Thursday, September 28, 2006

Up Up and Away

Just 2 hours until i head out for the airport. I can do this. I can focus on class. Watch. *stares ahead* *spaces out* *smiles* PUT ME ON A PLANE!!! i kept waking up this morning but refused to look at the clock.... oh look teacher is taking roll... must stop blogging.... will continue later... stop typing miriam... fine fine... but i wanna rant about stern... no no... log off... FINE!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

"bye bye 4 security guards"

it all began as an innocent trip to the library. well not so innocent. really it was a trip 2 check out some good old medieval romance 4 me and aviva 2 read...4 class guys sheesh.. newaaays the point is that i was headed out on a journey w. mirs pink ipod (it was so emb 2 have pink flip flops, pink shirt, and pink ipod..) i leave brookdale i realize that i left my ID upstairs. however laziness reigned and i didnt bother going back up since after all i live on the 10th floor and thats just far away. so i left 4 the library bouncing along 2 mirs random musics. fast forward like 30 minutes (not that it took that long 2 get there just i had 2 return stuff 2 h+m and old navy since i refuse 2 try things on in the store bc it takes so long) neways back on the farm, as i enter the library i remember that it does matter that i dont have my id bc it has michelle's library card on it which i've been using 2 impersonate her @ the library. but no fear ppls, i have my license w. me. now u may think that u cant get a nypl card w. a maryland license, but i've already been thru that w. aviva and they gave her the library card neways. (please note she had a tx license and not a md license). neways so i find the books and i go 2 the desk and the following conversation begins:

me: hi, i want 2 get a library card but i'm not a ny resident but im in college here
guy: u have nething w. ur ny address on it?
me: well i didnt bring my school id, but that doesnt matter bc it doesnt have an address on it. but when i was here w. my friend 2 weeks ago they gave her a card neways
him: well u're gonna have 2 bring proof of address..u dont have ne mail or nething?
me: um no.. but they gave it 2 my friend neways
him: well clearly some1 wasnt doing their job..u can mail urself a postcard and come back and get a card.
me: but they gave it 2 my friend...
him: im sorry. go talk 2 my manager over there
(meanwhile this other guy is behind me the whole time laughing)

me: hi *explains whole story again* (hehe)
manager: u dont have ur skool id?
me: i 4got it, but it doesnt have my address neways
manager: well i dont kno.. *catches sight of my 2 books sitting on the counter* do u want 2 take those books out??
me: yea..
manager: ok fine. i can give u a card but u have 2 come back in the next couple of days and bring proof of address
me: thats cool but we have a 2 week break so can i come back in 3 weeks and bring it then
him: um what?
me: a 2 week break. can i bring proof after that?
him: ok i'll give u a library card that expires in a week. go back over there 2 that guy
(meanwhile other guy is behind me again and says he has the same situation)

me: hey im back.. he said i can get a card 4 a week.
him: ok fine
me: so what does that mean?
him: that w.i the next week u have 2 bring proof of address
me: but what happens if i dont?
him: um u'll have a permanent block on ur name and u'll never be able to get a library card here again
me: rite. so i told him that i have break now for 2 weeks so i cant possibly bring ne proof. cant u just let me come back in 2 weeks?
him: well u dont need 2
me: ok but then i'll never b able to check out another book rite?
him: rite. unless u bring proof in the next week
me: uch wtvr i dont need a card
him: well its his rule
me: yea but if u can change it from a few days to a week cant u change it to 2 weeks?
him: theres nothing i can do
me: ok fine i dont need a card neways
guy behind me: hhahahahahahhahahahaha
me: hahahhhha
library dude: *sits in all his serious* ok heres a card for ur wallet and 1 for ur keychain
me: yea for the week
guy behind me: hahahahahhhaha
fast forward 10 minutes i'm almost back @ brookdale when i remember i have no id again and im laughing thinking about how im gonna have 2 explain 2 security that i left my id upstairs. as i approach the building i see that there r 4!!! security guards outside the doors and im like great like i can ever slide in there now. but then i just do. i just walk rite between them and go up the elevator. and thats when i said, "bye bye 4 security guards"

thats all 4 now folks. just thought i'd share my humorous experience.

