felt like miriam except i didnt get carvalanche. i got a root beer float which made me super nauseous. @ first they told my sister they werent kosher. then we saw yeshivish baltimore couple in line and we asked them and they said there was a sign on the wall. great job recruiting customers carvel workers...

    update on the status of my bee foot. its not so pleasantly happy. its itchy. and red. so sad for my foot. im sure u were all concerned. but dont worry. i put some benadryl cream on my foot even tho it expired in august of 1998 (thats back from the agudah days..insert ppl laughing @ my agudah days).

    another update from the now happy red sox fan. im so glad they remembered how to play even tho the past 2 games have been close calls. it was really nice of the orioles 2 realize that they totally would have been ex-communicated from this world if they had won a single game. so thanx guys.

    also i still havent reached my dentist which is good bc i got a slurpee every single day last week and i dont think he would have appreciated that. so sad 4 him. and me i guess.

    thats all for now. basar fest approaching..hehehehe

    The Countdown Begins...

    Since i broke the rule however many posts ago that was i guess the rule is no longer in effect. The summer is truly coming to an end. I am pretty sure my body knows it. I'm guessing it was my mind that told it. Friday was its usual with cooking and all for shabbat. Next shabbat i am off duty since- (do i really have to go into details here?) Anyways, even tho i woke up later than usual (yes, after 12 is unusual. my average wake up time this summer has been 11) i was really tired at like 10 so after dinner was finally over and stuff was cleaned up and guests left and all i got into bed a little before 12. I do realize that i was in bed even tho i had been up for less than 12 hours, don't worry. But when i got into the tiredness had gone away, it was really sad. I had started a book about 2 weeks ago so i thought now would be a great time to read it especially since my light wouldn't be turning off for another 2 hours. So I'm reading along and then my light turns off but I'm totally into the book and I'm not tired at all so i take a little blanket and move into the den. So I'm sitting there reading and i finish my book and smart Miriam took out the book that follows the one i had just finished and i still wasn't tired so i decided why not start reading that one so I'm reading along and i decide why not look at the time. So i look up at the clock and i get really confused cuz I'm look at the hands and it says 1:30 and i don't get it cuz i left my room at 2 cuz that's when my light goes off and so how can it be 1:30 now and i know the clock isn't broken and then i realize that it's 6:05!!!! WHERE DID THE TIME GO? WHY WAS I NOT TIRED? So i get up cuz I'm supposed to take my migraine medicine twice a day and i didn't take it before i went to bed since i never went to bed so I'm sitting on my bed popping my pills and my sister gets up to use the rest of rooms and she sees me sitting on my bed (our rooms are connected by the rest of rooms) and she's like what are you doing but I'm in the middle of swallowing pills so she's just staring at me while I'm trying to swallow so then i explain that i've been up reading all night and we both go on our merry way. But you see she thought i went to sleep then but no no, went back into the den to finish my book. Finally, at about 7:50 i finish my book and go to bed. I stayed up 8 hours reading 2 books. It was really fun. Especially since i wasn't tired and totally didn't notice.
    So then i am woken up by Yulia and Rebecca when they come over to my house at 3 in the afternoon. My family thought i went to sleep at 6:30 cuz that's what my sis thought, i explained to them all that i didn't get to sleep until 8. I'm sad i missed lunch cuz i really wanted soup cuz i was smelling it all night while i was reading and i was sooooo tempted to have some. Anyways, they woke me up and we went over to Malkies cuz she came back into town this week which i totally didn't know. Malkie just likes to surprise us all. We spent the afternoon by her just talking in her room. We were all just sitting there and it's sunny out and then *bam* it's pourrrrrrrrring rain. Then we walked back to my house around 7:30ish or so and it was all humid and sticky out.
    Tonight we (me, yulia, becca, aviva, and dalya) went to Fino. I made sure we went there tonight since this Saturday night was my last real one here for a while cuz next Saturday night I'm gonna be packing and freaking out of my mind and all that good stuff. Wow, that's in a week from now. In a week from now I'm gonna be leaving for the airport in a few hours and I'm not gonna be allowed to bring my purel onto the plane. Or my lipgloss. Or a bottle of water. Or anything. Forget it. Not going. Uh uh. No way man. If Rachel wants me to come so badly then she can buy me a plane cuz from now on i only fly private.

    couldnt find good bee song lyrics 4 the title..

    *yawn* i didnt get much sleep this shabbos. or this week. i think i'm practicing my ability to deal w. sleep deprivation and i have 2 say i'm doing pretty well. back 2 skool here i come.

    here r some stories so that u will all leave this blog satisfied.

    1. i got 2 go 2 dc on friday and have lunch w. my parents. it was so fun 2 take the metro and cross the busy streets. it prepared me for my re-entrance in2 city life. i really do miss crossing the street at really fun times w. tons of ppl. its just such a happy city feeling.

    2. i got stung by a bee. on the side of the bottom of my foot. and it hurt a lot. and it still hurts a little bc i didnt want my dad 2 take out the stinger bc i figured that would hurt more. it was fun having ppl whisper about me in the park "why isnt she wearing shoes?" "did she just take her shoes off?" or the little kid who pointed @ me and said "SHOES!" then i had 2 tell her that i left my house w.o them and that it wasnt a very good idea. but overall it was kind of funny and 1ce my foot stopped being bright red and throbbing it was very funny. and i got a popsicle. (the white kind bc raphi wanted the red ones.) ok maybe i didnt get the popsicle for getting stung by a bee..but it makes the story sound better.

