Friday, June 30, 2006

More to Come

Since there must be a post a day and I am running out of time (and of course Rachel didn't post) I'm just stopping in to say hi and that I'm back from Houston. I was able to see and so we drove there. The wedding was beautiful. I shall give more details tomorrow.


i am a spazz. picture a car and a road. and the road forks. but before it completely forks u can see the forking happen. so instead of switching out of the wrong side of the fork, u just sit in ur car and go "shoot im in the wrong lane. the road is forking. what do i do? lalalala". and u dont switch out bc u're spending all ur time talking about how u need to switch out. that is so unhelpful of myself. and then imagine that u then find ur way back to the rite side of the fork, drive for another 15 minutes and then find out that u went 2 far and u didnt even need to go near the fork. like ur destination was b4 the fork. so u just totally wasted all ur time. like what is that? that is me and my spazzy driving. i, according to yulia, have bad hand/mind coordination. i seem to find that quite true. my mind is totally on time, but i just keep driving. and i know we've had this discussion b4, but its just so sad of me when i'm sitting in a car making fun of myself and then i just go and do the exact thing that i'm making fun of myself for. like hello, wake up! neways here is the latest fiasco brought to you by the marc. or shall we say Smarc? this morning it took 40 minutes longer than usual bc some train stalled in a tunnel. and the train bhind that blocked us. so we just chilled. and then in the afternoon when i was soooo desperate to get home and just be home we sat for 30 minutes waiting for a freaking signal, and then 10 minutes waiting for a freight train to cross the tracks in front of us. why does the freight train get preference? we are the people who have stuff waiting for us. there is no difference btwn receiving ur freight train @ 7 or @ 7:10. like seriously ppl. get cracking. by the time the train got to college park i was FUMING. like in cartoons when there is smoke coming from ppls ears..that was me. bc i was just sooo tired and majorly mad that it took so long. and then as i get off the train the conductor tells me to enjoy the rain. i'm like rain? its not raining. BAM. THE SHOWER IS OOOON. like soaked in 10 seconds. so then my daddy had to pick me up thank goodness he was in college park. and the whole time the sun was still completely shining while the road was swirling in water. it was crazy. hm this isnt so funny. sorry guys. 2morrow is friday and i am sooo psyched to have the weekend. sooo psyched.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Houston, We Have A Problem

My original plan today was to write about a post just letting y'all know I was going to be gone for about 24 hrs and not to be alarmed. But now this post has gone in a different direction. Let's go back to last night when I had gone to pick up the Sara(h)s. So it's 12:40 a.m. and we are heading off to the airport. So I'm driving on the highway (in the pretty truck) and you know when the lights all around look all fuzzy, like you cant see the actually light just this big circular blob that you know is a light. Anyways, all the lights in the distance were all blobs, but it wasn't just that. I couldn't read any signs until I got real close to them. And the lines on the highway were just blurry white strips instead of dashed lines. So basically I cant see anything while I'm driving but I'm freaked out that I cant see anything so I'm too scared to say anything to my mom. Now we are pulling up to the entrance of the airport and there are all these different booths to go thru except that since it's 1 a.m. only 2 are open, a toll tag and a public one. I can see the green light that says it's open but I couldn't read the sign up top of it that said it was either toll tag or public. So I was asking my mom which was which. I get my ticket and pull thru and as I'm driving towards terminal E I say to my mom 'I think ur going to be driving home". Let me explain how weird of a statement this was to exit my mouth. We were in the truck, the truck! Why would I give up driving the truck? So she asks me why and I said cuz I cant see anything at all. I cant read any signs. I just cant see. So we are pulling up to terminal E and I certainly cant read the little numbers to see where gate 31 is. So I'm driving real slow and I ask my mom where the gate is and she says the Sara(h)s are standing outside so to just look for them. So I drive down and she says that they are right over there and then I really start to freak out cuz I cant see them. It's not like they were standing in the dark, they were under the overhang which was well lit and I couldn't see them or anything for the life of me. Only once I got real close did I see them. So me and my mom switch seats and she drives home all worried bout me cuz I cant see (oh right, she thinks its not good that I've had a headache for 2 weeks, minor details). Now, let me explain why this is a huuuuuuuuuuge issue. In about 2 1/2 hrs I'm supposed to be driving to Houston. Please tell me how this is gonna happen if I couldn't see anything last night? And then I heard my dad saying to my sis this morning that maybe we should take a greyhound. This is not cool. I've been looking forward to this roadtrip since December. And I found out on Sunday that we were taking the truck. And its just so cool. (of course I don't wanna go cuz I have nothing to wear to the wedding but that's a side point) whets the point in going if I'm not driving. So ya, we'll see what ends up happening, I have to go out and see if I can see again.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

falling on my face

i am so tired. but i realized that i wanted to share something w. u all. we have a blog lover. this random girl who found our blog and not only did she link our blog, but she mentioned it as a blog that she thought was funny! isnt that weird? so now we shall be weird. and by we i mean me since i was after all justplaneweird. that was b4 we got slow wireless dsl. neways the other thing is that i didnt want the red sox 2 feel 4gotten by miriams fanatic luv for the mavs. so i would like to remind u all that the bosox have won 11 freaking games in a row. thats like insane man. good nite.


What: Mavs players Jerry Stackhouse and DeSagana Diop to sign autographs to celebrate the opening of the Dallas Mavericks Ultimate Fan Shop at NorthPark Center
When: Wednesday, June 28th: Jerry Stackhouse: 3:30-4:30 p.m. CT DeSagana Diop: 4:30-5:30 p.m. CT
Where: The signing will take place at the Dallas Mavericks Ultimate Fan Shop is located on the second level of the new section on the north side of NorthPark Center. NorthPark Center, located west of Park Lane and Highway 75 (North Central Expressway)



Before Rachel sentences(?) me to life in prison I shall blog. I would first like the record to reflect that while I would love to have 2000 pairs of shoes (I will get there one day!) I only have 82 (I bought a new pair today for a wedding outfit which I hate and don't wanna wear and so I don't wanna go to the wedding and its so very complicated). I did my usual today. Woke up at 8:30, went to ethics, got let out early, met my art history class at the DMA (ok, so that's not a 'usual'), came home, ate lunch. But today was extra special cuz I got to have the truck all afternoon. La de da. It's my favorite vehicle in the whole wide world (besides from the BMW z4 I am determined to get). Anyways, I went to dsw around 3 and bought the shoes mentioned above. Then I stopped by avivas for a few minutes and then I went to the twins (plus one)!!!! I had not seen them since January 2!!! That's a really really long time. They are huge! They both r talking soo much and were really excited to see me and Rachel didn't want me to leave, it was so precious. Their little one yr old sister, Annie, doesn't know me so she wasn't really excited to see me. We played for 2 hrs. I love playing, its just so fun. It's like I'm little again and have no worries in the world. I miss those days soooo much. So that was my day. I was supposed to pick up the Sara(h)s from the airport tonight around 11 but their flight has been delayed until 12:45 or something so I think my parents r going instead. I would like to welcome Maurice Ager to the Mavs. (nba draft tonight, come on ppls) We still have another pick but it has yet to happen so I can only welcome one of the guys tonight. Alright, I'm out.
THIS JUST IN!!! I will be picking them up for the airport, my pops just asked me to go with my Imma. yay for driving the truck!

career change!

u know when life starts moving too fast and u 4get what life is really about? so tonite as i watched the 3rd fast and the furious and i remembered that i always wanted to be a stunt double in hollywood. like seriously guys i truly want to be a stunt double driving super cool cars with fun loud music. who was it that had a life long goal to be a doctor? NOT ME I"M GONNA B A STUNT DOUBLE! woohoo!
hm what else is going on in my life? today i got to drive in again! woohoo rain. o wait i wrote that already. bummer. hmmm...i didnt even get to leave the building to eat lunch today bc dr. chen was worried that my heart might break. dont worry guys, my heart isnt broken. dont break my heart my achy breaky heaaaaaart. and i realllly wish it was friday already. like really truly wish that. i feel like since i blogged this morning i have nothing 2 say rite now but MIRIAM (COUGH COUGH HACK HACK I AM CHOKING HERE) didnt blog 2day and if i was miriam, so lets pretend rite now that i have 2000 pairs of shoes and SUPER straight hair, (and a pair of silver shorts :-P) i would be like..i am so cool bc i blogged and rachel needs to be put in jail for not blogging. hmph.

still raining....

