Monday, May 29, 2006

I Can Be Your Hero Baby....

Location: Parking Lot of the Container Store
Time: 3ish
Story: I just got out of my car and notice an SUV pulling into a parking spot. As it is pulling in i see a box stuck under the car moving about underneath but unable to get out. I think to myself that box is gonna catch on fire. Then i notice flames. I quickly run over to the SUV, tap on their window and proceed to inform them of the situation. Man gets out of the car and crawls under his SUV and pulls out the box. He then starts stomping on it. It seems the flames are gone but as he turns to complete his parking job i notice some more flames and yell over to him to keep stomping. He does and the flames are out and it smelled like someone had been BBQing. End of story. Yay for Me!!
*Please note that had i not noticed the box no one else would have and his car would have blown up.

Fun Facts about Miriam

I dont really have any exciting stories to tell dear readers. as of now we have 4 readers and 2 comments. yay for us. neways i just wanted to share a few facts about miriam:
1. she is a liar. i have not gained any weight this summer even tho i am eating my way through a huge box of donuts. 2nd of all i want to be called FIDO not FABIO. and lastly, i have not had a slurpee since the time it was 20 degrees outside and me and miriam walked from 31st and lex to 26th and something and it was super cold. and ppl bought hot dogs in 7-11. like who actually buys the food there? those sketchy ppl i suppose. additionally miriam likes the spurs. she only likes the mavs because she gets paid to watch them and because a sketchy boy once bought her a jersey from them. hheehe 50 bux shes gonna edit this post bc of that comment. it wasnt a boy. it was a betsy. ok thats all for now.

I Can Fit Inside A Dryer

Last week was a week of learning. What exactly did i learn? I shall share my new found knowledge. Since being told by my cardiologist that i am not allowed to have caffeine i feared my survival in school. I didnt see how it was possible to get through the day without my 20 oz of cherry coke. But i did. Not only did i get through each day with no caffeine, i went 3 days with no sleep and no caffeine. I never needed the caffeine to keep me awake and hyper, i just needed me. It might scare some of you (i have yet to figure out who the you is i keep addressing) that i am able to get as crazy as i am without some sort of substance causing this behavior. Truth is it scares me. By day 3 of no sleep and being under a lot of stress i did begin to break down. But i lived to tell my story. The other knowledge gained was that though one can fit inside a dryer and no damage is caused immediately, the damage is due to follow the next morning. It was 2 a.m. , Hinda and I had made a date earlier that day to do our laundry that not night (or early the next morning). Now if we made these plans clearly we are not normal people. So what are we going to do while waiting for our laundry? Play around the laundry room, duh. We were taking random pictures left and right and then Hinda hopped inside the dryer. Now that looked like fun so i had to try it. Sure enough i fit inside. You know how dryers have parts that stick out in order for the clothes to tumble, well sure enough i was sitting on one of those while i was inside it and it was not comfortable let me tell you. (theres the you again, who are YOU?) And i knew while i was in pain on that thing that i was going to get a bruise on my butt. Sure enough the bruise showed up. But i wasnt anticipating my left side to be sore and bruised as well. Fine, so i woke up the next morning and i couldnt sit comfortably cuz of the butt bruise, big deal, right? But my arm thoughout the day became sore... and sore-er... and and sore-er. So finally i leave the planetarium and go to the rest room and check out my arm in the mirror and it is BRUISED! It looked like i had gotten a beating from someone. It was bad. My back was sore as well, no visible bruising tho. Some people had trouble understanding how i got bruised. Let me explain. I entered the dryer from my right side, so that all fit in perfectly but when it came time to actually close the door i had to smush my left side in. My arm was pushed up against the sides of the dryer and so the bruising occured. I was told that next time i should think twice before fitting myself inside a dryer. I said i would, and then still do it. It was awesome! And thats my new found knowledge.
In other news:
Mavs are doing awesome. We are up 2-1. I was paid this evening to watch the Mavs game, what a life!!! I would like to mention a certain Suns member who needs a good beating, Tim Thomas. The mavs were standing together and the pushes his way thru them. Now the Mavs push back at him cuz he was being a rude buttmunch and deserved to be pushed back. He said that we needed to be pushed and know we aint all that. Well guess what, we are all that! Sad news, i cant go to game 5 cuz its thursday night, why must it coincide with Shavuot? It's ok, i'll go the Finals.
It's been a while but its time for.... RANDOM FACTS ABOUT RACHEL:
~she's gonna kill herself in 2 days and im gonna be rich
~she passed up a chance to fly on a private plane (who does that?)
~she already gained 7 lbs this summer
~she likes to kill mice
~she hopes that people will get seriously injured thursday evenings (rude!)
~she gets herself lost on highways for hours
~she wishes she were from the northen mariana islands
~she will lose the annoying contest
~she wants to be called Fabio (what? why?)
~she gets a slurpee twice a day, everyday

Sunday, May 28, 2006

yay summer.