    3. i watched a super cool heart surgery dvd w. my dad. but i wont continue that discussion.

    4. i had a dream that i was @ some big get2gether thing. we were all in cars. but they were small bc they were like seats. its a complicated dream sort of thing. neways i crashed in2 tsippi's car 2 times. and i was really annoyed bc i didnt want 2 have 2 pay 4 it so i didnt even get out of the car 2 see the damage on mine. they were like bumper cars. so weird.

    i think thats all. i kno this was a pathetic post with little insight in2 the crumbling world around us..but thats not really what u came here expecting 2 read so i dont feel so guilty.

    Friday, August 11, 2006

    she doesnt like me

    SilverPolish1: u ran away
    DontAsk628: thats cuz i dont like u
    DontAsk628: *spits*

    She Likes Me, She Really Likes Me

    SilverPolish1: hahah
    SilverPolish1: i luv u miriam
    DontAsk628: y?
    DontAsk628: what did i do?
    DontAsk628: what did u do?
    SilverPolish1: the blog
    SilverPolish1: im cracking up
    DontAsk628: yaaaaaaaaaaay

    You Must Be Dreaming! Dreaming Dreaming Dreaming

    So i just woke up (a few minutes ago) and i was looking over the blog (duh, i have to do that first thing in case Rachel did something while i was sleeping) and i then i remembered part of my dream last night. So we were with our old teacher from Mesorah and i feel like we were standing outside of my house maybe, i don't know. Anyways, i was talking about who i was going to be living with at school. So i was saying that i was going to be dorming with Rachel and Aviva and maybe they thought that that was weird. And i was saying how it's ok cuz I'm never gonna see Rachel anyways cuz she just studies all the time so it's all good especially when finals come around then it's gonna be no Rachel all the time! And they were like well what about Aviva and i was like well i don't know about her study habits but I'm sure I'll find some way to get rid of her too. Ha ha ha. I'm so funny. I love how my goal is to try to get you guys out of the room. I mean it is gonna be sad to live in the same room with Rachel cuz then we'll never get to have our fights online like last yr of :
    me: no, u walk up 2 flights of stairs and come visit me i haven't seen u in a week
    Rachel: no, u never come visit me so go walk down 2 flights of stairs
    me: if u come visit me I'll give u food
    Rachel: ok, I'm coming
    ok, those are all my thoughts for now. .lataz hahahahahaha

    missing an opportunity

    my dad likes to quote some guy talking about arabs and how they never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. its sad that i cant remember who said it bc he's quoted it so many times.
    i'd like to discuss the red sox now and how they 2 never miss an opportunity to SLUUUMP.

    heres how it goes. hi we're the red sox and we rock ur sox. we go along all summer w. the little spankees trailing behind pathetically. then all of a sudden we get tired. then we get bored. and then we just lose like crazy. like 5 games crazy. like every good pitcher is bad crazy. beckett, schilling, papelbon...then teh yankees lose a game and when we could use that opportunity to CLIMB the ladder, we dont. HELLO RED SOX. THE WILD CARD IS NOT AN OK OPTION. THATS LIKE BEING CHOSEN FOR MISS AMERICA BC EVERY1 ELSE IS ON VACATION. ok maybe thats not the worlds greatest mashal, but i'm sure u've heard some pretty lame ones back in the day when u asked some question that no1 wanted 2 take the time 2 answer, so im sure u can all handle it.

    life is a rainbow, a spring snow, its a morning dew

    once we're on this name our posts after country songs thing i figured i'd continue that trend.
    really i already posted 2day, but since 2day is really 2morrow i figured it would be ok. especially since little miss miriam all of a sudden remembered that she had a blog and she found her funny @ the pool and then she started posting again. snaps 4 miriam (omg that was the worst sequel ever. worse then miss congeniality 2. if thats possible..shout out 2 the brother and greyhound trip '05)

    neways i also got 2 go on a date 2nite. miriams not the only special one. sheesh. i got 2 go on a date w. ruchama. and i think she was the girl bc i drove and she was the 1 carrying a bright pink purse. it was so sad. next tuesday morning she's ditching me and she's gonna love her other aunts so much more bc they're getting married and she luvs weddings. sniff sniff. maybe i'll just make a fake wedding so she'll like me.

    i also got 2 spend almost 5 hours in the er 2nite. these r the things i learned:
    1. it really sux 2 get old and end up being flopped around in an er w. ppl who dont kno u the person and just see u the body in need.
    2. no1 likes the labs, they screw everything up.
    3. according to dr white, if u r in pain for more then 10 minutes and u dont take ne medicine, then he doesnt want 2 give u ne. hahahah. good times @ the er. then all the drs started arguing about his logic. it actually makes sense if u discuss it for long enuf. basically if u r in so much pain that u just rush over 2 the er w.o taking ne medicine then fine. but if u r in severe pain all day and u dont even take an advil then dude. get a life.

