Wednesday, November 29, 2006

There Goes Another

Happy Happy Happy Birthday Rachel S. Nechama!!!! enjoy being old

Sunday, November 26, 2006

u kno im wasting time when...

i'm blogging... 3 times in the past week or so does not reflect well on my approach 2 the oncoming orgo test. not that i havent studied. as of now, saturday nite b4 the tuesday orgo test i have done every problem for chapters 8,10, and 11. but that does not mean i remember ne of it. im just soooooooooooo not in the mood. which is how u find me sitting here on saturday nite instead of studying.
the sad thing is i dont even have nething funny 2 say 2 entertain u all while i try 2 entertain myself. its cold in my house and my mom finally believes me. SUCCESS!!

try #2000 2 buy brown shoes ended the same way they all do:
shoe lady: im sorry we dont have those in that size

so how would u celebrate ur last saturday nite as a teenager? im making old ppl proud by studying and eating french fries. rockin party, i kno.

ok this is just a sad bad post. so its over.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

back 2 the comics...

does that need an explanation??

Saturday, November 18, 2006

guess who's back??

while it is possible to lose ur funny (as we all kno mir did last year) i have in fact not lost mine. it has merely just been covered up by way too much time spent studying. occasionally i feel like i should blog, but then i open up the page and then i get busy w. something else and alas..i find myself part of the 'i have 4gotten how 2 blog' club. its not that it takes a lot of time 2 blog..or that i have 2 try really hard 2 b funny ... ok maybe that part is true..but its just that u need 2 b in a certain state of mind... u cant b squashed @ ur desk surrounded by piles of orgo papers and books and empty bottles of mountain dew, orange juice, and vitamin water. (none of that is actually here rite now bc as usual i procrastinated on friday by doing some intense cleaning) neways heres something super duper thats going on 2morrow:

i, rachel, the quiet person who doesnt like talking 2 strangers will b on stage....with richard joel. its open house day and insane rachel and jenn decided 2 take the bait of free event staff sweatshirt and student embassador line on their resumes 2 b @ skool @ 830 2morrow morning 2 b really friendly 2 parents and their uniterested kids who still think that there is "NO WAY IM GOING 2 STERN".. yea rite buddy..see ya in 2 years :-P neways so our good pal richy is gonna b speaking and part of his speech is calling up the students there and asking them questions...
heres a preview of what might come my way 2morrow :
(after the usual say my name and my hometown and my only 1 out of those 3 questions is simple considering half the place will think i said bracha..but i have decided 2 turn my back on silver spring and b more interesting and say dallas..sorry folks) neways so then comes:
what do u most like about stern? apparently last sunday @ the yu open house a guy said that yu is probably the only school in the country that has more girls in the library than books. thats a tough act 2 beat... but im thinking that my favorite part of stern is the shidduch shuttle. hopefully i wont b the first 1 called on bc that would b awkward. but once every1 else has said their awkward its a great community...i luv paying 40,000 bux 2 skip class and go shopping thing..then i'll get 2 say my line and b all super excited...and its kinda sad bc they're giving us breakfast and lunch but lunch is hardcore gonna b scary scary circa wraps..shout out 2 the summer i was in boston and ate a nasty avocado and artichoke hearts wrap from circa in the car back from ny to boston w. the bro.... i've been nauseous ever since..

ok so really i could go on 4ever, but i have an open orgo book laughing @ my lack of following schedule..well actually its all good bc according 2 my plan sunday is:
catch up to the schedule bc its completely unrealistic..
yes that is true. especially when u blog instead of study...or look 4 non-shimon buddy icons...

hope u didnt all miss me 2 much..

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Where Did She Go?

Rachel hasn't written in a very long time which means I am way cooler than her. That is all.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

What's Today?

Oh right. Happy Birthday to Me! I've been sitting around all day in my pajamas. :-D It's a great 6th birthday! That's really all i have to say. I just wanted proof that the birthday happened on the blog. So here it is. Yay for me. Oh, Rachel and Aviva got me a snickers bar and a bottle of purell. And a card of course. It said "We wish you a very happy birthday and a long, healthy life because we like you..." and then you open it and it says "...and because it's really hard to find people who will put up with both of us at the same time." Ok, im done.... for now. Oh, Sara stopped by for a few (Sarah was downstairs in the car cuz she cant park it in front of the dorm) and gave me a card which she had to explain to me (it had to do with shoes). The front was covered with shoes and said " It's your birthday, Sis!" and the inside said "Spend it with the ones you love the most" (rachel also didnt get it at first, only aviva got it). And she brought me a donut. Ok, now im done. Byes.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Apologies for the Repeat