it seems as though the rain might never end. however rather then getting sicker of the rain (is that english?) i have been able to benefit greatly from the annoyance of flooding. aka i toootally am driving in2 work for the 2nd time this week. that means i got an ENTIRE hour of sleep more than usual. (thats also not english) neways it is so joyous! the only joyless thing is that i still have to go to work. however things are starting to pick up there which is good. yesterday i was only bored for the entire day minus the last hour. and thats a big deal. in the last hour after watching my precious buffer go thru the tubes 1000 times, we actually put a heart on the thing and made it beat. woot. but then it was over and we left. and i am so nervous about this whole thing bc i do not want 2 b responsible for wasting some $100 mouse that just sat in a box for 5 weeks and then is ruined by me. so lets just hope that doesnt happen. what else what else? i wish life always ran on stern schedule w. the weekend streching friday thru sunday. not saturday and sunday. that way wednesday is already almost the end. not the middle. but its all good bc next tuesday is the best day ever...NO WORK DAY!!! (ok yes it is july 4th) and im still trying to figure out if i have to go in on monday, but i wont bore u all with my lack of advancement in that situation.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Wasting Time

No wonder that's the name of the blog, it seems to be all I ever do. I'm out early from ethics, as usual. Of course the one day I needed to be let out early it didn't happen (meaning yesterday before my art history test which I could have really used an extra 30 min of studying instead of a quick skim 30 seconds before the test...). Class starts in 10 minutes which means I have only 5 minutes left here cuz then I have to trek across campus to art history. Well really I'm already in the L building so its not that bad of a walk but still will take time. (please refer to my earlier post with the diagram of the campus to fully understand my walk) Last night I actually slept well. I was going to go to bed at 1 but then studying for my ethics test today took longer than expected so I didn't get to go to bed until 2. And then I woke up at 8 to continue studying. I got an extra 2 hrs of sleep last night than the night before cuz Sunday night I went to bed at 3 (tho it took yrs to fall asleep) and I woke up at 7. But now I got thru the hard part of the week and I'm skipping class on Thursday (for a valid reason ppls, relax) so really I just have to get thru art now and then ethics tomorrow and then we are going to the DMA (try to figure it out) in art tomorrow so it wont be so boring. And now its 11:45 so I must leave. So long, farewell. And I hate boys.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Clean Sheets

Two nights in a row. TWO WHOLE NIGHTS. Well, they weren't really whole considering they were only a few hours long. In any case, TWO FREAKING NIGHTS. Two nights of what? Ah, the age old question. That would be two WHOLE nights of not being able to sleep, of taking at least an hour to fall asleep, continually tossing and turning, waking up at all hours. It's just ridiculous. And do you know when this not being able to sleep thing started to occur? Right after I washed my sheets Saturday night. Apparently when they were being washed the sleeping that would occur on them were washed away in the washing machine. This has never happened before!! How can a washing machine take the sleep out of your sheets? How do they know where its located? It's just so cruel. It's the only valid explanation. (caffeine isn't a suspect here, have you guys forgotten the ban?) And it's not just at night that I can't sleep, yesterday was I trying to nap I couldn't fall asleep either. Ridiculous!
I have a headache. I had one all last week. I have one again now. It needs to leave. Go on, shoo. No headaches welcome here. Find a new head to ache, I hear Rachels head is wide open!
I eat the same thing for lunch everyday even tho I always start out looking for something else. Somehow it just ends up being macaroni and cheese. It's a weird. Maybe everything has become mac and cheese. The world is only made of mac and cheese. Cool man! Anyways, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get sick of it. But it's my favorite!
I've been meaning to write about my flip flops flop. It all started on Friday when my feet were all clean after the shower and so I put on flip flops before exiting my room. I couldn't find a matching pair on the floor which means they were all hiding under my bed. And of course I didn't feel like getting down on the floor so I thought they are all the same flip flops just different colors so I'll just put on one of one color and one of another color. So I was wearing one blue flip flop and one brown flip flop. So then on Shabbat I decided I had to keep up with the whole not matching thing so I wore one pink flip flop and one black flip flop (it matched my outfit!). So then again on Sunday I had to do it once again and so I wore one purple flip flop and one orange flip flop. (if u are alarmed by all the different color flip flops that I own that u don't know me at all!) Alright, that's my story. I just wanted to share it with all y'all. (if you are trying to find the point it's not there)

Currently Farfel is licking my bowl of mac and cheese, hehe. He's so cute! Oh man, I'm so tired and the headache seems to be getting worse. I must go and take a nap. I hope I can actually fall asleep. I think there were more things I wanted to write about. I thought them all up during my classes today but of course all those thoughts are long gone. Pity. Maybe they'll come back to me.


u mite think that the s in the title is a typo. it is not. it stands for stupid. as in stupid marc. as in the train that takes me to baltimore each day. usually they do stupid things like have no ac, or wait 20 minutes because there r no signals...stuff like that. 2day wasnt actually their fault, but i'll blame them neways. last nite there was a HUUUUGEEE storm. like had it been dallas it would have been a tornado. like the thunder and lightening was INTENSE. in ur eyeballs while u slept intense. (good thing we werent in tents) hahaha. neways this morning i hopped in my car and drove to college park and got to my sisters JUST as my brother in law was leaving. perfect timing 2 catch a ride to the train. then i sat there. a huuuuge freight train passed by for 2.5 minutes. LITERALLY. from 8:05 until almost 8:09. so thats like 2.5 neways then after 15 minutes i hear an annoucement about how the camden line is closed and the trains r running on holiday schedule. now i know how to be bored and i have already memorized the rules of the train off the thing my dad printed and i know that my train, 844, runs on holiday schedule. but they said camden was closed. so i had 2 track down some1 in my family 2 go online. and alas, due to fallen trees, no signals, and flooding, there is no train. so then i walked back 2 my sisters and drove like a madman to baltimore bc i figured there would b traffic @ some point even tho there wasnt. thats my story.
i would also like to take this time to explain the TRUE meaning behind the fight btwn me and miriam. at some point towards the end of this school year we initiated the "annoying contest." this is quite unlike the frum contest we played in senior year which tsippi won hands down. this contest is quite simple. u try to annoy the other person 2 the point where they freak out. usually i win bc im not like miriam and i dont get annoyed if some1 else is hyper when im not. or if some1 puts their foot near my bed. or if some1 is sick. or if ...the list goes on and on as a testimony to my superior shield against annoyedness. however last nite i am sad 2 inform u all that miriam won. but JUST that once. do not think that the battle is over. i have a whole year in stern to drive her MAD! woooohooo!
what else what else. my dear friend yulia is coming 2 chill @ my house for a week. i think she will b bored. but its ok bc my room is in total chaos and she likes to clean. YAY! also, if ne1 is hungry we have about 9000 bagels and 1000000 balls of cream cheese in my house from the bris yesterday. me and my dad tried to get rid of some of it while my mom wasnt looking, but we only got rid of the massive tray of egg salad. (thaaaank Gd) so all those who r hungry, come and eat! ok 30 minutes left till i go and play w. mice. i REALLY would LOVE to start doing SOMETHING. PLEASE. o! today is the day i bring up next week. as in, do we have to come in to work on july 3rd? bc i think the lab is funded by NIH which is government so therefoooore (insert gemara noises) i paskin that just like the government offices are closed july 3rd, so too (kal vichomer ben bno shel kal vchomer) we should have no work monday or tuesday. i think my chances of using that great logic on dr. chen will b lost. however he does feel badly that it takes me 2 hours. perhaps that can b used? probly not. but maybe! stay tuned bc if i have no work on monday i just MIGHT have to have a permanent smile on my face. just for now tho bc once i get home and am bored again i will wish i had work. NOT. i will sleep late (ish). and eat ice cream. and um. yea. maybe i need ideas of fun activities. my brain tends to slow down to an unhealthy rate when i am bored. like yesterday when i couldnt even bring myself to go cvs to buy more shampoo after my ENTIRE bottle took an unfortunate spill in a plastic bag. ok it wasnt the ENTIRE bottle. it was like 90%. and i wanted to go the art store and when i finally worked myself up enuf 2 get off my was closed. i laughed. i think. i cant remember. au revoir for now.
ps. im not paranoid like miriam, but since this was so darn long i copied it just in case.

Sunday, June 25, 2006


in the spirit of the arguement @ hand i shall not fight about whether or not i pick my nose. i would just like u all 2 know that i do NOT pick my nose and i merely mentioned it bc miriam was upset about something that i said about her (aka her NAME thats totally public info) so i decided that 2 show her that there is no reason 2 be emb, i was willing for her to tell that person that i pick my nose. which i dont. however i shall not make a fuss and tell her that its soo mean that her away message announces my 'habit' since thats the point. so please every1 understand that we are just waiting for miriam's temper tantrum 2 subside. thank u. additionally please dont think we r crazy enuf 2 actually b fighting about this. im just bored and she wont let me tell lies for the benefit of our fight.