    i was gonna put a convo btwn me and mir but unlike her im not a chronic convo saver and so i got nothin'. sorry folks. but we can get u something for your pain and then you can go home. i can hear them in my head ahhhh. neways the convo went like this:
    mir: ok i'm gonna send u a link so u can see my new uggs
    me: ok
    mir: but please lie if u dont like them
    me: omg i really like them, they're so cute
    mir: r u lying??
    me: u'll never kno
    mir: heres the second pair of shoes
    me: i looove them
    mir: uch tell me if u're lying
    ok maybe it doesnt include mir saying something that she might regret having on the blog, but it was still good times messing w. mirs fragile mind. (i told her that i thought she should go 2 a second neuro for an opinion bc the 1st 1 said she was normal and thats just a lie)

    instead of writing a super long comment 2 mir's last post, i'm just gonna put it here.
    1. TELL PIGHEAD!! shout out 2 summer '04 and hanging out in the fino parking lot till like 3 when joey walks out and thinks we're freaks. o wait, i think he thought that b4. y did he ever hire us? well me. bc i hired mir. hehehehe. u kno u luved my favorite job just as much as i did.
    2. i hate the preston exit for that very reason. i hate having to stop when u get off the highway. even slowing down seems so much slower then usual. thats y i always got off @ the galleria exit which is like now when i get off @ colesville. i like 2 avoid annoying driving situations.
    3. thats all. i think mir doesnt want summer 2 end bc she is scared that im gonna annoy her. and study 4 much. o yippee i cant wait to drink coffee, mountain dew, and snapples all day and then come back from the library SUPER hyper. WOOT.

    "Two Bare Feet On The Dashboard..."

    You know what makes me sad? When the radio stations say that summer is ending. All i want to do is sit there and listen to my country music and they have to remind me that summer is over. WHY?! AM I NOT TORTURED ENOUGH ALREADY?! I mean here all the schools start up next week so summer is really over but please please don't keep saying that on the radio. I don't want to hear it.Today was a busy day, i felt like Rachel. I remember when i first started feeling like Rachel when i started working at Fino. I don't feel like getting into all those memories. Anyways, i woke up really early this morning! My alarm went off at 9:05. I was so confused. I know that if i had woken up on my own then i wouldn't have been tired but since the alarm woke me up i was exhausted. I finally got out of bed at 9:25 and took a really quick shower since my appointment was at 10. That's why i woke up early. I saw the neurologist today. We sat in the waiting room for an hour. Then once we were sitting in the room waiting for the doctor i was sooooo impatient i just wanted to leave and crawl back into bed. Finally the doctor came and i told over my whole story with the headaches and the vision and la de da. I'm so sick of telling over that story. Then she tested my reflexes and shtuffs like that. She said i was normal. That's right, I AM NORMAL! She also said that if we wanted to we could do an MRI. i asked what that involved. She said an IV. i said no thank you. We went on our merry way. The end.

    I would like to rant for a moment about stupid stupid drivers. Ok, so you know when you exit the highway and some exit have signs that say that those exiting have the right of way and everyone else on the service road must yield to them? Ok, so those are great signs. However, not all exits have those signs so the service road ppl do have the right of way at times and don't have to yield to those exiting. So when on LBJ and getting off at Preston those exiting do NOT have the right of way and service road drivers do NOT have to yield. I take that exit all the time since it is my exit and i always come to a complete stop when getting off since there are 3 lanes of traffic coming towards me and no signs at all telling people what to do. So this old lady in her black Lexus is getting off the highway and she just cuts across all 3 lanes and totally doesn't care about me in the right lane and almost rams into me and i honk (i was so happy i got that honk in at the right time!) and I'm so pissed at her. Who does she think she is? Uch, stupid drivers.

    Guess who went shopping!!!!! ME!!!! Guess who was really sad when she tried on a skirt and it was really pretty and fit so nicely!!! ME!!! Guess why I was so sad!!! Cuz it cost $5oo!!! Guess why i tried it on!!! There is no answer so dont bother guessing. Guess who finally bought brown shabbat shoes!!! ME!!! Guess who thought they would never ever ever ever buy Uggs and did!!! ME!!! Guess who was so scared to tell Rachel about the Uggs!!! ME!!!! Guess who is gonna get in so much trouble for posting this convo!!! ME!!!!
    DontAsk628: i got shoes
    SilverPolish1: what kind?
    DontAsk628: i cant tell u bout one of them
    SilverPolish1: y?
    DontAsk628: cuz i cant tell u
    SilverPolish1: y cant u tell me?
    SilverPolish1: do i have them?
    SilverPolish1: do i want them?
    DontAsk628: i got uggs
    DontAsk628: *runs away*

    Then at 5 i went on a date. That's right. You all heard me. I, as in me, went, as in had gone, on a date, as in on a date. It was with Ariana. Hehehe. We made a bet a year ago (did have i written about this before?) and i won and she had to buy me ice cream. And so we went at the beginning of the summer but i forgot why we went and i paid for my ice cream and she totally saw me paying for it and didn't say anything but this time i remembered and she paid. We went to Carvel and i got a Cake Mix carvelanche. I didn't eat so much of it so it's resting in the freezer until I'm ready. I was bored and tired when i got home so i took a nap at 7 and woke up around 9. Now it's almost 2 and i don't know how I'm gonna go to sleep tonight. If i were a good productive person and a smart one and not in denial about leaving then i would organize my room a bit and maybe start with my desk right now. We'll see.