One test down. Two more to go. That's just for the week peoples. Don't think i'm done with midterms and stress just yet. After i'm thru this week i have a huuuuuuge report due next week. (all nighter monday night, woohoo!) (mom, u didnt just read that) And then another test the week after that. Oh, and i still havent had a midterm in one of the my classes so we'll see if that teacher ever decides to let us know about that one. I mean we havent had that class in over a week now so i'm not really sure what's going to happen there. (shout out to Rachel who decided to give me an update every minute as to whether we were having class this morning) So right now im staring at the back of Avivas head. Her hair has seen better days. (hahahahaha)
I have yet to discuss the greatness of last week. (i forgot to mention it in my post last time)
So i was in the caf last week Monday morning and i was buying my usual breakfast consisting of orange juice. And there it was. The most beautiful orange juices of all the land. Immunity Defense. It was back. Ready to take on the harsh winter. (rachel doesnt believe in it cuz shes a buttmunch) It brought me so much joy with its 400% vitamin c and all its all shtuffs that they place in it to promote a healthy immune system and now i can be a bit less paranoid about those sick ppl surrounding me (such as Aviva who is to leave the dorm immediately). So really i should leave and all right now but i dont feel like it.
Oh, lets discuss the mavs and their lack of playing ability. I mean fine, the first game they played and it was close and all and we just lost. Fine, whatever. It was an entertaining game with drama and all that good stuff. I mean we were off to a great start so that was nice. (becca, spurs suck :-D)But then saturday nights game was just ridiculous. I dont even know what they were doing out there. Wait wait, i do know. They were just hanging out on the court watching the other team score points over and over and over again. How nice. They better win tonight or else it's over between us. Good luck.
Happy Birthday King Tut! (Sarah)

Friday, November 03, 2006


oo man the week of insanity is over and a new one is just about 2 begin. before the awesome relaxation of shabbos begins (filled w. the sara(h) and miriam delicious gourmet food) i figured i'd have 2 post since miriam did last nite. hehehe.

heres my week in review:
study. study. study. study. eat candy drink mountain dew. study study study. collapse. i kno it sounds thrilling...but it wasnt. until a scary man yelled @ me in the street @ 11pm when i was going 2 schotty 2 study more in the home of the insane.

heres an update about my boots. i am wearing them. in size huge. but its all good bc @ least i have nice warm black boots. yay!

so last nite me and aviva decided 2 do something really fun. u kno what it was? its called reading middle english romances...1000 lines out of 2235...and it took 4EVER! but we had a bar and a half of pop rox chocolate, 2 bags of chips, and some delicious snapple. thats the life. plus it took us 30 pictures to properly balance the camera on the box of cookies, on the laptop, on the times.

ok...i should probably get ready 4 shabbos now..aka check out my swollen knee

Thursday, November 02, 2006


The day has finally arrived. November 2. First game of the season. Last year we opened against the Suns. (i believe) This year it's the spurs. Ok, so here is my concern. We played them last in the preseason games and it didnt go over so well. But but but it was just a preseason game, right? so there was no pressure, right? So tonight will kick some behind like we did during the playoffs, right? AWESOME! I will be watching the game in queens. yay yay yay. I mean im totally not ready for the season to start at all. All the games have been written in my planner since september and all but still, its gonna be stressful. Hatzlacha raba to the Mavs and may this season only be better than last season. (victory is ours!)
In other news.... i got thru my 2 midterms this week. They werent too bad. I'm happy with some of my grades which is fine. I mean who really cares. My hebrew bday was this week. (i only cried once and that was when i opened the gift my family got me. thanks for the necklace guys! i heart it so much!!!! oh, and i heart y'all too!!!) Hinda had bought be a balloon and as i was walking down the street with it the wind was kinda dragging it behind and it hit some older business looking man in the face and he was like "oh man oooohhhhh" in a funny way and then i was like (all sweet and innocently) "im soooo sorry" but he was totally cool about and the balloon said happy bday so he couldnt really be mean to me. hehehe. i kinda want to do that again. but im sure if it had hit any other guy in the face they would have punched me cuz NYers arent so nice. what else what else. im in a fight with rachel and aviva cuz they didnt call me to tell me class was cancelled. that's the second time they've done that. when i walked into the class where they were just sitting around i yelled at them "snort on y'all" it was a grand entrance if i do say so myself. i guess it was a good week overall. i got over 9 hrs of sleep one night. it was amazing. oh look teachers here. must go. but there was something i wanted to end off with. oh, that this week was good but next week wont be cuz i have 3 tests. not cool. i know ppl who are done with midterms already. snort snort snort. until next time. GO MAVS!!!