The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow

Time is standing still once again. Of course if i were home right now and i'd be heading back to ney york tomorrow then time would just be flying by. But no. Time must come to a complete stand still right now. Tick tock. Tick tock. Oh. It's 92 degrees at home today. WHY CANT IT BE 92 TOMORROW WHEN IM THERE. Well really i'd rather it be 92 on friday or on shabbat cuz im not getting in until the evening so the 92 wouldnt really be nice and really the uv index aint so high so tanning isnt an option. Snort. I just wanna go hoooooooooooome. Rachel and Aviva smell. It's after Rosh Hashana so i dont have to be friends with them anymore. Yay! Can y'all believe we survived being friends this long? This morning was really funny. We were all hyper. Yes yes i said morning and hyper together. It's only cuz i dont have to be up that early for a while. Well for school anyways cuz i have an appointment at 9:15 on october 3. Back to visiting doctors. Aww its summer all over again. Oh right, remember when the lab here lost my blood. If you think im gonna do another blood test you are sooooo wrong. No way man. Not happening. I mean i can be bribed. I think.
Class doesnt start for another 30 minutes or something cuz i just finished a test and la de da. I didnt like the test. Not at all. No more tests. Tonight i have to find an article for my research paper and pack. And then im free free body and soul free. I want pizza. Not for lunch. For dinner. I also dont want to wait around in the airport for 4 hours tomorrow. Please let me get on my original flight. Please please. Amen. Ooooh i needa remember to pack my wedding shoes. I told aviva to remind me a few weeks back. Lets see if she remembers. This is gonna be a test of our friendship. Lets hope she passes. Lets hope she doesnt read this. Lets hope i make it thru the day. Lets hope ppl can actually follow this post cuz its soooo not followable. Maybe i should go get breakfast/lunch now. I mean i normally eat during stats but since im out early now i can just sit down and eat like a mensch. Hehehe. 29 HOURS TO GO!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

quoteable quotes...

shoot. originally this was a live from silversmelly special. however due 2 technological difficulties possibly caused by izabelle the dell (mirs laptop) the internet was and still remains slightly fickle. much has happened since we originally started this blog back in the day when we thought we were going 2 dc 4 the nite. however we took the road less traveled @ this hour and went 2 rockville to check out the donuts in the dunkin. let me tell u that lady was thrilled when we left if u kno what i mean. this is a little taste (just in case u werent privilged enuf 2 taste some dunking yourself) of the happenings in dunkin:

rachel: ok i'll get 1 boston creme and...1 chocolate creme....
lady: how many donuts do u want?
rachel: just 2
lady: *takes 1 boston creme and 1 chocolate glazed*
rachel: not chocolate glazed, chocolate creme
lady: chocolate glazed or chocolate creme?
rachel: chocolate creme
lady: (after we have continued to harass her for 15 minutes about donuts and bagels and coffee)ok what kind of munchkins do u want?
rachel: powdered
aviva: glazed and powdered
mir: glazed, powdered, and chocolate
aviva: ewww i hate chocolate i cant have my munchkins touching the chocolate its so CHOCOLATE!
*chaos breaks loose*
lady: um do u want me 2 put them in seperate boxes?
aviva: no its fine, i'll survive *laughs embarassedly*
*fast foward 10 minutes*
rachel: ok can i have 1 everything bagel and 1 plain bagel w. smoked salmon cream cheese?
lady: sure
rachel: o wait, can i get cream cheese on the side 4 the everything?
lady: what do u mean on the side?
rachel: like on the side in a container
lady: o. *puts 1 plain bagel w. side cream cheese in a bag*
rachel: wait, i think thats the plain 1
lady: o. do u want them in seperate bags?
aviva: now shes gonna think we always want everything seperate.
rachel: o and can i have an iced coffee?
lady: iced latte?
rachel: yes!
lady: ok so an iced latte?
rachel: no! an iced coffee
lady: coffee or latte?
rachel: coffee! (clearly we had communication issues)
(and thats just half of it. miriam is ignoring us and not participating in the reunion party.)
5 minutes later:
miriam: SHOOT i just sat on my donut!
aviva: *cracks up*
rachel: *drives*
aviva: did u hear what she said?
rachel: hahahah

other funny things that happened this loverly weekend:
1. malkie: rachel, i dont have 2 call u nemore (*entire place cracks up 4 an hour*)

2. malkie: baltimore is the heroin capital of the US
rachel: lets move there!
miriam: rachel, you dont need heroin, you have mountain dew!