Friday, May 26, 2006

what can brown do for YOU?

it is as i expected. its 11am my first day in silversmelly and i am sooo bored. i already went out to breakfast with my sister and drove her back to hillel. but lets review the past couple of days in a short story, or an epic novel. i think perhaps miriam would prefer a short story and not an epic novel.
ok here's the background of my story:
this weekend is memorial day weekend. so my parents planned a long time ago to drive up to NY on sunday and pick me and all my stuff up. however 2 weeks ago we get the info about moving out, and alas, u have to be out of brookdale by 11am today. so theres no sunday option. so then my parents decide that its so expensive with gas to drive up to ny, so rather then coming up the sunday before to take my stuff, they convince me that i am so super responsbile and smart that i can ship my stuff home ups. ok so then i decide to use fedex cuz its cheaper. but thats unimportant. so then tuesday rolls around. i have 1 final left on wednesday and we have roomie dinner. but i decide to start packing. so i buy 20 20 24 boxes, and i have one of jenns 12 12 12 boxes and i start putting my stuff in. now its 11pm and i go to weigh my boxes and we cant lift them onto the scale bc if u put the whole box on it blocks the numbers, and if u put it half on it leans back. so then we tried picking it up and weighing it w. us, but we couldnt. now please dont think i'm a wimp. BC IM NOT. i weighed every girl in mmy suitcases's last year. thats like 70 lbs 84 times. ok? so then i start freaking out bc fedex is impossible online and my boxes are 80lbs. my parents told me my boxes would b like 25 pounds so all together it woudl cost 50 bux to ship. yea not happening. end of story is i am freaking out and i send my dad a txt message to see if he's awake. but hes not. so then i sign up for and i put in my made up weights and all and it comes out to $150. yea. so then im really flipping. and then it tells me i have to print out my shipping labels. enter problem #40000. not only is my printer put away in a box, but i have no black ink. so we plug in the printer and i figure i can print hte whole thing in blue, whats the big deal. what prints out? shipping labels that look like something u need those 3-D glasses for. like staggered layers of multicolor shipping label. so then danit tries some sort of synchro thing so we can transfer my laptop to some1 elses printer w.o losing the webpage. but that fails. so then we unpack jenns printer and i download the software onto my laptop and we print it out. then i go to sleep @ like almost 2. then @ 530 my dad calls bc he just got up and he thinks i JUST sent him the txt. then its wednesday and i scheduled the pickup for thursday. so thursday rolls around and i scheduled it for 1pm. SHIPMENT READY @ 1PM. ok. so 1145am i go to help danit pack. 12:18pm i look @ my fone and its mysteriously shut itself off. so i freak out. and danit fixes it and we turn it back on and i have a voicemail. GUESS WHO IT WAS? SECURITY @ 1158am telling me that UPS was downstairs waiting for me. so i fly down 12 flights of stairs and i burst into the lobby and they tell me that he already left and that i better have my boxes out by friday @ 11am. thanx a lot woman. so then im trully spazzing. so i call my dad 100 times but he doesnt answer. i send him a txt telling him there is an urgent emergency. o! and side story is that the amtrak on the east coast has no power, and i was supposed to bus it, but now EVERY1 will be bussing it. so then i'm gonna get a ride w. erin. except her daddy is coming @ 2pm, and now its 1230 and who knows if the ups man will come back now that i missed him. so then i call ups and i ARGUE yaaaaaaaay me i was so not melike. and then they tell me they'll try to contact the driver and get him to come back. so end of story is that i yell @ like 20 different ppl and then finally @ 155 when im on the fone w. ups arguing about whether or not he's coming he shows up in all his stony silence. yaaaaay.
im sure more funniness will happen when my boxes dont arrive. but until then, i hope u enjoy my not so funny, but rather strange story. well not so strange either. o no , what if miriam thinks that my story was too boring for the blog? she apparently has a fear of boring blogs.
o well. she can just go enjoy herself in dallas. hmph