    Thursday, August 10, 2006

    day 3- montgomery

    i kno u cant see very clearly in this pic. but it reflects well on my trip to montgomery mall. i'm not sure why, but it used to be my favorite mall. i always found stuff @ montgomery. now that i have found stuff @ the first 2 malls in my trip, i just assumed that i would find something here. no such luck. it was a horrible trip to the mall. even tho i went 2 sleep super early last nite bc i was falling on my face, i am totally exhausted. i think its bc i didnt finish my coffee this morning. but its all good, bc i'm planning on continuing the slurpee hunt soon. maybe i'll bring ruchama w. me and ppl will ask if shes my kid. then i will have more caffienne in my system so that i can stay awake for super fun er night.

    neways. in case u cant tell. that is a hard, wooden, green bench in the mall. no couch, no chair..but a green bench. how sad for them???

    neways i went 2 the eye dr this morning. for all those ppl who remember the trip last year, the dr thought i was a spazz, and they got me 2 spend over 500 bux. this year i was well prepared. i didnt say nething spazzy 2 the eye dr. we had a totally normal conversation about skool and then he told me my left eye had finally caught up w. my rite eye. therefore i only need to order new left contacts. it took a while of convincing the guy @ the front that i only wanted left contacts and that i only wanted 2 boxes and not a years supply. as if i'm spending 120bux, plus 85 for a refitting? what the heck? it took him so long 2 figure out that my eyes were worse??? wtvr dude.

    ruchama just gave me a tatoo on my right hand. my sister thinks im an idiot for letting her put it on my hand bc it takes like 5 days to come off and its almost shabbos. i think shabbos can handle a little yellow flower and a bee on my hand. all in the name of neice bonding.

    Wednesday, August 09, 2006 that's cold

    my my my. what a great day. i love days where u r never home long enuf to be bored.
    heres how my day went. i woke up @ 930 and was SUPER tired. thats what happens when u go 2 sleep @ 3...neways then i went 2 ellicott city to go hiking w. becca @ patapsco state park. we r so cool. it was super fun. u probably assume that i'm gonna tell u about how i got lost on the way there, BUT I DIDNT! i mean i almost did. basically i wrote down the directions but in my head i was like o, ellicott city is exit 43. so im zooming along in the left lane when i approach exit 38B and i realize that columbia sounds awfully familiar. thats when i actually looked @ my directions and realized that i wasnt taking the ellicott city then i made it 2 my exit. then as im driving on 32 i almost pass exit 21 that says columbia town center and then i realize, hey that sounds familiar, so i start 2 exit when i look @ my directions and see it says exit 24A. so then i un-exited. what can i say? the country music was blasting and i had the altima. i was a little happy.

    the hiking trip was fun. especially when we went the right way and made the right loop. woohoo blue trail! then we had lunch and got 2 play w. a little baby bee that loved becca's ring. then we went home. once i got home i realized that i wasnt ready to be home. i was still in a totally gloriously happy mood so i decided 2 hit up the wheaton mall. tho the trip was successful, i didnt take the camera in w. me and so i'll have 2 post the comments 2morrow after i drag my sister there 2 take pics w. me. (hint, there is something in the mall that i told miriam didnt exist, until it passed us on the road)

    then i came home and ate dinner. then i went 2 the library. when me and my mom pulled up there were 1000 cars in the parking lot. i told my mom jokingly that there was dancing 2nite in the library. we walk in the floors r shaking w. jamaican music...theres like a huge party in the basement. how fun?

    then i went w. my sister to dsw to check out the shoe situation. i saw a ton of shoes i wanted, but i have them in black. but in plaid they look soooo fun. and then i saw sparkly black shoes and my sister made fun of me. then we went for slurpees. i have gotten a slurpee every day since monday in 3 different locations. 2morrow i'm going to the greyhound 7-11. i am determined to find those mountain dew slurpees. if by monday i havent found, im gonna have 2 complain. 2nite we made friends w. the slurpee man on fenwick.

    thats all. i am so satisfied w. my night. especially the part where my sister in law told me that she was @ stern yesterday and the building is completely gutted. like there r no walls. extremem construction going on less than 2 weeks b4 orientation (i can mention that bc mir broke the rule first). only stern does things like that.

    thats all for now. i made a nice connection btwn 2 songs 2day. avril lavigne's sk8er boi is the same as toby keith's how do u like me now? nice connection rite?

    Coming To An End

    You would think that since i have so few days left in beautiful Dallas that I'd use my time wisely and not just waste it all away, but no. I first woke up at 9:49 since my phone rang. I ignored it and went back to sleep. I woke up an hour later and did absolutely nothing. I spent a lot of time on the phone with Aviva. We were going to go to Borders or Barnes and Nobles since we both had a book we wanted to read and have had it on hold at the library since the beginning of the summer but the library has yet to get it to us. So our plan was to sit at the store and read our books and then go home. Avivas mom said that was stealing, i thought we would get kicked out which is why we had 2 bookstores to choose from so once we had to leave one we would just drive on over to the next but it didn't end up happening. So instead i spent the day at the pool working on my tan that was so good at the beginning of the summer and now I'm whiter than a piece of paper. Ok, so I'm sure that's a huge lie but still it's sad that i used to be so much darker. I hope i got some more color today. It was so nice to sit in the hot tub. My little cousin who is 6 joined us when we were all (all meaning me, my sis, and her friend) relaxing and was jumping around and being all hyper. It was entertaining. I think i had other stories i wanted to share about my cousin that happened at the pool but those are long gone. Anyways, me and aviva are supposed to hang out later but my brother was supposed to pick up his friend from the airport tonight. He was in NY. My bro was supposed to be in NY now. I was supposed to be there with him actually. But that just didn't end up happening. How weird would it have been had i gone and Rachel had come to visit for the day. We could have gone to cafe k for lunch. I really wanna go there. Anyways, point is my bro decided to get a virus and cant go to the airport. Um, hello, am i not leaving in less than 2 weeks? WHY THE HECK IS HE GETTING SICK NOW?!?!?! I CANT DEAL WITH THESE THINGS!!!! Now i must load up on the zinc and the vitamin c and the immunity defense orange juice!!! (it does help, ok Rachel?) So, since he cant pick up his friend from the airport guess who is going instead. That's right, me. Can we say awkward? Really i don't care. He comes for shabbat all the time and it's totally cool but it's a 20 minute car- correction: truck ride and I'm not making any small talk so i hope he enjoys country music. My bro gave me keys to give to his friend. As if i'm going to touch those keys. Maybe i should go look for gloves. I hope my contacts don't fall out of my eyes. Now i need to let Aviva know what the dealio is.
    Shout out to Rachel cuz my mom bought a big bottle of Veryfine fruit punch and it made me think of her house.