3. aviva: *in accusatory tone* rachel, r u wearing flip flops 2 shul?
rachel: no...
aviva: (at same time) i'm 'bshok'
rachel: hahahaha shok ba'isha erva!

4. yulia: so this kid on eurotrip was obsessed with me
rachels parents: huh?
yulia: well not like the other kid who was like will u marry me on the first day...

5. aviva: (b4 mincha) so 2day during davening i hiccuped really loudly but mir didnt even turn around but the lady in front of me totaly turned around and stared in the middle of mussaf.
later during avinu malkeinu
aviva: HICCUP!
rachel and mir: *shaking w. silent laughter (until mir snorted)

6. (this is a selection of a rather long conversation)*sitting outside of shul pretending 2 learn while really just laughing about the hiccup*
aaron feld: hello ladies. what r ur names? my grandmothers last name was purlman who can spell that?
miriam: pearlman
aviva: perlman
rachel: purlman
aviva and miriam: hahah yea rite
aaron: p-u-r-l-m-a-n U'RE THE WINNER!
rachel: whats my prize?
aaron: a good new year!
aaron: do u guys kno the 7 names of Hashem? i kno 3. 1 is shalom. like shabbat shalom is like Gd should give u peace on Shabbos. or like with shana tova....(trails off w.o knowing how 2 explain that 1)
miriam: how can i get a super awesome year?
aaron: spell schoolsky
and it goes on and on.....

rachel’s parents: Miriam,. what did u do this summer?
Miriam: I hung out @ the dr’s office
Rachels parents: o, u worked there?
Miriam: no no, just visiting.

aviva: hey that place is called my eye dr
Rachel: my eye dr is my eye dr
aviva: that’s the stupidest sentence I’ve ever heard.(she then proceeds 2 repeat it 10 times in the next 10 hours.)

Rachel: where did u get those shoes aviva?
aviva: I don’t really like them
Miriam: they’re her moms
Rachel: that’s like the time I got in2 the car and immediately announced that I didn’t like the air condtioning.

yulia: *in Russian accent* it is like being no problem

heres a more intense story:
background: last rosh hashana rachel discovered this woodside minhag to make the women in the first 2 rows move into the aisle further behind them lest they miss the bracha by an angle of 5 degrees. a great fight ensued where rachel proved (using her handy dandy shaare halacha) that as long as ur n not BEHIND the cohanim u're good. but then she 4got about the whole issue.
fast forward 2 the first day of rosha hashana. its birkat cohanim time and rachel finds herself squashed in2 the aisle. after lunch this discussion occurs:
*every1 sits on the couch and stairs at rachel as she screams and screams*
fast forward 2 second day of rosh hashana..birkat cohanim time...once again rachel finds herself squashed in the aisle lest she seperate from the congregation..except this time all her friends and her mom are laughing @ her bc they r all thinking about her complete birkat cohanim breakdown the day b4...

sunday nite rachel is needs shoes so she puts on what she thinks are her pink flip flops..goes downstairs and starts talking 2 her grandmother on the fone..suddenly she sees that not only are her flip flops not pink, but they arent hers. THEY"RE MIRIAMS..AGAIN!!!!! she then nervously approaches mir and tosses the flip flops at her and runs away. thankfully rosh hashana had just ended and mir decided 2 4give her. much appreciated.

kd post fast.
rachel: can i have a burger delight fries and a soda?
lady: sure what kind of soda
rachel: sprite
fast forward 5 minutes. aviva is away from the table. rachel sits down and looks @ the drinks, picks up the coke and drinks half of it. then she leaves and mir tells her, btw aviva is wondering who drank her coke. rachel looks confused for 5 minutes while she tries 2 figure out y aviva thinks the coke is not rachels. then she remembers that she specifically didnt want coke bc its night time...
rachel: um hi aviva
aviva: its ok i kno its u. i was wondering how my drink had a straw in it. and half the coke it started with..

ok thats all 4 now folks. if we kept collecting the quotes as they happened this post would never go up..