Monday, May 22, 2006


no no, that'd be stressed. i thought once i got thru last week i'd be in the clear. but no, this isnt looking to peaceful, not until thursday/friday but more of the friday cuz hopefully i'll be swimming then. anyways, I CANT DEAL WITH SCHOOL ANYMORE. forget my last 2 finals and lab report, i'm on vacation. lets discuss exactly what needs to be done by thursday. Monday: i have a final (in a few hrs) which will be failed. (i never planned on failing this one but certain ppl ::ahem:: decided to not take me into consideration when planning the study group.) people from dallas r here and need me to give them a tour of stern since stern said they arent doing any more tours until after summer and they should ask someone else to show them around when they obviously know its in the middle of finals and the students must have all the free time in the world to do this. snort on stern, get up off ur lazy behinds and be nice to those who r interested in giving u more money which u clearly dont need. and of course game 7 has to be tonight because the night needs to be more stressful. im not gonna lie, i have a feeling we're not going to make it. we definitely had a chance but since terry was suspended for game 6 i knew there was gonna be a game 7 and thats in san antone and i just dont see us winning there. snort. i dont wanna talk about that until game 7 is over. im still praying we're gonna win. i also need to start and finish the lab report for exp. psych. because.... Tuesday: i have a lab report due. and then the gantza mishpucha is coming in. i dont think im going up to woodbourne to be with them and see where my dad grew up, NOT FAIR!! and then we're going out to dinner that night and la de da. and i need to start packing. i also need to study at least 5 minutes for my hebrew final on.... Wednesday: hebrew final bright and early in the morning. all fluff. i hate writing fluff. and then i need to entertain the gantza mishpucha. im not sure u quite understand how much mishpucha we're talking about. my aunt, uncle, mom, dad, bro, bro, sis, cousin. and my aunt and uncle from israel should be here as well. and my aunt and uncle from chicago (not quite sure when these ppl come in) and i still need to pack up my room. i dont know when exactly thats gonna fit into my schedule. wednesday night we're going out to dinner once again. this then leads us to Thursday: theres my sisters grad and my cousins grad (at least those r one in the same, that would suck if i had to go to 2 especially since they r 27 hrs long) and then i need to catch a flight back home. come thursday evening i will be the calmest person on this earth and i get to meet the truck (woohoo, im gonna look so hot in it) and i get to see the puppy!!! and i cant wait for Friday: all im gonna do is swim. and maybe stop by my old high school before the yrs over with cuz i cant not go there at all. and ya. thats basically it. i am taking bets on those who think im gonna survive the week and those who think i wont.

Monday, May 15, 2006

mini skirt lady and good rain

miriam has harassed me enuf that i have taken time out of my busy finals schedule to write 2 stories.
story number 1:
location: eden wok time: dinner main character: mini skirt lady. ok so it wasnt exactly a mini skirt, but it was definately above her knee. enter business man with knitted kippa and non-jewish looking asian woman. they discuss what they want to eat and appear to be well aquainted with each other. mini skirt lady calls asian girl over and says: u should just know that intermarriage is against the torah for jewish people. so stay away from him. the man walks over and says excuse me? and shes says, i was just explaining to her about intermarriage and telling her to stay away from you. intermarriage is a big problem these days. u kno my uncle intermarried and he died young. (meanwhile racmac, mirbir, and yule are eavsdropping and r totally shocked) so man says, we've been friends for a long time, its not what you think. so she says, i'm just telling you. so then they go and sit down and he looks absolutely mortified. so he stands up and goes over to miniskirt lady and says, i just wanted to tell you that that was a huge chillul hashem. and she says, it isnt a chilul hashem its in the torah. and he says, that doesnt matter. and she says, it wasnt for you, it was for her. i kno that you kno that intermarriage is wrong. so then he goes back down and the story is over in its active form. but hello. i was severly upset by this encounter. first of all, asian girl could have been converting, or already jewish, or anything. second of all, why do jewish people think that they are every1s mother? go home miniskirt lady and cover ur ervah.
2nd story: the weather forecast looked bleak, and rachel was beyond nervous. daily, hourly, minutely, she checked various weather sites. but alas, it seemed that only time would tell whether or not the red sox yankees game would be rained out. the best assumption was that the game would begin @ 7pm, and around 9 or 10 it would begin to rain. hopefully not enough that the game would end early. however the game proceeded to be the longest game ever w.o extra innings. (thats not an actual fact, merely an expression of time) neways so around the 6th/7th inning, the rain began to fall. however, the rain was not the huge storm that they had expected, it was merely windy and misty. enter foul ball, yankee runs for it, but suddenly the wind and rain causes the ball to fly back into the field and he doesnt catch it. wooooot in the end red sox win 5-3 after trailing 3-1 until that point. (this whole story is a secret, but if elisheva finds out that the rain made the red sox win she might kill me) a great time was had by all red sox fans. wooot booing johnny damon. yuck 4 him he was almost as bad as giambi and robinson cano. hehehe. yay loretta!
ok thats all for now folks. or lack thereof. im still convinced that no1 reads our fine example of a blog. now i shall go head to bed bc i have a serious finals schedule to follow. aka chemistry studying schedule. but this schedule must include the 2 hour greys anatomy CRAZINESS. AHHHHHHHHHH