    Losing Time

    *Before i begin i am just warning all the blog readers that the no discussing the end of summer rule will be broken in this post*
    So Tuesday means 2 weeks until i leave for smelly NY. I was not handling the day well. 2 weeks if a very short time and i decided i should probably start getting things ready for school (even tho I'm not going back). I opened up the boxes i shipped home over 2 months ago (holy monkeys! that's a really long time! where did it all go?) and dealt with that stuff. Then i spoke with aviva and explained the whole there aint no way I'm going back to NY sitch and i got her flight info and i was a good girl and called up american airlines and to find out about switching my ticket to her flight. American airlines gave me a good laugh when they wanted over $600 from me to switch my flight. Do i look like I'm made of money? Do i? Am i green? Am i made of paper? Do i have presidents faces all over me? NO! But smart smart Miriam asked about using miles to change the ticket and *bam* i am leaving in less than 2 weeks. I have lost 2 days of my time, my precious time, my time to drive the truck, my time to do nothing, my time in the place i heart the most. LIFE'S NOT FAIR. Aviva is all excited cuz this is the first time we're gonna be flying together. Oh yes, us getting on a plane at 6:40 in the morning after no sleep the night before is going to be great fun. Rachel is also excited cuz we haven't seen each in over 2 months. If she wants to see me then spend that money u made watching google videos in a lab all day and buy a ticket and come to Dallas and we can drive around in the truck all day long and listen to country music and get slurpees and go to the rocks and go to fino and get spicy fries that are never spicy and throw avivas underwear on her fan and go to the park and lay on a blanket and we'll all switch around our glasses and take a picture and I'll be the only one who has a cellphone (2 in fact) and she and aviva will take stupid pictures with it that I'll delete when they're not looking and we'll live happily ever after!
    Aviva came over around 2ish. We went to JCPenny so she could pick up her sheets and blanket for school (shout out to all of our matching pink and orange sheets!!!). We then went to Office Depot (i thought it was Office Max, i was wrong, it happens). We went in search of planners. I cant find the one I've bought for the past 2 years. It's really annoying. I did find a pink five star notebook so i bought it for school (not that I'm going) and i bought a mini pink sharpie highlighter. When we were pulling out of the parking lot me and aviva almost died. We were waiting to pull out onto Forest and this old guy in front of us on his cellphone starts backing up and totally doesn't look behind him and we think he's just backing up a bit and then he's about to hit Avivas car (which she just had rear ended and was not ready to be front ended) and my heart jumped into my throat and Aviva yells and she backs up as quickly as possible and old guy on his cell totally goes on his merry way and has no idea what the heck just happened. Stupid drivers should be banned from the road. Anyways, we got back home safely where we ate some food and went our separate ways. I think that's all i did today. Oh no, i lied. After we came back to my house and ate i drove us to Staples to see if they had any good planners. They didn't. Then we came back to my house and went our separate ways. That's all the excitement. I spoke to Hinda on the phone! (Look at how i mentioned that all on my own) She's gonna come visit me, not now, but soon. She is the funny one. Rachel is the crazy one. What is Aviva? I must go to bed, but my bed has stuff all over it. I'm never gonna get to sleep....

    Tuesday, August 08, 2006

    white flint- day 1

    we entered the mall around noon time. parking garage had some construction going on so it stunk like paint. but we forgave them bc we found an awesome parking spot. by we, i mean my sister bc w.o her i would have ignored the spot.

    originally the plan w. the video camera was to ask ppl to video them working but make up different exuses and see how they responded. but since i opted for ghetto camera we had to think of a better way to compare the malls. thats where the couches came in. every mall has those random couches and chairs by the center. i chose the most comfortable seat and got my sister to take this super awkward looking picture. the chair was pretty nice tho.
    heres something we werent too in love w. its kind of like all day the news is about jews, mel gibson talks about jews, and then u go 2 the mall and old jewish ppl r all over the walls. it makes me nervous. dont u think the world wants a break from thinking about jews? i feel like its 2 in ur face. like it wasnt just one wall w. jewish dc, it was like every wall.