Immanuel Kant says that under no circumstances do you ever tell a lie. *cough cough rachel cough cough* Now while my away message says "SilverPolish1: i pick my nose ok?" it is of complete truth and of no lies. However, Rachels away message which says "DontAsk628: i pick my nose too!" is made up of only lies and has not one speck of truth. Let us recall what happened in the conversation. Exhibit A:
SilverPolish1: ITS FUNNY
SilverPolish1: go write her an email and tell her i pick my nose i dont care.

SilverPolish1: i pick my nose ok?
Now clearly Rachel came up with this idea all on her own and admitted to her picking nose habit. (we shall discuss this habit at a later time) However "i" and "pick my nose", those words were never typed out by my fingers. Only by rachels so to represent herself and again to falsely represent me. So if she truly took an ethics class like she claims she would have remembered that lying is not allowed and would never have written up a false away message. Clearly Rachel just lies about everything, is Rachel even her real name? Now i dont know what to believe!

*let the record reflect that i saved this post and then the webpage died on me, twice! that was a close one!*

wanna take this outside?

cruel and unusual punishment as discussed by wikipedia:
"It is in keeping with the basic legal maxim that the "punishment should fit the crime".

in response to miriams post: miriam may think that i am willing to give up my rights to create peace. however dear miriam i already took an ethics class and i know that Hobbes also felt that you have no objective moral requirements and that u only do something if you know that the other person will do the same. as in dont kill bc u dont want others to kill. not that killing is wrong, its just mutually advantageous not to. therefore i see no reason for me to end this war before i even get to do nething fun since i dont see it as mutually advantageous since miriam will just do something rite back @ me. exhibit a: DontAsk628: but u see if u do something now then i have to do something back since u started this whole shebang. see? there is no reason for me to stop. HA. and i seem to recall that miriam ASKED me to do something and set no boundaries so i shouldnt b in trouble.

2 Wrongs Make the Wronged Feel Better

The beauty of having such a near and dear friend is that when they do something mean to u you know exactly how to get them back. you know just what will push their buttons. The problem that may arise tho is an all out war. This goes back to the issue of the nature of man which is to seek pleasure for him self. And thus is why Thomas Hobbes proposed a social contract by which we give up some of our rights as long as everyone agrees and thus we have peace instead of a war of all against all. So listen here Rachel, listen to what Hobbes had to say, follow that social contract.

Friday, June 23, 2006


So I wake up this morning (ok, that's a lie, I woke up at 12:45, but I woke up originally at 9:30 and said 'u wish' and went back to sleep) and went to eat breakfast. So I get out a bowl and a spoon and I notice (of course) that the plastic spoon has a spot where its darker, its kinda gray, and I know its not dirty but its darker and how can I use a spoon that looks dirty even tho its not but it looks it (thank u ocd) but I prevailed and used that spoon!!!! And to that I say bravo!
In other news, I have been home for 4 weeks now (holy monkeys!!! 4 weeks! shooooooooot this summer is going by way too quickly, I don't wanna go back to smelly NY, I heart Dallas soooo much. Forget it Rachel, I'm not going back to stern, now this glorious blog will be able to be used for its true purpose in life, u r welcome!) and have yet to go shopping. And its not like I haven't wanted to go shopping so the shopping never occurred. I have been wanting to go shopping especially to get a shirt from old navy, u know the summer one, I'm not one of those ppl who gets one of those shirts every year but for some reason I want one this yr. So I have yet to get that. And I've been wanting to go to Nordstrom rack cuz I haven't bought shoes in months (I think, especially if ppl keep saying that flip flops don't count then I definitely haven't bought shoes in months) but its just so far away. Really I had wanted to go to grapevine today and I was gonna go with chava but I'm not sure what happened with those plans. And I cant go on Sunday cuz I have another art history test on Monday and then Tuesday I have an ethics test (yes I'm happy they aren't on the same day, even tho I think the finals will be which I'm gonna be so screwed then but I'm not gonna think about that for another 2 weeks, but y do they have to be one right after the other?) so really I needa get off my lazy butt and go out shopping. Of course I am not working this summer so I'm not sure where this magic money is going to appear from. I am accepting checks, thanks blog readers (I know we have readers out there!)

*let the record reflect that I also saved this post for fear of losing it*

its like raaiin on ur wedding day

isnt it ironic? ok i dont kno if this really qualifies as irony. but give me a break i havent taken an english class since senior year. neways it is interesting to note that i started this blog bc mir informed me that since she wasnt going back to stern we would lose touch and never talk again. (sweet i know) so i decided to start a blog to force her to keep in touch w. me. (see now that is sweet) neways fast forward like 2 weeks(from our first post that is) and she informs me that she has changed her mind and shes coming 2 stern. and now she is my roomie. well really she'll b rooming w. my stuff bc i'll b living in the library (woohoo orgo and physics) but its kind of the same thing just that theres a lot more of my stuff then there is of me. today the train had a real treat waiting for us. we got to ride in the double decker kind. like the kind u use on real train systems when u have more then 20 ppl riding ur train. it was so cool. but i feel like if i was a jewish grandmother i would probably assume that i had used up my mazel and would end up getting stuck in baltimore 4 shabbos bc the trains would stop totally. or something like that. good thing im not that paranoid. i have 15 minutes b4 i have to make an appearance in the lab. o! here is a lesson i have learned that i woudl like to bestow upon all our loyal blog readers. sometimes if u mention something that is inconvenient in ur life to the rite person u'll end up w. something super good. exhibit a: (please let the record reflect that i am showing this to the opposing council..i think the only reason i was on mock trial was for the krispey kreme donuts.) it takes me 2 hours to get to the lab including driving 2 college park, waiting for the train, training, and then walking 2 the lab. so i happened 2 mention that 2 dr. chen like 2 weeks ago and i figured he totally 4got. then i was chillin w. the cool lady yesterday and she mentioned 2 me that he told her that it takes me 2 hours. (wow i really impressed him w. that factoid rite?) but wait it gets better! then we r all sitting and discussing how were gonna start the experiment (thank Gd, i've only been waiting 3 weeks for that) and dr. chen totally ignores me and asks ner boy to come to the lab around 845 every morning to put hte mice in the boxes and dr. chen will take them out. ad he tells ner boy we cant ask rachel to come in ne earlier bc it takes her 2 hours to get here. WOOOOOOOT. bc see if he hadnt known that and he had asked me to come in @ 845 i would have had to explain that i would have to wake up @ 530 for that. and if he wanted me to stay til 530 taking them out of hte boxes i wouldnt get home until almost 8. and then i woudl sound like an excuse making whiner. but this is SOO much better. SUCCESS! ok i think i'll start heading over to the lab now. happy weekend! may the red sox amazing crushing skills continue and the yankees lame skills continue! (thats like in fiddler on teh roof when they said may gd bless and keep the czar...FAR AWAY FROM US! too life to life lchaim!)

Thursday, June 22, 2006

morning musings...

wow. i dont know if i can beat the EXTREMELY informative post by dear old miriam. i mean i dont know the social security number of my parking spot. but i can tell u that it has a suspicious oil stain on the top left corner and 2day i was not paying attention so i pulled in2 the spot 2 the left of my spot which has a HUGE oil spot on the top left corner. then i had 2 back out. yuck. my lunch 2day was sad. there was no bread left when i made my way down 2 the kitchen this morning and so i had 2 take an old, sweaty, flaky, everything bagel. i dont like bagels that require serious talent to prevent little things from not only flying everywhere but from getting in ur teeth and stuff. so i tried to wipe off all the seeds and oniony things etc. but then it was getting late and i needed 2 stuff my bagel. so i tried to cut it w. the bread knife, but then it was taking 2 long so i just stuffed it in2 a bag and grabbed a sleeve of cookies and left. and then i was so unhappy w. my lunch. it was tragic especially bc i think im melting away w.o my usual lunch of oil, cheese, o and a little pasta w. that 2 brought 2 u by the stern caf. 4 all my complaining that stuff sure filled me up. 2day i got 2 go swimming even tho miriam didnt. how cool of me is that? it wasnt full pool swimming, and it wasnt train station showering, it was TUBE SHOWERING. WOOHOO. basically dr chen left me and ner boy alone w. the tubes and told us to get the water to flow thru it. so we filled up the container w. water and turned on the pump and water shot out of everywhere and we had to run around finding containers while holding our fingers on the different ends. it was insane. and then i started getting giddy like old times in chem lab. dr chen said something in english that only i understood and ner boy had no clue what he was saying so i had 2 translate and i started laughing in that uncontrollable laugh @ the wrong moments type of laugh. so then a lady w. an awesome southern accent started walking by and she said something 2 her friend and i started cracking up again. but then i decided 2 b mature so i was still laughing about random things but in my head. like i could hear my cracking up laugh in my head. is that mentally unstable? dont answer that. (i know miriam will answer that. im hearing voices AND i'm a psychic!) ok. now i shall leave. on my final note- hot tuna frittata. miriam thinks im mean bc i saw lion king 1 1/2 w.o her. but its not my fault they showed it on greyhound like 4 years ago. sheesh.