Thursday, September 21, 2006

its not as exciting as mirs..sorry folks

so apparently there are many ppl who view this blog as a way 2 keep in touch w. me and mir without having to actually talk to us. (shout out 2 anonymous in dallas and sister in israel). a new person was added to this list of ppl who use this blog as a news flash. that person is miriam who wouldnt tell me she got blood drawn until i read it on the blog. *please pardon the total non-english of that little bit of info*

heres whats going on in my life (besides 4 my over-discussed mid-life crisis)

1.i have started drinking vitamin water like miriam. but i have 2 get a different flavor every day so that i can read the little blurb on the side and laugh. this is bad bc it will run my caf card down super fast. fear not folks. i room w. many high digit caf card carriers.
2. i realized 2day on my way in2 jewish history that i dont like a single class except 4 lit. that is sad. good news is that i luv both labs. which is good news bc they take up a total of 6 hours of my week. i think what i like about orgo is art time when u get 2 draw tubes and flasks and label things like "thermometer". and i luv fizix lab bc me and jen get to be really hyper and play with race cars and stuff.
3. im going on my first greyhound trip since this past pesach. that is fun bc i miss greyhound. kind of. what i miss is that going home feeling. theres nothing quite like that pulling up 2 ur little house and getting yummy dinner for the first time in weeks. class of '04 (minus 2) reunion @ my house this weekend. plus aviva but she's not part of the '04 club. sorry.
4. i'm leaving 4 israel in 2 weeks from 2day. that is cool bc israel is my favorite place. succos is my favorite holiday. and israel + succos = rockin' good time. plus i get 2 see all my little neices and nephews and make sure they remember me. and i get 2 buy tons of gel and tons of pop rocks chocolate.
5. i think thats it. im sad 4 the red sox. 'nuf said.

shana tova every1!!!!! i hope this is a year filled w. only simchas :-P

heres a little piece of something i learned yesterday w. michelle from rav nevesol.( i kno i cant spell that for the life of me). it is almost rosh hashana after all..(i think he quoted some1 else saying this but i totally dont remember..)
neways he was talking about how every1 knows that Gd is in charge of the world and that every part of our lives is connected to our actions, but do ppl really really truly internalize that bc if they did we would do real teshuvah and not just go every year on rosh hashana and freak out. he compared ppl nowadays to a non-jewish person who has no connection 2 israel. lets say that person goes 2 israel. he looks around him and he realizes why the land was destroyed. he can see all around him bad things that would make Gd angry. but then he goes and tours the land and has a great time and takes tons of pictures and leaves. and thats it. but we shouldnt b like that bc its our land and its our actions that r screwing it up. so the point of the shofar is 2 tie everything 2gether and wake us up after we use malchiyot and zichronot 2 think about the things we should always be thinking about (like Gd is in charge and remembers everythings..keep up ppl).. neways its kind of depressing. and i just put like 20 pages in2 1 paragraph so it probably doesnt make sense or carry the same meaning that it does after u fail a fizix test..but if u're so interested u can go look @ the sefer urself. but the point is i hope that every1 has a really meaningful rosh hashana filled w. lots of good realizations. ok im done now.

ps. u kno u're all jealous that we get 2 have our super fun time 2morrow nite w. the 1000 simanim and the same jokes we make about them every yr..

Optimisim is for Losers

Tuesdays and Thursdays. My favorite days of the weeks. Class starts at 12 which means i get to wake up in the double digits. I always have such high hopes for those days. I think it'll be a good day just cuz i get a decent amount of sleep (unless of course i stay up past 3 having philosophical conversations with Aviva while Rachel is off in dreamland). But then something, anything, goes wrong. Tuesday my watch broke. It was tragic. Not in a the battery died type of a way or a link needs to get a fixed. More in a the watch is in pieces and Swatch is gonna hear from me since i just got it in June type of way. And then this morning i had to have a blood test. Doneven. i was late to class and i almost didnt go cuz me and blood tests do not get along but i know that i cant miss dev. psych and so i walked in more than 30 min late. *pats self on back* It doesnt help that everyone i know (oh sha aviva) gets to go home for Rosh Hashana (yes rachel im excited to come to ur house, u have no idea. but i still want to be home for the high holidays, ok?) And so right now as the teacher is sitting in the front of the class and im blogging away all i want to do is get on a plane and fly home. Home sweet home. The place my sister will be on Monday (bez"H). No fair. Pick me! Choose me! Love me! SOMEBODY BUY ME MY OWN PLANE ALREADY! i'll even take a last minute ticket on a commercial airline, ok?

Monday, September 18, 2006

Should I Say A Bracha?

