Wednesday, June 27, 2007


alrighty, some ppl *cough cough* think that i am more boring than them. U KNO WHAT? I AM NOT! u kno how i kno?? bc unlike SOME PPL i did not sit on a table, eat popcorn, and watch the lightining! instead i went outside and saved the people drowing in the flash flood. HA!

heres a funny convo i just had with my dad while we were sneaking biscotti while pretending 2 put it away for my mom:
me: i dont really like biscotti *munch munch*
dad: yea, me 2 *munch munch*
me: it takes 2 much work
dad: yea [pause] but u dont bake..ever
me: i meant 2 much work 2 eat *munch munch*

i had tons of fun 2day finding funny pictures for my informative speech on "dealing with frizzy, crazy, curly hair." here is my favorite pic:
i would put the pic up here itself, but that would take away from the absolute hysterical shock u will get when u see it.

u may wonder why exactly i am putting that picture in my speech. its because i start off with the statistic that 61% of women put finding their dream guy over getting their dream hair. so then i end off with that pic 2 prove that u can find ur dream guy and ur dream hair..hahaha

my dad pointed out that the scary part of that stat is the 39% of the ppl polled would choose good hair over a dream guy. i'd go with them. hahah jk jk.

2morrow me and elan r ditching class 2 go 2 the soccer game with free tix. O WAIT WE CANT DITCH CLASS BC WE'RE NOT MIR WHO GETS 2 SKIP WHENEVER.

heres another story:
i was walking down the street and regis and jane seymour came and talked to me about medical technology. ok thats a lie. i wasnt walking down the street, i was crammed into a room in the cannon house of representatives building. heck yea. i pretended like i was an important dc intern shoving the world aside 4 my peice of the government pie. except i went w. my dad so i didnt have 2 do nething sleazy 2 get there.

oh, and i'd like 2 point out that bubble gum nail polish is definatly not as cool as vixen nail polish alright? alright. alright alright alright.

so i hate when things r flashing on my computer trying 2 get my attention. bc clearly they get my attention. thats y i hate when ppl assume i have aol because i have aim and so they send me emails to my aim sn. so then the little aim guy has 2 flash away and i have 2 go thru the whole annoying process of reading the slooooow mail on aim. until 2day when the website wont even open. like i click on it and it starts to load and then it gets frozen and offers 2 send a report which i refuse bc i already sent like 100 so get on it ppls. and basicaly that means that the guy is still blinking in my face. DUDE. GO AWAY I DONT WANT 2 READ UR STUPID MESSAGE NEWAYS!

i think my work here is done.
here is an addition 2 my thanksgiving thanks:
thankgoodness i am not living in alabama in the 1930s so that i am not a white supremist evil person who burns ppl alive while TWA planes crash overhead. yea...dont ask..its a short story.

pardon me

u know what? some of us are busy and dont have time to check up on this here lil blog and see if rachel decided to post again after a year. ok? like yesterday, for instance, i had to paint my toes bubble gum pink so i clearly had no time to check on the blog. and today i was in school. and monday i was in school, and sunday i was out shopping, and saturday was shabbat kodesh, and friday i was cooking, and thursday i was in school, and wednesday i was in school. see? not all of us go to school 2 days a week and play the rest of the time. soon tho, soon i will be playing all day. playing = swimming and tennis. yay. (that's assuming the rain decides to stop back home, please G-d)
so the s key on my keyboard is broken. i correct whenever i type. like if im writing out the word whats up- a lot of the time it comes out as 'what up' and i then have to go and correct it and i said i would stop doing that but i cant just not correct it cuz then my convo <- exhibit a the s was just left out right there i wanted to write convoS but no, i pressed s and it did not register. now i totally lost what i was saying. i'll just explain y its broken. so my comp was on my bed at home (this was back before summer classes started) and suddenly farfel jumped on my bed and he jumped on izabelle and the s key wasnt sitting right and then it came off so i kinda fixed it meaning it went back on the keyboard but it still wont sit right. so now when i press on it it doesnt always register. so its really frustrating when im trying to talk to ppl or typing in general cuz i always have to retype things.
schools almosts over. woohoo. im going to rachels for shabbat. woohoo. with deb. woohoo. i think thats all the excitement. oh wait, huge thunderstorms going on tonight in queens. there were awesome bolts of lightening so i just sat on the dining room table here staring out the window watching it. i even made popcorn. then the sara(h)s came home and kinda made fun of me. oh well. i enjoyed it. sarah said that i would totally sit there all day just watching ppl. so true.
there ya go rachel, i posted. i hope ur happy.
oh, i also have to write a persuasive speech. i think mine will be on y tap water is better than bottled water. its quite scary. dont read up on it. trust me.
oh, im also reading aloud as i type. just in case u guys were wondering.
that is all.
ps dont end a speech like that, the prof will get mad.