my sheets are NOT pink and orange... at home that is. In school they are. My bed at home is a full size and so my bedding from school wont fit on my bed at home. The sheets on my bed are pink jersey sheets along with a fleece blankets that I made. Don't u love how I wont let u on my bed but farfel is more than welcome. Hey, I don't have to pay for the food I bribe him with so naturally I like him better. Well this post seems directed only towards Rachel, how rude of her to take all my attention. I'm sitting here in the Brookhaven library waiting for my class to start which will be in 27 minutes from now. I don't wanna go. But we have a test on Monday which means she's gonna tell us what's on it today and I cant miss that cuz I'll fail. I wanted to share with you all exactly how much walking I do here on campus. Exhibit A:
I generally park in the bldg s parking, sometimes in the west 1 parking. However in the beginning of school I had parked in the east 1 parking. Anyways, from there I walk to the Q bldg. That would be the red building all the way down to the right. After an hr and a half or 2 hrs I'd walk and chill in the white section located between the L, T, B, and C bldgs. There is a fountain there and benches and tables and sitting areas. I'd sit there and read but now I am located in the L bldg (library). From there I walk to the D bldg. That'd be the brown bldg to the left of the white chilling area. After 2 deathly boring hours of sitting in a freezing cold classroom, which I wear 3 layers of shirts and have even resorted to wearing long skirts just to keep my legs warm (but have yet to wear closed toe shoes for my cold cold toes, i have a flip flops only policy), I walk all the way back to where I parked (either the s bldg parking or the west 1 parking, I was sick of walking all the way to the east parking, I just wanted to get home already!) and so that is what I do all morning from 9:36 when I park at school until 1:53 when I leave school.
*let the record reflect that I saved this post twice while writing for fear of losing it, I'm about to make it 3 times*

concerned once again

right about now miriam is snuggled away in her pink and orange sheets in her super duper comfortable bed (not that shes ever let me have more than 20% of my body on it @ 1 time.) i on the other hand am about to leave the house to spend another day of boredom w. my pals- chinese girl and ner boy. its the chinese jewish summer alliance. our theme song so well thought of by ner boy is from the smashing pumpkins- "despite all my rage i'm still just a rat in a cage". impressive i know. neways thats n ot my point. my point is that i think something is wrong w. blogger bc last nite i couldnt even get the whole page to load. yes this could b blamed on my HORRIBLE internet that is on and off all nite long, but it seems suspicious that mir had trouble w. it the SAME night. and we all know how good her internet is since she can get it outside. please not i bet i could get my internet outside bc my house is a quarter the size of hers. however i dont really have a backyard rite now. its currently fenceless, grassless, and filled w. stones that are supposed 2 b laid down artfully or something. THEN i will test out my internet.


i wrote out the blog AGAIN. and i even copied it just in case i lost it again. and i did lose it again. and now it says theres nothing to paste. WHAT THE HECK? the point i wanted to make in my last post that was glorious was that i a) used a red pen in art history to spice things up again and b) my amazing discovery which is that i get internet in my backyard so now i can tan and do nothing online. thats all. uch. my post was really good and now im really pissed. i refuse to write it for the third time. man.


i just lost my blog. aw man, it was amazing and i dont wanna type it up again. man! now u guys will never know about my amazing discovery.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A Flag is Raised In Memory of the Mavs...

As I sit here dressed from head to toe in Mavs wear I mourn the loss of our team. I went into the Finals with no expectations. I was proud that we had made it into the Finals. But after the first 2 games I thought the title was ours. We played incredibly well and the heat were just awful. We had Shaq contained. But then we went to Miami and took a turn for the worst. After game 3 I thought we would come back hard but was disappointed to find out that it was the end for us. After a poor performance once again (and unfair calls) I knew it was over. Coming back home wasn't going to help us and after tonights game we see that it didn't. It was a tough series. Perhaps if the refs had played fair and we had remembered how to place the ball in the basket things would have turned out differently, but I guess we'll never know. So long Mavs season, Good luck next year.


it is not that i think that miriam isnt funny nemore. i think we both rnt funny nemore bc of summer boredom. i apologize and ask our blog reader(s?) to be kind enuf 2 show ur faces(now that we can see ur IP number, u can tell us ur thoughts about our funniness and its decline)
another side point.
u know u're a driver of a 15 year old car when u think that a nissan altima drives like a jaguar.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Taking the road less traveled...

yes i believe the wise poet Robert Frost once said that. i happen to disagree. well I disagree but my body that drives my car agrees. in fact it agrees so much that i got lost 4 times today. HOORAY! first my day started when it took 2 hours to get to baltimore instead of 35 minutes. that was because the last 10 exits took 1 hour. literally. then on the way to visit my pal rena (she doesnt read our blog so no shout out 2 her) i got SERIOUSLY lost bc i was using GOOGLE maps instead of MAPQUEST bc my dad thinks google is better. basically i was really lost but not sooo mad. just a little frusturated. not mad enuf tho 2 make the engine overheat. then i left rena's and went 2 the wedding. now my directions were VERY clear. on paper that is. until i arrived at a fork in the road...and as robert taught me, i took the road less traveled. but not on purpose. bc i ended up in ghetto baltimore w. sketchy guys staring @ my car as i turned around in some1s driveway. that was all because there was an option to go east or west and all google told me was to take security towards woodlawn. and woodlawn was east. alas i should have gone west which had i been a good jew i would have done neways bc it was to the right. then i was so annoyed i was zooming along and missed the next turn. then i 'pulled a U' and then i was finally in the right place except i totally passed the hall bc it HAD NO SIGNS. but then i found it. and was in a BAD mood. and refused to sit @ a table w. ppl i didnt know so i sat w. my mom. dont think i'm a loser. bc i refuse to make conversation w. ppl i dont know when i'm in a bad mood. i just wanted to come home and go to sleep. especially since its now 1 hour past my usual bedtime and all i did in work today was take the blood pressure of mice. seriously beyond boring. UCH.

Trying to be Hopeful

I have not blogged in a few days. Scary, I know. I'm actually scared to blog cuz of something Rachel said to me the other day which was 'in the beginning u were funny' well how is that supposed to make me feel? hmm? Like I want to blog? NO! Anyways, school was boring yesterday. Both classes went for their full times, how rude! But I got both my tests back and was pleasantly surprised. Today I decided to spice things up a bit in art history. I wrote with a blue pen instead of my usual black. Scandalous! We are studying Greek art right now which means all the sculptures are of nude ppl. I had a paper due today for ethics, I was up till 3 writing it but that's only cuz I didn't start until 1 or so. Today inbetween classes I went to the library and used the comp and was online, I had been reluctant to do that before cuz I decided I should try to spend some time away from the comp but today I gave in, I just didn't feel like starting a new book. I didn't have the urge. If I had the urge I would not have fought it.
I didn't go swimming today and I haven't gone since last Monday. I need sun. I was gonna go swimming today but the weather wasn't so nice out and there wasn't so much sun so I couldn't really go. It was so sad. So I napped. that's what I did yesterday also. Its a fantabulous life.
mavs are back in Dallas. I'm scared. Very scared. I pray that they win tonight. dirk was fined $5000 and mark cuban was fined $250000. Crazy man. The nba clearly hates the mavs. The refs are bias. It sucks. I decided the nba is rigged. Oh well. I wish I were at the game. I could have gone but I'm not loved. Pity.