No, i'm not referring to havdala here peoples. I'm talking about me finally blogging. (Mom, now you can know what's going on in my life.) I'm sitting here between classes. I have 17 minutes before Festivals starts and the hebrew and then im free free free. I truly hate waking up during the single digit hours if it's in the a.m. Perhaps i wouldnt mind it as much if i could have a frap in the morning. Just a nice cold frap like the ones Aviva drinks everyday but not this morning cuz she forgot to buy them before Le Bistro closed for the weekend. Just give me some caffiene. Please. I did get up this morning. *pats self on back* Rachel wanted to just hug me as i sat there in my bed all wrapped up in my down comforter looking like a snowman (so says rachel) or a sumo wrestler (so says aviva) at 9 in the morning when she walked out the door for class. Does anyone else see an issue there? But i still made it to class at 9:30 before the teacher did. Yay for me. And i did some serious note taking. Right now i should be doing some hebrew homework. Like really really. Ok, so that's my day so far.
Anyways, so other news in my life. I drove in new york for real. Like on highways and everything. Like across a bridge. Im impressed with myself. Rachel could care less. Aviva semi cares. I shall once again pat myself on the back. *pats self on back* i drove back from the wedding we went to last sunday. we wont mention that i didnt have my license on me. less than 2 weeks until i go home. yaaaaaaaaaaaay. i cant wait. you would think something more exciting would be going in my life but no. nothing at all. i read 2 books over shabbat. i stayed in in. which means in the dorm in. by myself. it was so relaxing. im thinking its gonna be my new favorite thing. i know, it's very anti social of me but u know what, it was so peaceful. and i totally ended it on a high. (pun intended? what?) i must head to the other building for class. i know there are other things i want to mention. like how there are some classes where the teacher must yell cuz of the construction going on in the building and u cant hear a thing. or how the day after we got $100 million we got doors on our dorm building but i dont really like the doors cuz its extra work now to enter the building. oh look at that. i just wrote it out. my work here is down. i'll be back... in a few weeks!!!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

early bird gets the worm, late worm gets 2 live (?)

some days r long and tiring and absolutely draining. all u want to do is sit on ur bed and sleep. a few hours go by and u realize that a nice mint chocolate chip ice cream might just do the trick.. so u venture out to baskin robbins w. mir and aviva and u stand there all 2gether and discuss what to get. then miriam gets her small lookin scoop. then aviva gets her smaller lookin scoop. then the guy walks over 2 the register and starts ringing them up. as in, r u paying 2gether or seperately. and u're just left there by the ice cream. alone. without ice cream. so then every1 starts laughing at you. and u wonder if perhaps u're just invisible 2 the world. so unimportant in this massive universe that even the baskin robbins guy doesnt see u. when aviva finally asks him to come and help u, life starts looking bright again. then things get even brighter when the manager stops by and tells the guy that he's been using the kid size scoop. there4 u end up with a MASSSIIVE perfectly round amazing scoop of mint chocolate chip and life is good. especially when u get rid of 3 of those darn gold dollars that u have 16 of. whoever decided 2 use those as change in port authority is just mean.

thats all 4 now. if i go 2 sleep rite now i can get 9 hours of sleep b4 the early morning run 2 the ny library 2 see if we can snag 2 copies of eric and enide in the rite translated edition... life is tuf when u have 2 read a new book every week 4 lit and u dont actually want 2 invest in ur medieval romance lit personal collection...

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Hey! Nice DEW!

so while my day hasnt been particularly bad, it has been filled with large stressful situations.

exhibit A: orgo is about 2 start and i start thinking about how tired i am and how boring orgo is. so then i make a mad dash 4 the caf to pick up some good ol' mountain dew. seems simple rite? but no. in the special spot reserved for mountain dew, there is some lame green tea lipton stuff that is faking the mountain dew look by being in a green bottle. so then i freak. and then i swerve around the caf not knowing where to go. WHERE WILL MY LIFE TAKE ME W.O MTN DEW? and then i spotted him. 1 of the caf guys. with a cart of containers. i said, excuse me, but is there any more mountain dew?? and he saw my fear at what lay ahead and he said, theres some diet rite here on the cart. so basically the light came back in2 my life, just its not such a strong bulb. as in DIET? but wtvr. i survived.