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

SilverPolish1: tell her that there is a blog w. her name on it

my my. it has been sometime since i last wrote on this glorious blog. why u ask? because i had/have nothing entertaining nor interesting to tell to our wonderful viewers and i have a fear of boring blogs and so i left and vowed to return with a story to tell. i kinda broke my vow tho cuz i dont really have much of a story. i'll just say somethings that have happened these past few days. where to begin... ah, yes, the beginning. not really the beginning, its just what i wanna talk about first. i've been on a mission since i came back to school from pesach break. i had $700 on my caf card and i had to spend that sucker. i signed a few ppl up for shabbat, thats $15 a person. and i bought some of those poor caf'ers meals. i bought a case of water. (no no, not for me, i dont drink water) and i bought out the milners uptown, twice! and so today, may 10, 2006, i am under $300. *cheering - applause* *pats self on back* i think that thats quite an accomplishment. i still needa go uptown and buy all the powerades. reading week has started. i have a bio lab final tomorrow. and the red sox yankees game. and yulia is leaving :-(. shes been visiting since last thursday. i've gone around manhattan more this week than i have since september. i've been on the subway numerous of times. we went to see david blaine twice. for the record i knew he wasnt gonna be able to break the breath holding record. i just knew it. i ate out at estihana for the first time. ppl always seem to be talking about it here. i had saki. (is that how its spelled?) *please note how boring this blog is, i blame rachel, but she cant blame me cuz shes been complaining for the past two weeks about my lack of writing* so im really concerned that im gonna be closed out of all my classes. im already closed out of two. and if i dont get the classes i want than im not gonna come back to stern. i made my schedule beautifully and im gonna get it!
last night was game 2 of the second round. the game was in san antonio. we lost the first game by 2 pts. snort on stackhouse, we didnt need a 3 pointer y did u walk back, u should have just taken the shot from where u were. anyways last night we creamed the spurs. i mean murdered. the final score was 113-91. the last time they lost at home during the playoffs was in 2003. and the next 2 games are at home and so we have an awesome chance of being 3-1 and we'll have at least 3 games at home and so we have a really really good chance of winning the second round and killing the spurs. such nachas i would get from that. Finals 2006 baby, this is the year.

Sunday, May 07, 2006


THERE IS A 60% CHANCE OF RAIN ON THURSDAY MAY 11TH, THAT WOULD BE THE DATE OF MY RED SOX YANKEES GAME. WHY THE HECK WOULD IT RAIN? PLEASE TELL ME THAT U WILL DAVEN EVERY DAY THAT IT WONT RAIN. WHAT IS THAT RAIN?? RAIN? NO FREAKIN WAY WILL IT RAIN. NO WAY. IF IT RAINS I WILL CRY. CRY CRY CRY. CRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. i am out of ideas of what to do. what will i do? what can i do to prevent rain? perhaps i can put a cover over the atlantic ocean so that no water can evaporate and then it wont rain and then it wont ruin my red sox yankees game. hmm thats a good idea, i'm gonna go look into that. ok thats all for now, im not required to write more because mir doesnt write AT ALL. SHE THINKS SHE IS SO COOLIO. SHE ISNT COOLIO UNTIL SHE WRITES A SUPER LONG BLOG WORTHY POST, OK?

Wednesday, May 03, 2006