Monday, June 19, 2006


since we all know how few free hours i have in my day, it is certainly understandable when i dislike wasting free time. like when i finish work @ 3:30 and the train doesnt come until 5:15. that is a SERIOUS waste of time especially when if i had driven 2 baltimore i could have been home around 4. not only that, but when i got 2 my bench outside of the train, tragedy struck! first the sky began to look a heavy, thick, charcoal color w. a dab of navy blue. in a really claustraphobic way. like when the sky is blue w. some clouds it looks far away. this looked like my nose was in the sky. and then things started to fly everywhere. papers, garbage, beer cans clattering down the train tracks, dirt in my contacts. it was bad stuff man. i was thinking of calling FEMA. (wow that was my first political joke ever and it wasnt so funny. that makes sense bc i am not so politically funny. or correct. hardee har har) neways then it started to sprinkle. but who cares about a few drops rite? BAM. IT STARTS POURING LIKE U"RE UNDER THE NOZZLE OF A SUPER STRONG AWESOME SHOWER. just not as hot which is good bc that would have been super scary. neways the problem was that i was sitting under an overhang, but the wind was blowing the rain sideways. so i had 2 put the umbrella with the top facing out from my body so that the rain wouldnt blow @ me. smart right? but no, then it started blowing @ my back. so my face was dry, but my back was wet. and i didnt have nemore umbrellas (or hands) so i had 2 deal with it. now my internet is acting up again and im annoyed. SUPER DUPER ANNOYED. and dont tell me im addicted. bc i know i am. but im bored so thats my excuse.

Sunday, June 18, 2006


these r the exciting things in my life rite now:
1. um. its like 1000 degrees outside and im so gonna throw up
2. my sister had a baby boy last nite! that means i have a grand total of 5 neices and nephews (3 girls 2 boys) yay!
3. i semi-cleaned my room 2 try and make every1 stop bugging me about my mess.
4. i lost a bet to miriam and now i owe her a lot of ice cream. but its ok, bc im happy i lost.
5. i didnt find an outfit/top/nething for the wedding tuesday nite, buuut after initially getting super angry i found a new calm bone w.i me (who knew i could bcome a calm shopper??) and then i just decided 2 wear something i already had.
6. um...thats it i think. this week i might potentially actually do something in my job. O THATS A GOOD 1...
8. 8 simple rules about dating my teenage daughter. dont worry. i have no teenage daughter altho miriam seems to think shes my mother which is hard bc she is 17 days older then me.
9. there is no 9, i just feel like my life needs to be more interesting then 7 things.
10. 10 r the tablets that moshe brought.

Saturday, June 17, 2006



i scream

yo yo. i know this is rude 2 all the blog readers, but this is really a shout out 2 mir bc its still shabbos for her and i just had to tell her something:
hi mir...i owe u ice cream hehehehe

Friday, June 16, 2006

Lost Brain Cells

Today has been such a boring boring day. It's not like I woke up in the middle of the afternoon and there was no time to go out and do anything, I've been up since 9:30 (trying to buy mavs tickets, it was unsuccessful) and I've just been sitting in my room, watching tv, playing games on the comp, roaming around the house.... I did do laundry today which is good. uch uch uch. So boring. I don't know what to do with myself. I haven't had sun in 4 days, that's ridiculous. I must go swimming on Sunday. I don't want my tan to fade. Ok, this is a horrible post. I must end this now. I just had to post cuz Rachel didn't post today (shocker!). Shabbat Shalom to all y'all.

Ball goes in the basket?

It was unfortunate to hear that the Mavs had amnesia Game 4 of the NBA Finals. Doctors didn't realize how bad the case of amnesia was until the second half when all the Mavs players forgot what to do with the ball. It seems that they thought it was to be passed around and thrown in the air and didn't realize that it was to go inside the basket. It was too late to help bring back their memories and so Game 6 will now occur in Dallas. We wish the Mavs well and that they get their memories back.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

shot gun

not that i live newhere near miriam nemore 2 fight w. her about shotgun...but its still a loverly memory of still silent nights in dallas coughing outside of aviva's house, or me sneaking out 2 go burn cds @ miriams. or 7-11 runs in the middle of the night when i didnt know that i had 2 press down on the break 2 go from park to reverse. good times....

E coli (not Ebola)

my mom thinks that she has failed as a parent bc i cant and hate to cook. i just think that its so not a big deal and i'll just marry a chef. i mean come on ppl, underneath every pizza loving guy is a chef..rite?? i sure hope so. neways thats totally not my thought process. it just kind of came out. point is, since my mom is so upset by her 'failings' she has started to force me to make odd random things in the kitchen. alone. so first she left town for a weekend and had me make mushroom barley soup in the crockpot for shabbos. know it doesnt seem so bad rite? i mean she told me which cookbook and which recipe. insert info here about how my mom doenst follow recipes. so then i had 2 call her 10000 times bc i knew certain things didnt make sense. but i survived. fast forward to last nite. so my mom comes home and she has to run errands so she decides that rather then push off dinner she'll have me make dinner. so i can totally make pasta. no biggy rite? rite. but now she wants me 2 make meat sauce. now i have a fear of cooking meat bc i dont want 2 b responsible 4 food poisioning. but she semi explains what i'm doing w. the chopped meat and off she goes. a little while goes by and the meat turns brown like she said. but just how brown? so i call my sister and try to describe the browness of my meat. and she gives me this 'great' idea: taste it. i'm like NO WAY am i eating raw meat. and shes like well once u put it in ur mouth u'll b able 2 taste that its raw adn u'll spit it out. so im like ok sounds good 2 me. so i eat it. and it tastes normal so i turn off hte flame. 20 minutes later my mom comes back and she looks @ the meat and she turns the flame on high and cooks it for another 10 minutes. point of the story? i ate rawish meat but i'm still alive. yay. on another note, i am sick of summer. no fear guy(s?) im not gonna write how many days r left bc im scared mir might kill me. hmm that would b fun tho 4 her 2 come down here. neways im just so sick of waking up early and being bored. sigh sigh. neways no other funny stories for now. sorry guys.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Can't Think Up Funny Title ::sigh::

Well i made it thru the day. I dont believe i failed my art history test which is great news. I went to lay down at 1:30 last night cuz i couldnt keep my eyes open and i was only going to sleep for an hr but when i woke up at 2:30 i was like screw it and set my alarm on my phone to wake me up at 6:45 and then again at 7:00. but i didnt sleep well cuz i was worried i wouldnt hear my alarm. so i woke up at studied for an hr and a half then i straightened my hair and ate breakfast and left at 9:10 for school as opposed to 9:20ish cuz ihad time to kill. during ethics i looked over some note cards and we got out 45 minutes early which i was hoping for so i could study some more since i didnt have so much info in my head just yet. so ya, the test was fine i think. im hoping for in the 80's. anyways, so i came home today at 2 and ate lunch and went to lay down at 3 for a nap since i didnt sleep much and i had a headache. i woke up at 7, it was amazing. but my headache didnt go away and it must have been getting worse while i was sleeping cuz it was bad when i woke up so i popped some pills and now im feeling better. im studying for my ethics test now which is tomorrow. im not worried about it, i know exactly whats on the test and its not hard since it all makes sense. so im working on notecards for that right now but i decided to blog for a few minutes cuz the blog must have a post a day and we know rachel isnt going to do that. sad news is i didnt get any sun today and i havent gone swimming in 2 days. 2 WHOLE DAYS. i couldnt go yesterday cuz i was trying to study for art and i didnt go today cuz i needed sleep so tomorrow its all swimming. now im going to show y'all my tan, dont worry its tzniut

so the white on the arm is where my watch would sit. i think its a pretty good tan so far. if you (who?) dont think its a good tan then the pic just isnt a good one and u should come see it in person. thank u.
alright, thats all for now. im sure i forgot to say some things but oh well.


Shooooooooooooot. It's 11:39 p.m. at the present moment and I have an art history test in exactly 12 hrs and 11 min. Now ask me how much I know.... NOTHING!! Now I would know at least something had there not been a Mavs game this evening. And I would not have had to waste my time watching the game had I known they were going to lose. They should send out memos. So now im gonna have to stay up late and im already so tired. I wish I napped today. Tomorrow is going to be a bad day. I don't want to fail my test. Shoooooooooooot.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006 buzz

ok so i decided that we have all heard miriam's daily schedule at least 100 times. perhaps oh dear blog reader(s?) you would like to hear the fascinating day of rachel. perhaps not, but its 2 late bc u're already reading this. my day starts significantly earlier then miriam (and thats not only bc i am an hour ahead of her). i get to wake up @ 630 in the freakin morning so that i can drive 2 my sisters and then go 2 the train and then sleep on the train and then walk to the lab. then i get to talk about china and chinese medical school w. Dr. Chen. then he randomly disappears either in2 his office or to some meeting and i have to pretend i'm busy. i'm not quite sure if the reason he always disappears is bc i am so good @ pretending i'm busy, or if he just has stuff he really needs to do. neways, this is how i pretend to be busy: last week he gave me like 10000 articles to read. so i read them. now i can pretend i'm a slow reader and read them again. except i already read them so its boring. so i sit there and space out with the pages in front of me. its super fun till i get bored of spacing out. then he comes back and i go eat my peanut butter sandwich with all the second hand smoke coming from my dental school buddies. u'd think ppl who value clean teeth wouldnt smoke, but clearly they are very selfless and they only care about OTHER ppls teeth. so nice. then i go back 2 chill w. dr chen. this usually involves him showing me something once and then disappearing again so that i can do it by myself which is super scary. like carry fat rats across the room by their tails to measure their blood pressure in a little tube. looks so nice and easy when he does it. today was the highlight of the rachel dr. chen fun. today he actually started to explain my 'project'. aka i must look like a phd rhodes scholar doctor to him bc i am so freaking scared to do this experiment. u see its not like he will sit there and hold my hand (4 obvious reasons of course..hardee har har) he just basically gave me a brief, chinese, explanation and told me that no1 has ever done this experiment so i should just look up similar experiments in the library and then modify my experiment according to my situation. OMG. thats what was running thru my head while my head was nodding in agreement to everything he said. and theres so many tubes. and the heart is so tiny. and each mouse is so expensive. and this is just too scary. but its all good. bc i will dominate this "working heart perfusion" or something like that. now i shall go look up articles online so i can prepare to have a clue what i'm doing. or a small clue. maybe?
on a happy note: i have continued in my challenge of sleep. last nite i was in bed, lights off, eyes closed by 10:11 pm. CHECK ME OUT! i am beating myself! (not literally)