exhibit B: the time that my moronic schedule has me in class until 6:45pm. good times in physics lab when we dont actually learn in class, so lab is all about drawing lines that u dont understand but its all good if the numbers are all the same bc then u must b doing something rite..

exhibit C: i told the darfur committee ppl that i would help them out... by help them out i didnt kno that meant hand out postcards to 1/3 of the 19 floors in brookdale the nite b4 my orgo test. but perhaps my good deed will help my grade. not that that worked last time around when i went all the way 2 dc 4 a rally and still didnt get a beautiful gorgeous much desired number on my chem test last yr.

exhibit D: IM JUST SO STRESSED. in that sort of frenzied way. where u fly down the street and eat like u only have 2.0000445 (make sure u have enuf sig fig 4 the fizix man) seconds to eat. bc u dont have ne time 2 eat ur lame salad and potato kugel..o y such a lame dinner? maybe thats bc 1. i hate being fleish in stern and 2. i didnt have time 2 go 2 the free dinner research presentation thing 2nite bc i have 2 much 2 do.

ok. i'm 3 minutes behind schedule... gotta run

Thursday, September 07, 2006

motivation, such an aggravation..

so u kno when u do all the physics problems w. some1 else's numbers bc u r working them thru 2gether..and then when u do them w ur numbers, nope they dont work. o yipee. that just puts me in a super duper mood. not. i decided im always in a bad mood on thursdays.

heres another thing that made me not so happy today: lack of caffiene
so i need to work on the situation bc even tho i didnt have my nice hot yummy coffee this morning 4 breakfast, i did have my mountain dew @ 2pm. that mountain dew was amazing. truly delicious. but until 2pm i was definately not 100% mentally available. then again it was 2 horribly boring classes in a row and thats never easy to sit thru even w. caffiene. i still think that i need 2 fix the caffiene schedule. maybe i should have the caffiene earlier...but i dont kno...

neways orgo lab 2day was super duper. thats bc the main part of the lab revolved around 1 complicated machine that we were supposed 2 share..but bummer of all bummers (thats sagi yea) neways it was broken. so we got 2 end lab early and have time for lunch and stuff. yay.

mir has convinced me to join her 4 some sketchy yu bowling.. im psyched in that sort of its thursday nite and im stressed and just want 2 go 2 sleep way. this is the opposite of hyper rachel. nice 2 meet u. maybe i should just be a garbage disposal repair woman. i bet its like a 2 week training course for 200 bux. and then thats it. no more stress ever except 4 when i dont make money. but who really needs money??


Yummy Sleep

Almost 9 hours of sleep. Woohoo! (please dont kill me Rachel). I woke up before my alarm cuz once again my body is like duuuuude how much sleep do u want and im like duuuuude as much as i can get and its like duuuuude get over urself and then i got up before 11 (does that make u feel better, ratchel?) Since my first class today is cancelled (partay!) im going to be very very productive during that time and GO SHOE SHOPPING! Now for all of you who read my away msg yesterday and are like didnt you just do that yesterday. Yes, yes i did. However it was not a successful trip and so i must go out once again. Maybe i'll reach my 90th pair of shoes. That would be amazing.
In other news. I really dont like having to wake up for 9 am classes as yesterday shows. (Hehe. i totally wrote out shoes instead of shows but i corrected it. one track mind.) I skipped my first class of the semester. Now before everyone starts flipping on me let me explain why i made the right decision. I tried to get into bed at a reasonable time the night before but i just wasnt tired so it took 298375893 years to fall asleep. So then when morning came i was exhausted and it just wasnt worth it for me to go to my first class where i space out all morning (dont worry, its a hebrew class guys) and have me be tired all day since my classes go until 5 pm so i chose to sleep for one more hour so i could be attentive in the rest of my classes. Thank you.
I have under $1000 on my caf card!!! At this rate i must spend $70 a week so i can have nothing left at the end of the semester. I spend an average $40 a week. In order to aviod this pickle we buy out the uptown food store and buy vitamin waters for $2.29 each. Woohoo!
Ok. For real now. There is a big issue in our room. Rachel and Aviva find it funny. I DO NOT. There is a spot on the floor where i keep slipping. I have slipped i think 4 times (possibly more)already. (5 if u want to include the time when i was walking into the dorm building and it was raining outside and they had those yellow things up that says caution wet or whatever and i slipped and almost fell on my butt but thankfully the falling did not occur. At least the security gaurds got some good entertainment.) Normally i would just slip cuz i would be walking around in socks but then i also slipped in my shoes and then in my flip flips cuz there was water/gel on the floor. I still have a huge ugly bruise on my leg from one of the slippage cuz i went straight into rachels bed frame. Not cool.