    this was my favorite part. we're driving to max's bc i wanted onion rings (talking about them all day sure makes u hungry) and i was staring @ this car for like 10 minutes. all of a sudden i turned to my sister and i was like OMG OMG WHERES THE CAMERA? and shes like on the back seat i cant get it now. so im like WHAT R U TALKING ABOUT REACH BACK THERE AND GET IT. and then she does and i almost make a wrong turn, but then we end up @ another red light and i snap a pic of the...TEXAS LICENSE PLATE! this reminds me of my family's favorite road trip story: we're driving back from NY to boston and we're playing the states game. this is the summer b4 we move to texas. as in we're moving that august. all of a sudden we see a car w. texas plates (theres some country song about the girl w. the red truck and the texas plates driving to monterrey..shout out 2 miriam) neways we get super excited and we make a sign that says "WE'RE MOVING TO TEXAS!!! and we plaster it up against the window and my brother puts on my dads cowboy hat and we start honking and banging on the windows. on 95. in a purple minivan filled w. screaming ppl. im sure u guessed that they put the pedal to the metal and zoomed away b4 the car of crazies attacked them. hehehe.

    overall we had a good time. esp bc i hit up h+m big time. well in rachel terms it was big time. as in i tried on a million things. decided that i would get them in ny when i was stressed and they were more on sale, and then left the store w. 1 skirt and 1 jacket. pretty successful in my world. then my sister wanted to find an outfit for her sister in laws wedding. it looked funny so i took it. hehehe. now i have a skirt for a wedding im not going to. but hey, it was 30bux! yea clearance!

    tomorrow was supposed 2 b montgomery mall, but me and becca r going hiking somewhere in between baltimore and silverspring. so alas, i'm gonna have 2 push that 1 off. thursday i FINALLY have an eye dr appt. so maybe i'll hit up target/get stabbed here mall and then go to the tailor and then friday i'll hit up pentagon city bc i convinced my parents to meet me for lunch in dc. and then monday i'll go to montgomery. woohoo.

    till next time...

    Black and White

    The day was off to a good start since i got 9 hours of sleep. I was woken up sometime in the morning, I'm thinking before 8 cuz i told my bro to stop in my room before he left. He went to California today to chill with Steve. For some reason i thought he was going for like 2 days but i saw his itinerary on the fridge and he's not coming back til Friday. Poor Farfel is so sad without him. Maybe he'll start liking me more. I woke up i think at 11:48 but I'm not willing to put money on that. I did nothing for an hour. At 1 i watched Days of Our Lives (this is a usual occurrence). Finally i made plans for the day. I called up Yulia. We were going to see a movie but the times didn't work so we have a date for Wednesday. Anyways she was with Rebecca so me and becca ended up making plans to meet up at 3:15 to bake cookies. Story Time!!!
    It all started in 9th Grade. We had to raise money for our trip to L.A. (i think) and we didn't just want to sell flowers every week so we (the school) (the school meaning the 9th grade since that was the entire school, all 6 of us? 7? 6. 7? i don't know) decided that each girl would bake something and we'd sell those. So me and becca (becca and i, whatever) decided to team up and chose to make black and white cookies. Since then it has been our little thing that we do at least once every year. We have a whole process. Of course the process changed since the very first time we made it. And we learned after the first time that u don't ice the rounded side u turn the cookies over and ice the flat side. You also don't let the cookies get too brown on the bottom cuz then that can show thru the white side of the black and white cookie. Now the whole thing is perfected. Certain ingredients go in first (i can not go into detail as to what goes in first cuz then u'll know the recipe and that musnt get out to the public). And some things only beccas adds and some things must be added in a certain way. And dough must be eaten. We can always tell who made which cookie cuz beccas always has finger prints and mine are perfectly rounded (shout out to ocd). I always make the icing. Becca always ices the black and ice the white. I'm usually faster only cuz the white icing isn't as thick and doesn't need as much smoothing so it takes less time. The recipe makes 3 dozen cookies (this is after eating dough). After the cookies are done baking the must go into the freezer to cool they then return to the counter where they are flipped over and the icing process begins. This time however the process did not go perfectly. Yulia came over and becca was being lazy and said yulia could ice the black said and i started flipping out. She had no clue what she was doing and was making a mess and i had to walk out of the room. (the cookies yulia messed up were given to her to take home) That started the bad icingness. Becca and her black icing started overpowering the white side and i was yelling at her and she wasn't listening so i had to take action and i took the her black icing that was all over my fingers and wiped it on her face. Bad move. Icing war went into full force. My face was being hit from all sides. Her face was attacked all over including her nose. Then my arm was attacked and then it got in my hair!!! Her face took another harsh attack and yulia sat there videoing it all. Then me and becca teamed up and attacked Yulias face. 3 faces were covered in icing, 2 cookies were damaged, and one really awesome time occurred. Our faces were really itching after the icing hardened. We now know how the cookies feel. We took pictures and washed our faces. It was fun, messy, but fun.
    I got back home at 7 and becca came over for a bit. We did nothing, it was quite exciting. I didn't do anything else for the night which i expected since i was so tired for some reason. Then randomly i got this urge to exercise. I know! Me, exercise, so weird! Rachel got the urge too! Don't fight the urge man! I ran on the treadmill for 20 minutes. Last time i ran on the treadmill was during The Finals. That was a looooong time ago. Now it's late and i must go to sleep. Aviva should be coming back tomorrow (bez"H). I wonder how she'll take the whole I'm not going back to NY news....