Monday, June 12, 2006

Mesorah Mosquitoes

Let us count how many bites I have on my body from these wonderful creatures called mosquitoes. 13!!! That is not normal!!! I hate mosquitoes. What is the purpose of them? Please note that these bites are over a span of 2 days. I got 6 on shabbat and 7 yesterday. Ridiculous!!!
In other news I have a test on Thursday in ethics and then today I realized I have a test on Wednesday in art history. Can we say screwed? I'm so not in the mood for tests. I can handle sitting thru class each day but work? I don't think so! Ok, those are my thoughts for the day. Tune in next time when we are freaking out about the art history test.


me and mir have this thing with collecting words like Churchill - Words that are pronounced with letters that dont exist. as in its not Church Hill. its either Church ill or churc hill.
well drumroll please i not only found a bad translation in artscroll. prepare urselves..
it says in hebrew Elyasaf. with a yud rite? and then in the english it says Eliasaf. now cant be eli asaf if there is not enuf letters. aka there isnt an aleph for the Asaf. and a yud for the elI. there is just a yud from the yasaf. then our next order of business is that its Eliyasaf in hebrew. Gd will gather. or Eliasaf in english my Gd gathered. HA. ok now that i think about it its totally not a churchill. but it was funny. in that long parsha kind of way.
thats all for now folks. today i became best friends w. my chinese boss and i understood everything he said. except for when he said turn the faucet thing to the right and i turned it to the left and the anasthesia tube flew off. but he just laughed at me so its all good.
time for dinner number 2!


Amazing Game 2. Shaq was absolutely awful. He had only 5 shots and only 5 points. I think he made 1 or 2 free throws. I now want to marry Jerry Stackhouse. He got 10 points in 1 minute and 19 seconds. 3 3 pointers one of which was a 4 point play. I believe there have only been 6 4 point plays in Finals history and 2 more were made tonight. Josh Howard had the other 4 point play this evening. It was absolutely stunning. The 4th qtr could have been better but we won the game in the end so i guess it doesnt really matter. Bez"H we will continue to dominate the Heat and win the championship.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Game 2

I know I never discussed game 1 Thursday night and so I shall do it now before game 2 starts. Let us (me) first share a sad story. My uncle was out of town and didn't get any reception on his phone where he was and the guys he used to share season tickets for the mavs with had gotten finals tickets for him but couldn't reach him and let him know so he ended up selling them which means.... THAT I COULD HAVE GONE TO THE GLORIOUS GAME THIS EVENING BUT MY UNCLE DIDN'T KNOW HE HAD THE TICKETS. Now I'm sure u think that I shouldn't be thinking that I would have gone but my dad had said how I had wanted to go and then my uncle shared the story meaning my uncle would have loved to have taken me with him. I love those seats man. I love getting a ball thrown in my face and seeing sweat drip off of the mavs. :-( its just so sad. Anyways.... Game 1 was so much fun. I was very mad with shaq cuz he was beating up my guys. First he jabbed Dirk in the jaw, I was ready to kill him. Then he goes and cuts Jerry Stackhouses nose and he's bleeding everywhere. How he managed to cut someone's nose with an elbow is beyond me. He had to get 3 stitches. And then later he pushed him down. I had my hit men ready to go after him. Anyways, Shaq sucked at his free throw shots, it was amazing. Jason 'JET' Terry was awesome, I was ready to marry him, I had the rabbi ready to marry us. And ya, we won the beautiful game. I have a 'Go Mavs' sign on my front lawn (have I already written about this?) and I have a Western Conference Champions flag for my car window. Its glorious. Im excited for Game 2 tonight, I will be watching it in High Def so I can see the sweat dripping off them from a TV instead of in person. So sad, I wish it were in person. Anyways, Hatzlacha Raba to all the Mavs.

New Rule

There is to be no discussion of when summer is to end on this blog. I do NOT want to know how many glorious days I have left in beautiful Dallas. I do NOT want to go back to smelly New York. If the number of days left of summer is mentioned on this blog one more time I will either send hit men after the person who wrote it or I will resign from the blog. That is all, thank you.

All by myself!

helloo oh ppl out there. i know u r there yet i cannot communicate with you. i have been cast off into a day or week or month of silence imposed by my internet which thinks it has a sense of humor. everything works except for AIM. and the rest of it is slow and fickle. WHAT IS THAT? HOW AM I TO SURVIVE IN SILVERSMELLY W.O THE IMPORTANT PARTS OF INTERNET? ah! this is the anguish i am going through. and i am dreading this coming week of work bc i am just soo not in the mood. and i have 8 weeks of work left and 2 months and 9 days till summer is over. u mite think that after 2 months of work i'll have 9 days of summer left, but u r mistaken in ur calculations. in 2 months it will be august 11th. in 8 full weeks it'll b the end of the week that contains august 4th. after august 4th there are 16 days of summer. not 9. funny isnt it how counting works? (26)

Friday, June 09, 2006


I shall ignore all further short little comments meant 2 push up some certain persons blog count.
instead i shall continue to blog as a normal usual person who takes into consideration her blog reader(s?) interests. aka they dont want to hear your short little post boosters. hmph
i shall instead write about something that i hope will be a lesson to all readers. its called the signal. what signal you may ask. the signal that ur car manufacturer placed in your car to the left of your steering wheel. now i'm not gonna lie and say that i follow the law when i drive. i dont always follow that mysterious sign that has the speed limit on it etc. but some things just are annoying. like if i'm waiting for you to drive by because i have a stop sign and u dont, turn on ur freaking signal if your turning onto my street. thank u. and if u r in the parking lot in front of me driving 40mph and then u slam on ur brakes and turn left, it woudl have been nice for you to signal bc perhaps mr. mercedes i dont have brakes as nice as urs. and wouldnt it b a pity for you to discover that had u signalled i wouldnt have plowed into ur car. not that this happened. but it could have. or what about those people who dont signal and u know they are gonna cut u off so for the sake of ur life u have to slow down bc u can read their brains and know they're about to swerve in front of u w.o signalling. and what if the guy to my left was signalling to go in front of me? u dont have ur signal on so u shall both crash in front of me meaning i will crash into u. am i obligated to lean out of my window and warn him that the freak to my right is about to merge into my lane w.o signalling so could he please wait? sheesh ppl. and just because ur lane is ending in 200 feet and i can see the sign, doesnt mean i should know when exactly u shall be swerving into my lane. so dude. just flick ur wrist and tada ur blinker is on. u dont even have to look bc now i am aware of u. just flick the signal. thats it. u dont have to worry about how fast u r going (unless u r a person who drives 50 on a 55 highway where every1 else is going 65. then please speed up. ) point is. oh glorious blog reader(s?) if u r ever near me and u dont signal i will ram into ur car and not have to pay a penny. thank u.
o and on another note. i almost killed an old lady today because of parking lot rage. why do old ppl drive big cars if they cant park them? so heres old lady and she sees a nice spot. and her wide car is in the middle of the lane/row wtvr. so she turns on her blinker (hooray) and proceeds to do the WORST parking job ever. like i would have been cracking up had i not been sweating in my car and desperate to get a parking spot. meanwhile i'm waiting behind her, and some1 else is waiting on the other side. finally she pulls out and starts driving. so im thinking score i get her spot. but then her reverse lights go on so i assume that shes gonna try backing in2 the spot. why i thought she could park backwards and not forewards is obviously beyond my comprehension but i tend to think slowly while watching things go by. neways so i go around her since i think she wants that spot and im not the jerk who slides in2 ur spot while u're fixing ur mirror. neways then she keeps going. so she doesnt reverse into the spot. so now i'm like uch woman and she proceeds to go to the next spot which is where i was headed. but then as she turns in, she reverses out and leaves and i have to do a little fancy parking to get my car in the rite angle since i thought she was taking it. sheesh. neways my last driving story i promise. well not ever, just for rite now. this shows u why i always get lost. its simply because i cant drive think and make a decision all at once. yesterday i was driving back from my sisters and i happen to glance down @ the gas thingy and its almost on empty. so i'm like dude. i left my car w. her when its was half full this morning. so i call her bc i am so slow thinking that i just need to know how she spent all my gas. meanwhile the hindsight rachel is going dude. who cares why shes spent the gas, just pull over and fill up again. but no. i dont i just keep driving past all the gas stations bc it is so beyond me that she used half of my tank that i just cant fill it up. so then im on the highway and my bro-in law calls to tell me that he drove to baltimore and back in my car and didnt have time to fill up. so now i'm of course past every gas station and its too late for me. so i just start zooming home bc even though i am intelligent enough to know that the faster you go the more gas u consume, i am also smart enough to know the slower i drive the longer it takes to get home and i just dont want to die on this highway between college park and silversmelly. especially bc my parents r off in dc carless (not carEless) since they take the train. metro 'scuse. me. neways thats my story. i made it home alive and filled up today. just one final point. seriously. at the shell station near my house gas was 3.17. (not that i was lame enuf 2 fill up w. that i used the sketchy gas station for 3.12.) neways up in kemp mill where all the cool jews live the shell was 3.01. tell that fair? should i pay more just because u think my neighborhood is lame enuf 2 shell out the cash. hhaha. get it? okey dokey. i'm done now.