This shabbat im going to Queens to the Sara(h)s again. Yay. This time not only is Chofetz Chaim in session but Landers is also. Im hoping they are going to drive me back to the city on Sunday since i have a wedding to go to and they are giving me their tv and cuz they love me so much and cuz they were willing to drive in for a skirt once before so they better be willing to drive in for me!
Ok, time to get up. A great day to all!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

my name is what?

certain things follow us thru life. for example, every year from 8th grade through mmy i got in trouble at least 1ce a year for drawing during class. that ended w. the initiation of college, altho i have my suspicions thats about 2 change w. spazzy english teacher.

point is that theres a larger more annoying scenario that plays out w. every new person i meet. this is the scenario called ppl think my name is rachel. as in raTchel. as in rachel from friends. not rachel like hebrew like the matriarch. (insert ppl reading this who r thinking...shoot! her name isnt ratchel??) the most horrible rachel scenario was in mmy...after like 6 months when we got all new classes and 1 teacher latched on2 the ratchel thing even tho i corrected her the first day. and then ppl in the class got confused and thought that i was pulling the i unflipped in israel thing bc i went from rachel (hebrew) to but really ppl started calling me ratchel and it confused the real ratchel. then it started really bugging me and then i made it in2 a big huge spazzy rachel moment where i had like a huge discussion w. rabbi katz about what i was gonna do about my name issue. and then the horribleness happened. 1 early morning in hilchos shabbos w. rabbi lerner who was my teacher the entire year 4 hilchos shabbos and he called me rachel the whole first half of the year, called on me but he said, raTchel can u tell us what the mishna brurah said..and i didnt respond bc i didnt expect him 2 say that. and when i realized he was talking 2 me, i was so confused that i gave him a blank look and he called on some1 else. which was a tragedy bc then he thought i was an idiot. THEN i was wearing my headband that said shteig on it and when i walked in2 the building i got tackled by 1 million mmy girls cracking up and yelling @ me. so finally 1 person told me that during mussar b'parsha rabbi lerner ended off by saying "and to quote raTchel's headband..shteig!" so first of all its so awkward that he read my headband..and 2nd of all he CALLED ME RATCHEL AGAIN! so then i spazzed. totally spazzed. then basically i told him in that bright red rachel face mumbles her words story and i told the other teacher who got mad @ me and basically this is all the introduction to my story.

here is my story:
1st day of women in jewish law i told him my name was rachel and not ratchel. but alas! what did i realize 2day...he thinks my name is BRACHA!!! hahaha!!!!

now every1 thinks im insane 4 writing a super long introduction 4 1 comment, sorry.

thats all 4 now...

Sunday, September 03, 2006

chillin in the 'hood

the weekend started off with a pre-shabbos trip 2 dunkin donuts. many exciting things happened there..for exampe we learned what types of coffee other ppl drink. (ok thats a lie, they didnt actually tell us). additionally we got 2 meet some nice little kids (can we saw first time for everything?) then after miriam learned how 2 parallel park when there were no other cars around (snaps 4 miriam) we got 2 begin the loverly shabbos kallah. friday nite passed w.o 2 many exciting things. or maybe something happened but i just dont remember ne of it. neways then came the big shabbos day. after chillin (literally..thanx mir i appreciate u) on the couch for hours there was a FLASH! and the lights went out. yaaaaaaaaaay ghost stories. then came the party woohoo pink feathers and then the lights came back on. in the meantime we found out that a tree branch had fallen on aliza's car and smashed in the passenger window which was really sad 4 her. but the police came and its all good.