    Monday, August 07, 2006

    What I Did On My Summer Vacation

    i kno that i only posted like 2 hours ago, but i had 2 update u all on my amazing summer plan. no, i will not be davening vatikin on masada (shout out 2 some camp that i saw the video for where the girls all talked about their amazing vatikin on masada and i was totally freaked out so i didnt go there) neeways my amazing summer plan is this:

    im gonna hit up every single mall in the silverspring/dc area. not only that, but i will choose one store (say gap) and compare every single gap in the silverspring/dc area. i will come armed with my dads super ghetto digital camera (since buying a disposable video camera is 25 bux and im 2 cheap) and my credit card of course. now i kno this sounds totally not funny, but after u spend an entire day in ur house u 2 will find it extremely exciting 2 spend the rest of ur summer shopping. and i hate shopping. especially when i dont find nething. however going to every mall in the area will probably guarantee that i find SOMETHING. i hope. neways i hope u r all excited to read all about my adventures.

    heres what i did the rest of the day (after the last update)
    1. i went 2 the library and returned the books, but i didnt go inside so i didnt have to pay for the library books. dont worry tho, i'll get there eventually
    2. i used the super awesome self-mail ur package in the post office while every1 else waits in line thing.
    3. i went 2 cvs and walked down EVERY aisle. then i bought a new type of gel.
    4. i went 2 blockbuster and then realized that i have a free rental coupon that i didnt have w. me. rather then waste the visit i also got a rain check for v for vendetta. that sounds cool, but i still dont have a movie 2 watch 2nite.
    5. i went 2 7-11 where i got 2 slurpees (1 for my sister). on the way out i got honked @ bc i was letting the person w. the right of way turn b4 i did. thanx ppl who dont kno how 2 drive. my car was not in good ac mode and so the slurpees were half melted by the time i got home.
    6. i made it inside rite b4 the random huge rainstorm.
    7. am in a not so good i want 2 go do something fun mood. as in there r markers all over my floor and i barely left the house 2day mood. 2morrow is white flint and loehmanns. i hope u r excited.


    o what a day, o what a milkshake. thats the break, skreech...this is the wawa pedal..WAAAWAAA...(luuuv that commercial)

    neways. i just was so happy to see that beautiful post by miriam. o what a song. speaking of songs, 2 times we got hits on this blog bc of my mentioning the dunkin donuts song. how fun?
    another song that we used to sing was the dodge song:

    "whether ur a dot com, a not com, a hot mom, whether u've got a stockpile, or a rockpile...lalalllala doooodge doooodge different by a country mile"

    here r some things i've done 2day:
    1. trully experienced the joy that is coffee. usually i drink coffee out of habit. i dont really feel ne different after finishing it bc its just the way i usually feel. 2day i didnt have a chance to drink my coffee for a few hours and i was feeling SUPER ragged. but then i downed that good tasting folgers and BAM. i was alive.
    2. cleaned my room and lost my purse in my hamper. then i foudn it tho, no worries.
    3. got my entire back spit up on by my nephew
    4. finally did laundry. yes its true, its my 9 days laundry. i pushed it off until 2day bc i figured it would b a good activity. it was. especially when i started the wash w.o soap..hehehe

    thats all so far. its 2:26pm. up ahead is a visit to the library where i have incurred a massive debt. thank goodness theres no ribbis (my favorite word EVER). its not my fault tho. i mean it is, but i totally 4got that 2 of my books were 7 days only. and they were due on the 27th..hehehehe. thats gonna b like 10 bux. shooot. well lets think. i think its 25 cents a day, and 2 books. so thats 50 cents a day for 11 days. so thats like 5.50. rite? i'm not exactly known 4 my math skills. wow. 5.50. i should probably high-tail it over there. i also need to hit up the post office so that i can finally mail danit her package. and then i'm going 2 dsw to spend my summer fortune.

    heres a song i rediscovered on my ipod. "An exit to eternal summer slackingBut where were they goingWithout ever knowing the way?"

    Our National Anthem (for the blog of course)

    I've been meaning to put this on the blog for quite some time now and last night when i was even driving on the street (story for another time) i knew it was a sign that it had to be put up here asap and so here it is.....



    let the record reflect i think of rachel every time i see that street and i almost always start singing the song