if ur gonna type out u're u might at well type out you're. the point it so be as lazy as possible. u cant argue these things. if ur gonna be strict on u're then u cant write u cuz its you and u cant write cuz cuz its because and u cant write cant cuz its can't and u cant write its cuz its it's... the madness will never end!!

Thursday, June 08, 2006


We are NOT going to start a posting war. I'm just saying I will surpass ur posts. No need to get all defensive woman. Go back to china.
once again I have taken valuable time out of Game 1 of the finals to deal with Rachel. The things I do for her...


u shall ruin our blog if u entice my competitive self in2 a blog posting war. it will never end and it will b meaningless verbal vomit. if that is what u want, then let the games begin. if not then stop harassing me just bc u wish u posted as many times as i did.

ps. i took time out of playing an intense solitaire game to post this. HA.

Bag of Chips...

well doesnt miss rachel s. nechama think that she's all that and a bag of chips.... BITE YOUR NOSE. just because u've posted more times than me does NOT mean that a) your better or b) that i will stop harrassing you. but since u started this thing i'm gonna finish it. I'll will surpass ur 23 posts and you will never be yellow queen again.
FINALS 2006!!! i have taken time out of watching Game 1 to respond to the disgusting post by racmac. thank you.

Whats the score again?

aha. here is the score. 22:16. my my. what game could those numbers reflect. it certainly isnt the yankee red sox game bc that score thanx 2 some sudden realization of the red sox that they are playing baseball to win and not get a tan is 9:3 red sox. the score for the mavs is 38:31. so no. these numbers are something different. these numbers reflect an old saying it goes something like this...
PRACTICE WHAT U PREACH. yes ma'am. thats the saying i'd like to speak about 2day. you see. 22 is the number of times i have posted something on this blog. and 16 would be the number of times miriam has posted. not counting this post which brings me to 23. so please Gd make mirbir STOP HARASSING ME ABOUT THE BLOG. NO1 WANTS TO READ ABOUT HOW SHE CANT COUNT.
and just so she cant go and say that posting a commic doesnt count as blogging, i would like to inform her that i was nice enuf 2 count the time she posted a word, WOW. if you consider that a word. its more like a 3 letter shoresh.

I am the CHAMPION!

of what? ah. this is a question that is answered with a further question. who am i? jk. the story of my championship begins on a dark night, where a dark man waits with a dark purpose. if u cant name that movie, go rent aladdin. neways last nite i went 2 sleep @ 10:19pm. pathetic u might think. aha. this is where ur wisdom fails u o wise blog reader. i have set my self a challenge. unlike david blaine (i seem to be obsessed w. him, it must be michelle rubbing off on me) my challenge does not involve constant hypoxia for 9 minutes...hah welcome to my summer job and 100 articles that i have read for the past 3 days in china. it involves something much better for your physical self, but not your mental self. this is the SUMMER 06 SLEEP CHALLENGE!!! wooot. how early can i go to sleep on a regular nite. we're not talking stay up all nite and then the next nite crash @ 8. were talking average come home @ 7pm nite. and u have 2 understand i am a person who needs to DO things. i cant just come home and finish my day. things need to happen. so basically i have been home for exactly 2 weeks and so far the record to beat is last nites whopper of....drumroll please. 10:19. o wait i already told u that. hehe. the worst part of my internet broken induced sleep is that this morning i woke up feeling so energized and alive and i realized that i had just introduced a new drug to my body. this go to sleep @ 10:15 drug. and now i am so in trouble. bc i WILL NOT go 2 sleep every nite @ 10:15. 11:30 is much better. oh maryland.
on another note here is a quote from my favorite non-summer pastime grey's anatomy:Meredith Grey: We're adults. When did that happen? And how do we make it stop?
this is a thought i have sometimes when i ponder the wonder of how i got to be old. well, relatively old bc i recognize that i am still young. but im saying, im old. and then i go to sleep @ 10:19 and i realize i trully am old. well its more like middle old. bc if u r like 80 then u go to sleep later then that bc u watch tv all night. but if u r like 90 then u go to sleep @ like 8. so its like middle aged to go 2 sleep @ 10:19. or part of a self induced challenge of a boring summer.
on a happy note. i dont have 2 wake up @ 630 2morrow and i dont think i have ever looked 4ward to something as much as i am looking 4ward to not waking up early 2morrow. seriously.

Got Wisdom?

The day is almost over and the blog had yet to be posted on so here I am... once again... I'm torn into pieces... cant deny it... cant pretend... just thought you were the one... broken up... deep inside... but you wont get to see these tears I criiiiied... behind these hazel eyes. Sorry for the burst out in song. A year ago today I got my wisdom teeth removed. Anyways, today I went to class, as usual. Did my walking across the entire campus twice. Got let out an hr early from ethics. Yada yada. I went swimming again. My tan is looking beautiful. Rachel is the worst blogger ever. I went to the mavs pep rally. Rachel really doesn't care about this blog she initially created. I got a yard sign (for free) that says 'Go Mavs'. Rachel is a buttmunch. It's absolutely beautiful. Rachel should be banned from the blog. My mom and sis's got me a flag for my car window that says Mavs 2006 Western Conference Champions. Rachel should pay me for taking care of this blog. Tomorrow is the big day!! Rachel who? Hatzlacha Raba to the Mavs. We can take the heat, we're from Texas.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Oh Mr. Sun Sun Mr. Golden Sun...

My boredom has seemed to disappear... for the most part. I started school yesterday and since then have been kept busy. I wake up at 8:28 a.m. (which will probably be 8:33 from now on) I wash up, get dressed, check some things on the comp, and at 9:10 I eat breakfast. I'm out of the house at 9:20 and arrive at school at 9:30. I park where my first class is located, well on the side that its located. I walk across the parking lot all the way down to the Q building and sit in class for 2 hrs, 9:40-11:40 (today we got let out an hr early, we think the teacher was just confused about the times) and then proceed to walk across campus to the D building and have the most boring class from 11:50-1:50 (i've been let out around 1:30 so far). I then walk across campus once again and across the parking lot and go home. I make lunch. Eat lunch while watching some Passions and then go soak up the sun for an hour or two. It's a fantabulous summer so far. Last night I went to a movie and today I'm probably gonna chill out at home cuz I haven't slept enough the past 2 days. Tomorrow I will probably follow the same schedule. And so this will be my life for the next 4 1/2 weeks.
Apologies for no posts yesterday. Tsk Tsk Rachel.