Monday, June 25, 2007


wow. what a shocker. mir hasnt blogged since her little "4 days ahem."
i really dont have much 2 say either, but i figured i would rather do this than be productive.

so hmm...i wanted 2 buy the nailpolish that dalya has (cherry crush) but i ended up with vixen and thats like 100 shades darker. oh well. painting ur own toenails is never as gratifying as getting a pedicure. sigh.

i have 2 plan a persuasive speech. the topic is either gonna b "why mountain dew is the best source of caffiene" or "why the red sox r the bomb diggity" i think im gonna go w. mountain dew bc the red sox speech is so obvious it wont b persuasive. i mean can u say 11.5 games ahead of the yankees. yea..thats what i call a nice big cozy CUSHION. i mean its gonna take some SERIOUS slacking, injuries, and bad-ness 2 make them lose that lead.

things i've learned:
parks rock.

ok thats all. farewell.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

HUNGRY? grab a snickers

what i love about malkie is that she actually checks the blog enuf 2 notice that its been updated. thats incredible 2 me. malkie, u r da woman.

so the mcats r over. im just chilling here waiting 4 the dinner buddy 2 arrive, but until then i dont really have nething 2 do. thats a lie actually bc i could read the english stuff for tuesday. the problem is that she told us she'll email us the shortened version of our assignment, so im not gonn read 200 extra pages thank u very little. i could also look over my comm notes 4 the test, but desire.

there is macaroni and cheese in my bag. i really wanna eat it RITE NOW but knowing me i'll probably just finish it all while not paying attention and then that'll suck bc there wont b ne left 4 ne1 else.

wow seriously no clue what 2 write. so sad. my brain is totally focused on the macaroni and cheese. heres a funny story about macaroni and cheese:

last week when i burned (burnt?) the water in the pot (not the pot, but the water) i then proceeded 2 dump the noodles AND the cheese packet in2 the water. of course some BRILLIANT person had put the cheese in a water proof container so that even after i scooped it out with a spoon, the yummy fake orange cheese was still dry. so 2day i go 2 make pasta again, and i specifically make sure not 2 dump the cheese packet in2 the pot when all of a sudden...SPLASH! another cheese packet falls in. LIKE THEY TRICKED ME! they put 2 packets in and so i had 2 fish that 1 out with a spoon also. ppl r so cruel.

ok i think thats all. 2 bored 2 continue.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


4 days. r u impressed rachel? if i were u i wouldnt be impressed by me noticing the blog but by me getting into OUR blog using UR email. thats so very kind of u. lucky for me u checked ur email at my house during our GjERM invasion and announced ur pw to the world. nice.
awww, blogger just gave me a lil pop up telling me how it saves my drafts automatically. thats so kind of them.
i feel like i should tell y'all my schedule since rachel s. nechama did. i arise at 8:45 every m, w, and th. i leave the apt at 9:26 (if u leave at 9:28 it will result in u having to run down the street to catch the shuttle. not so fun). i then take the 9:30 shuttle to the subway station. i take the E downtown to lex and 53 where i transfer to the 6 downtown to 23rd. i usually get to school around 10:15 or so depending on the trains. i sit around doing nothing until 10:45 or so. i mean class is supposed to start at 10:45 but the teacher is kinda spazzy. my first class is speech. or COMM. whichever rachel prefers. we usually meditate or watch movies. it gets rachel mad. then we sit in groups and pretend to discuss our speeches. very disorganized. i usually get let out around 1 and do nothing until 2:15 which is when phil of psych starts. that class is entertaining. my prof is so funny and his accent is so cool. his phrases r hysterical and we laugh a lot. again, im sure rachel is mad about that. around 3:30 we get a 7-15 min break depending on the day. we dont usually get let out early but the last two classes he let us out early which was cool. but on a regular day i leave at 4:55 and i head back on the 6 to the e and wait for a shuttle to get home and i arrive there at 6:10. thats right ladies and gentlemen. for just 2 classes i am out of the house from 9:26-6:10. *cries*
thats my life as of now. i wanna skip school and just sleep. yay! or tan. yay! i hate giving speeches. but overall i like my classes cuz real college is fun.

so there u go guys, thats my life for 5 weeks.

this post sucks but its rachels fault cuz she posted first and im sure she thinks shes all cool cuz of her mint chocolate.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

and she comes back from behind!!


so 2day i was talking 2 malkie. (hm does this font seem smaller? i cant tell) normal. o yea, this is normal. neways so 2day i was talking 2 malkie (shout out) and she complained about the lack of blog. and earlier this month sara made the same claim. and whenever ppl made the claim i always felt badly 4 them. bc clearly the blog is dead. i mean me and mir printed out all 251 pages of it. and bound it 4 a small fortune @ the local kinkos. if that doesnt signify the end of an era, i dont kno what does. but shock of all shocks i find myself here. on terrified.

terrified? did u read that rite?? yup. basically forced me 2 sign in2 blogger via gmail and im so scared that mir is gonna kill me. but there were no other options! its kinda like how i cant watch greys on nemore bc they ONLY offer the new video streaming and not the old kind and the new kind doesnt work on ralph. so please mir, dont kill me.

heres my daily schedule that is about 2 change:
i wake up. do all the morning stuff. study mcats. study mcats. study mcats. mixed in with some spacing out. making kick butt ice coffee and playing with my reflection in spoons and trying 2 convince myself that that is fizix. after maximal mcat cramming, i move on 2 reading smally tiny print 4 african american lit. which isnt so bad. then every nite is spent in transit 2 the umd library where i party w. my group from COMM...aka speech..aka public speaking. by party i mean work on the worlds most retarded project ever. but its ok. there r some pretty cool ppl in my group :-P by that i mean famous basketball boy. duh.

friday is the mcat day. dreaded day. despicable day. dreamed of day.
i cant wait 2 just sleep late, go shopping, and just have time 2 do the tiny little things i havent had any time 2 do. (of course u read this and think that if i had time 4 this i must have had time 4 all the other things..but clearly u dont kno how 2 manage the amount of stress and work i have so shhh)

i think this is enuf 4 my return 2 blogging post. lets see how long it takes b4 mir notices this :-D