the real fun happened once we got in the car. we got directions and started off on our merry (cautious bc its slippery when wet) way. issues hit in the middle of a country song sing a long. (well i walked in2 the bar passing out $100 bills..and it thrills...lalala) neways thats when we missed the exit to 495/manhatten/midtown tunnel. (no its not 495 from silversmelly altho we did get in2 a highway discussion about the many 495s..) neways me and batya didnt think we were lost bc we hadnt gone on the triboro bridge yet (yes mir, its a bridge not a highway) and then after much discussion and yelling we got shira's dad on the fone and he gave us new directions that involved something about exits 4 3 or 2. then we found the exit signs going up and not down. as in 7 8 9..then after much more discussion we found ourselves heading on2 the henry hudson bridge (yes i saw that sign w. my own eyes so no1 can tell us that the henry hudson bridge doesnt exist) then we found ourselves passing yankee stadium on our rite which is the way u pass it when u r going uptown..but like the wrong way...insert more discussion. more rain. more darkness. more time ticking towards 1:15 which is when the last shuttle leaves yu for stern. then we find ourselves @ a toll and we convince batya to head 4 a cash toll booth so that we can get directions. the dude in the booth was doing just fine until officer obnoxious shows up and starts yelling @ batya to just shut up and listen 2 him. then he tells her that he cant give us directions until she pays the toll fee. then he's mean again and she asks him if there is a problem and he asks her if there's a problem..then he gives his mean directions to debora and we leave. then we find ourselves searching for the mysterious streets that the officer told us 2 find. then we convince batya to make an illegal u-turn and then we turn on2 audobon instead of amsterdam bc none of us can read far enuf...meanwhile we keep calling the shuttle 2 ask them 2 wait for us and daniel offers 2 take us back on the subway..and then after passing 2 infamous drug mobiles we arrive @ the shuttle. park in front of it so they cant leave w.o us and bound on. so we made it out of harlem alive. wooooohooo!

now its late. i have so much 2 do 2morrow. like organize cranium games. and study. yea that 2 i guess. happy day of no labor every1! this is my favorite long weekend.

Friday, September 01, 2006

PANIC! (@ the disco)

me: miriam, we really are sad we really need to blog m (meanwhile i type in mirrac in2 the little window)
mir: giggles
me: i mean its so sad
*page opens..mirs beautiful yellow post appears*
me: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH (screams for an hour) hugs miriam and tells her how proud she is
(just thought i'd share that moment of shock brought 2 u by rachel)

here r my comments b4 i get started on my week:
1. I ALSO HATE THE ELEVATOR SITCH. unlike mir however, i have taken the stairs waaay more than 2 times but mir doesnt take the stairs bc she is scared of the adrenaline induced hyperness rush brought 2 u by sprinting up 10 flights until ur legs go numb. (i kno its weird, but i really find it entertaining)
2. do u kno what its like 2 wake up on tuesday and thursday @ 7:35am when ur roomate is sleeping till 11??? DO U KNO THE PAIN IT CAUSES ME??? yea..didnt think so

ok here r my factoids...
1. i have had 2 good days in a row. this is strange and bizarre in the first week of skool. yet also good and hopeful. perhaps this year will b filled w. only good days (not that last year was horrible, just the beginning was very stressful..shout out 2 first chem lab last yearwhen i got sent back 2 the dorm 4 wearing flip flops). these days have been productive as well as not as boring or slow as they had potential 4 being.
2. since i havent slept since 4th grade, i have become VERY hyper. more hyper than i have been all summer which is no shocker bc chillin in woodside doesnt really make me very hyper. maybe thats y i've been so hyper lately, i have some extra hyper in me from the summer. hmm what an idea. i bet mir hopes that i'm almost done letting out the hyper, but i dont think so.
3. here is something i've been meaning 2 is a life changing question:

What are those blacks blobs on the sidewalks of NY? @ first glance they seem 2 b blobs of tar, but how could there be so many? @ 2nd glance they were suggested by yulia and aviva 2 b old gums blobs that have had so much dirt stuck 2 them that they turned black. @ 3rd glance by aviva and rachel it seemed that it wasnt possible that there was so much gum. perhaps just the white spots r gum. so now its up 2 u, o loyal bloggers (shout out 2 the worried malkie...we cant wait 2 tell classic malkie stories on monday nite..woohoo..and hinda and "anonymous on linden" and even shout out 2 josh that i dont kno altho i think u're 4in films josh but i bet u only read mirs posts..thats ok tho im cool w. that) newaaaaaays loyal bloggers u go and figure out this question of life bc it really does vex me when i walk down the street (200 points 2 whoever knows what movie first introduced me 2 the word vex)

thats all 4 now. mir is complaining that she hears me typing 2 much. sheesh.
ps..dont 4get that the yogurt and the strawberry were last seen here....