    All I Want Is A Can Of Coke

    I was going to post Motzei Shabbat but i did not have time since i was called up somewhere between 11 and 12 to drive a bunch of girls to walmart to buy stuff to make shtick then i hung out and attempted to help and then gave up since i was tired but let us rewind to what shabbat was like.
    Friday night i was just sitting and pondering and i thinking about August 22 and sitting at the airport and waiting for my flight and then sitting on the plane and then flying back to smelly ny. Then i remember how much i hate that feeling especially the thought of sitting there by myself. Then i decided that i wasn't gonna go back to ny. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay. I informed my parents, they ignored me. I informed my sister. She said she flies to ny by herself all the time i said well that's ok cuz she's old and she said I'm old and i said oh no I'm not I'm only 19 and she said wow ur little and i said ha, see! and she and alyssa (who was here for shabbat) both said but u'll be 20 soon and i said shut up and walked out of the room. So thanks to my revelation friday night there will be no smelly ny this fall! (Rachel, be happy, this blog will be used for its true purpose)
    My sister woke me up shabbat morning around 9:30 (i think, i mean this did all happen years ago so everything is a bit fuzzy) and my original plan was to make my shul debut at Ohr (HaTorah) cuz Rebecca was eating over so i should escort her to my humble abode but then my family informs me that we must go to the Ufrof (how am i supposed to spell that?) at Young Israel so then I'm in a pickle since I'm only informed about this once shabbat starts and Rebecca thinks I'm meeting her at shul but i need to be at the other shul (don't forget we are having guests over and they are davening at the other shul) so i decide I'll go for the ufrof part and then I'll get to Ohr in time for kiddush (which is when i was planning on getting there) and we will all live happily ever after. So it all works out. I arrive at Ohr and the looks on my friends faces (who i have not seen in at least a month if not more) were priceless, only Rebecca knew i was coming. It was all cute to see everyone and la de da.
    Lunch was nice. Food was good (of course). I had wanted to sit outside after lunch to just stare at the sun and have the sun stare back at me and my skin but Rebecca was all 'its hot outside' and didn't like my idea of sitting outside while eating popsicles cuz then only our mouths would be cold and our bodies would still be hot but she did agree to go on a walk. We walked to my old house which was knocked down and now a nice new house is being built there. It's kinda nice. It brought back lots of memories. I miss the good old days. Memories were also brought back when i went to Young Israel since they are doing construction on their building so right now they have davening in i think tsippis first house when the mold attacked and wow major summer before 11th grade flashbacks. I miss being little. Snort on growing up. Anyways, it was really hot it and i thought i was going to pass out. I didn't. We got back to my house and then me and Rebecca both fell asleep for a bit. Don't worry Rachel, she slept on my bed but she was only allowed on top of my blanket and her head was not on my head area and i hope her feet weren't on the bed. Shoot, now i don't know if they were. Totally freaking out.
    Went went to Seuda Shlishit at the Kallahs house. It was really cute. Being around all the wedding stuff makes me wanna get married. Not want to have a marriage. Just the shabbat kallah and the wedding day. That's all. Nothing more. They had the cutest cupcake holder display thingy that i sooo fell in love with and wanna get. I didn't get home til way after shabbat, Rachel was worried. And then later i went to walmart (where i bought a bag that i thought was cute but i wasn't sure if i should get but then i saw it was on clearance for $3 so duh i had to buy it) and la de da. Came home around 1:30 a.m. Stayed up all night talking to Hinda on the phone and having a facebook wall war. I didn't get to bed until almost 5 which was not a smart decision on my part since i knew i had a busy day ahead of me. Are you guys ready for this, cuz i don't think you are. Here goes....
    Phone rings at 9:38 a.m. - i am woken up but i do not answer the call. A few minutes later my mom comes into my room (sisters orders) to make sure I'm up cuz the girls that are in town for the wedding want to do something today and I'm gonna be involved somehow. Whatever. Around 10:15 or so my phone rings again and its the same person that called who woke me up and they need a ride downtown for 6 girls cuz they want to see where JFK was killed and go to the museum and all and ya. Why that is so exciting is beyond me. The truck seats 5 so i need another driver so i call up ppls and arrange for another driver and the plane is to pick up the girls at 11:30 and drive them downtown (which is about 20 minutes away) and pick them up a few hours later. Fine. So that's all good. I get them there. I find my way back without getting lost. I decide to stop off at DSW since it is tax free weekend so what does it hurt to see if there are some shoes i wanna get. I get bored and don't feel like searching around so then i go to Dillards to look at dresses since it is the day of the wedding and we all know i hate my wedding outfit so now is the perfect time to go find a new one. I get bored after 5 minutes and go home. It's now about 1 and my dad wants me to eat something even tho i don't really want to but i give in and eat a slice of pizza. Then at 2 the girls call and say they are ready to be picked up. So my mom and i were going to pick them up but the other car we needed to pick them up with was with my sister who was getting ready for the wedding at the shul and so i had to first take them to get the car and then i went back downtown (shout out to Rachel for not really entertaining me while driving down there) and got the girls and then some girls decided they wanted to go to galleria since they didn't need 3 hours to get ready for the wedding. So i tell them I'm totally cool with taking them there but i need to start getting ready for the wedding so they need to give me a half an hour of shower time and then i can pick them up. So drop them off but one of them doesn't wanna go so i take that one back to the house and i run into the shower and thank G-d i had about an hour before they called and were ready to be picked up. So then i go and pick them up and as I'm driving there i notice the sky is really dark and the wind is really strong and things are blowing everywhere. Great time for a storm. So i pick them up and I'm on my way back and a different girl calls me and asks if i could take her to the shul cuz she needs to be there now and has no ride so I'm already in the car so hey, why not. So i drop of the girls and pick up the other one and it starts to rain. Yip-ee. My phone had been ringing all. day. long. I'm one street away from home and then my dad calls and says that Sara needs a straightener brought to the shul and i say i just came from there and i need to get ready for the wedding so yay my dad brings it to her. So it's now 4:45 and the Kabbalat Panim is at 6. The only thing i did to get ready for the wedding was shower. And i still had to say Tehillim for the Kallah and i was running out of time. So i get my hair done. And it looks fine, i guess. The real pickle came when it was time for eye make up cuz normally my sis or cousin does it but my sis just had to be a bridesmaid and was busy all day long and my cousin doesn't live here and so i was stuck doing it myself so i stole all my sisters make up since she likes to spend more money on it than me and did it myself and it looked good. Yay! I didn't get to the wedding so late. I probably got there a little after 6 which isn't so bad. And when i was there other girls were still saying tehillim so it was all good. Now really i wanna write about how much i heart Israeli weddings but i just wrote out the world and its almost 2 a.m. despite what time it says this thing was written even tho i can change the time i don't feel like it. Maybe I'll write about the wedding tomorrow. I must get sleep. 5 hours isn't enough....