Sunday, June 04, 2006


you know that feeling when u finish a really good book, or watch a really good movie, or hear a really good story? like u finish one of the really action packed grey's anatomys and u're like maaaaan i want 2 b a dr lets go study? or you go see akeelah and the bee and u're like dude if she can put in all that time and study why cant i? but then reality hits. in the real world when you work really hard you dont always get what you worked for. but picture this movie-akeelah studies all her words and then she doesnt win. then what? then she doesnt win who cares? its still a beautiful story and every1 will clap. or david blaine. he didnt hold his breathe for long enuf but it was still a cool thing and every1 was soooo proud of him neways. but lets say its something bigger then that. lets say u study ur butt of for a ..hmm lets say a chem final? and then lets say u dont do so well. not horribly. just not well. so then what. then u're just pissed bc u only have 120 years on this earth @ max and u just spent 35 hours of those 120 years studying for a test that u didnt do well on. ok so now u insert some super unhelpful comment about how had i (or my theoretical friend) studied 25 hours i would have done worse. but thats just not helpful bc had i not slept for 3 nites and just studied 8 hours more each nite, aka a total of 59 hours, that i would have done better? bc that just makes me mad. ok? thank u. neways the point is that i should really get over this considering the past is in the past as the wise ashlee simpson once said. and really i semi have put it in the past. but now that i have had this 'learning experience' every time i see/hear/experience something super inspirational i'm just like dude...what about the ppl that try and it doesnt work?
ok so thats my random serious note on our never serious blog. so if this depresses u, go read about how miriam is bruised from her idea of fun- jumping in2 the dryer.

After Midnight the Ice Cream Melts

So much to discuss yet so lazy to type it all out. I'll go back to Thursday, Erev Shavuot (Holiday of Cheesecake as Hinda puts it). I woke up early cuz I had a lot to do. I set my alarm for 9 I believe but didn't get out of bed till 10 (sounds like school) I then showered and was fixin to go to the market (translation: I was planning on going to Tom Thumb) but I couldn't bring myself to step out of the house. Why you ask, because my eyes were so red that either anyone who saw me would think I was a) on drugs or b) had pink eye. Why were they red you ask, because of my contacts that keep causing them to turn red and I keep wearing them anyways. So, I didn't feel like dealing with the public and my eyes so I called up my mommy and said that I needed to go to the eye doctor stat. So I had an appointment at 3:00. So now it was 12:00 and I had to go manage the candy store (jealous?) and really I was to be there until 3:30 cuz then I had to head back home to cook. But I couldn't stay till 3:30 cuz I had my appointment at 3:00 so now I had to have someone cover for me from 3-3:30. That was fine, the person who was coming after me just came a bit earlier, B"H. So my dad comes (in the beautiful red truck, I look so hot in it) and we get to the eye doctor. We wait about 2 hours until I'm seen. They were backed up. I don't understand how difficult it is to keep on schedule at doctors office. No matter what you sit and wait for at least 15 minutes before being called in. But if for someone reason you showed up 5 minutes late they wouldn't be able to see you anymore, what the monkeys?!?! So ya, 2 hrs later we are finally seen, and by this time my eyes aren't as red as they were in the morning but still aren't looking good. So the Dr (who looks like Steve carell or whatever his name is from the office) looks at my eyes, puts dye drops in them and says that they are angry and gives me a prescription for drops for a week, 4 times a day, and no contacts for a week. Also my eyes weren't producing enough tears. He put strips or paper in my eye and it took forever till my eyes started to tear. Anyways, so the appointment is basically over and the nurse is telling me about the regular eye drops I should use since my eyes are dry and I start to not feel well and totally stop listening to her and say to my dad that I want the keys to the car cuz I wanna leave. So he hands me the keys and I start walking out ahead cuz I just needed to get out of there. My head starts to feel real heavy and things are kinda going black and I cant hear so well around me and I realize I'm about to pass out on the ground so I say to my dad I'm about to pass out and quickly go to sit down and put my head down on my lap. All of a sudden there are 3 nurses surrounding me putting my legs up on a chair, fanning me, and putting wet cool cloths on my head and neck. They are saying how pale I look and asking if I've eaten today. Ok, so I had a cup of chocolate milk at like 10 or 11. And then at 4 I had a few cheez-its, that sounds like enough. So I'm still sitting there and my arms feel real weak and the nurses bring me a bottle of water. Then the doctor comes in and says I need to be lying down so the blood can get back to my head. The nurses then offer to bring me a coke. Man did I want that coke. Let us not forget that I was banned from caffeine over a month ago. Now I was passed out and needed some sugar so this was a desperate situation. Don't think I gave in and had that coke. I was a good girl and said to the nurse to bring me a sprite cuz I cant have caffeine. yada yada, I start to feel better and eventually go home. Oh, so the doctor said that some people pass out from the dye drops especially if they haven't eaten all day. Well how I was supposed to know? So ya, I get home and my mom asks why I didn't go to the store and so I said I passed out and then was relieved of all the work I had to do the rest of the day. But I still made cheesecake cuz I didn't get a chance to make it in the morning cuz I couldn't go to the store cuz my eyes were red so I went to the doctor.... And that was my erev shavuot. So really I have another story or 2 to tell but I just cant write it out now so stay tuned for more.

Knowledge is POWER

not only am i the good blogger who is POSTING even tho MIRIAM made that proclamation that we must blog EVERY day (and she didnt blog last nite) i am blogging.
not only that but i have found a way to find all of u loyal blog readers. or not find u if u dont actually exist. we (as in me on behalf of us) have established a counter unlike the one placed here by which counts refreshing the page and me and miriam posting as hits. this wonderful fire eating dragon will not count that. i challenge you all to help us not be embarressed and have at least 1 hit by the end of the week! that should NOT be too much to ask especially because if you are reading this your are the hit. yay u!

on another note. miriam bet herself 50 bux that i would go crazy by the end of this week. lucky her i went crazy last night when i drove my family crazy with my bored comments. have no fear o beautiful blog readers, i will survive the next 2 months and 16 days by keeping u posted on my summer that wasn't documentary. it would possibly be a work in progress if i could find my dads digital camera shhhh. i totally did not lose that like i lost my keys and my glasses. (all found after serious yelling fights w. Gd)
ok please hold while my sister reads the blog and makes sure i wont lose ne shidduchim off of this...

Thursday, June 01, 2006

the purpose of a fever

i shall enlighten you all o blog readers today with the reason for a fever. so basically the evil guys cant survive with the heat but your body's immune system works better at a slightly higher temperature. HOWEVER at a temp that is TOO high, YOUR BODY WILL FRY ITSELF.
so my house is a furnace bc the ac machine is downstairs so the upstairs is hotter, and my room is west facing so the sun is beating down on it even w. the shades closed. then i went on 100000 errands for my family. thats a lie. it was 1 errand for each person but since i get lost every time i push on the gas pedal it took a long time. and then ac sux in my car. and i had to get out to pump gas 2 times. 2 times u ask o yes. every time i go 2 get gas something retarded has to happen. like 2day when i couldnt get the top of the gas cover thingy off and i was 2 emb 2 call my dad there so i left and called him as i drove away and he yelled @ me for being so weird. so then i had 2 go somewhere else and get it. (same price dont worry) neways then i got lost. well i wasnt lost @ all, its just that when faced with a street to turn on, i never picked the right direction. as i turned i was like what the heck am i doing i should go the other way. that happened 4 times. and they caused severe delays bc there is so much freaking traffic in silversmelly that i had to wait forever to make a u-turn. neways then i came home and i was cleaning my room. and i decided that rather then stuff my sweaters in2 my drawers, i would put them in a plastic bag and put them upstairs in the attic.
*flashback* some holiday this past year my dad had to get something from the attic, the pulldown from the ceiling type, and as he pulled it down a spring came off and slashed his arm really deep. so rachel is TERRIFIED of the spring even tho its fixed. so i decide i'm not gonna b a wimp and i'm just gonna put my stuff up there myself. but im scared. so i put on sunglasses in case it goes 4 my eyes, and my winter coat in case it goes for my arms. please note i was bare foot, i just couldnt bare to put on shoes. neways after that expedition of going up and down the ladder 4 times i was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOT.
ok i actually in real life told a story about how my summer is 2 long. and then i said that my ups boxes arrived and that i'm gonna post the pics when i find my dads camera. but THEN FREAKING BLOGGER.COM LOST IT. i clicked publish post and then it asked for my password and name and so i put it in and BAM ITS GONE. so i recovered until the ladder 4 times point AND THATS IT. POOP ON THEM.


I feel it's important for the blog, our blog, your blog, to be posted on daily. Going days without a post is neglectful (is that a word?) and abusive. Our dear readers (who?) look forward to our delightful and witty entertainment and to let them suffer for days is inhumane. And so I, we ( I aint gonna be the only one doing the writing), pledge to write on this forsaken blog daily. Amen!

p.s. Do our dear readers (again I ask who?) know who writes which post? Do we even know?