Sunday, October 29, 2006

mission hopefully not impossible

i have this boot issue. i tend 2 have 2 much air space in my boots. in that sort of its raining on my feet down my boot issue. it drives me crazy and i always am sad when i see really nice boots that i always know wont fit my legs normally. but somehow my mom convinced me that dsw would have boots. so off we run after shabbos and after 2 minutes i'm convinced i'm finished. that is until my eyes fall on a pair of black semi-tall zipup uggs. now i kno. uggs r ugly. but if u have ever tried them on u kno that the beauty of the ugg is inside. the smooshy warm cozy feeling. neways i never really got the complete cozy feeling bc my legs usually dont touch the sides of the boots. but here i was w. 1 boot on and i knew this was the pair of boots 4 me.

that beautiful feeling lasted about 2 seconds until i reached my hand in2 the box 4 the right shoe and i discovered...there was no right shoe. thats rite. some sneaky person stole my right shoe!!!!! and they dont have it @ the other dsw either. and the boot doesnt exist newhere. not on the ugg site. not on ne other random shoe site. the only place it has been located is on ebay and it wasnt my size. (yay miriam) neways heres ur mission should u choose 2 accept it:

1 FULL pair of black uggs. fairfax style.
reward?? eternal reward!! (and no old men w. daggers....thats an aladdin reference 4 all ppl who think im scary now)

other then that theres not 2 much going on in my life. besides 4 the endless midterms, random posters that require design degrees, and the usual free-falling elevator. rumor has it that the construction in stern wont b done till @ least march. that really means like next january bc they work super slowly. theres a lot of lunch eating, important ppl taking tours and looking @ plans going on. not a lot of work tho. they also like putting tape in random places 2 mark things off so it looks like something will happen.

wow. i think i've lost the blogging touch. but 2 give up would b 2 turn in2 miriam. and that would mean i would have 2 straighten my hair every day and not let ppl put their feet on my bed..and thats just scary.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

just saying hi

so mir is gonna complain that i always blog rite after she does...but i finished my midterm early and i have nothing else 2 do. sorry man.

here's the fun i had last nite. its called cramming. yup. starting @ 10:30pm after i finished making the most annoying poster ever, me and debora began the process known as 'memorize old reiner tests'. thats basically what we did for 3 hours last nite. fun times.

i really cant post nething else bc the space bar is broken and its driving me me thats all 4 now..

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

So Long....

So long. Two words that have multiple meanings. It's been so long since my last post but i guess that's just expected from me. (Rachel has no excuse). And so long as in lets say so long to my glorious life cuz i have test after test after test after test (shall i continue) for the next few weeks and really i dont get to breathe until after nov 21. That is just sad. Excuse me while i cry. *cries* Ok, i'm back. You know what the saddest part is? My birthday is in the middle of midterms and so there is no time for me to even celebrate. I mean i wasnt really planning on celebrating this year since im gonna be so old and its just saddening and depressing and im gonna be crying the entire time (good luck with that one, rachel and aviva) but still it would have been nice to at least have the option. And mavs season starts next week. I know if i try to explain that to any of my teachers they'll just give me a blank stare so i wont even try. But i really have to focus on the first game of the season. Hello! Mavs vs Spurs! (scroll allllll the way down). This is a very very very serious game. I mean its good that its on a thursday night when i can focus on it and all. I got to watch a preseason game the other night when i was at home while everyone else was at school and it was so nice and there were all these new ppl and they played beautifully at the end. Ok, really im not ready for the season to start cuz thats just too much stress now that i think about it. i mean i just dont have time. What if we just cram the season into my 2 1/2 weeks of winter break? That sounds great! All the game can be at home and i'll have first row seats (ok fine, i'll take my usual second row).
On to other matters. It's cold here in smelly ny. I'm in denial even tho i've worn my stunning Ugg boots twice already. But only at night. With my pink zip up of course. I miss flip flops. I want 90 degree weather (please note that i didnt ask for triple digit weather, how nice am i?). I just dont do winter. I just dont. I cant. I wasnt made for this weather. Aviva wore tights yesterday. Not cool. At all. I miss home. I miss driving around in my truck. I miss farfel. Oh, and my family. Right right, i miss them too. (nice save). Flying back on sunday was not fun. It was just like last yr. I woke up sick sunday morning and had to fly out that afternoon. Last yr was better cuz i had my sis with me. This time i had to do it all by my lonesome. It's no fun being a big girl. I was praying praying praying for my own plane to pull up in my driveway but it didnt happen. One of these days i will fly back to NY private. Just u wait. Hmm... what else what else.
Oh i have rants. Ok, so what really really bugs me here at stern is when ur trying to either get to class or leave the building and ur approaching a doorway and there are ppl walking in front of u and they see someone they know and they are like 'oh hi lets stop right here in this doorway and start talking about the past 20 yrs of our lives and not let anyone else pass thru cuz clearly they dont have anywhere they have to be right now'. that really really annoys me. A DOORWAY IS NOT FOR STOPPING ITS FOR PASSING RIGHT THRU AND IF U WANNA STOP AND CHAT WITH SOMEONE THEN DO IT ELSEWHERE. or if ur walking down the stairs and ppl r in front of u once again and their like 'oh lets stop walking down in the middle of the stairs and not let anyone get around us cuz clearly they arent going down these stairs for any reason at all and they probably wanna stop too' PPL GET A MOVE ON IT. STAIRS ARE FOR MOVEMENT AND IF U MAKE ME LATE I WILL SLAP U. thats all. oh look, class is starting soon. must go. yipee. ok, now i dont have to blog again for another yr. woohoo. rachel, ur next. aliza grodko says hi. my work here is done.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

i'm still around...

i learned 2 very important lessons 2day:

lesson #1: Gd DOES answer prayers. i walked in2 the caf this morning and glanced over @ the sodas totally not expecting nething. but there it was...the green glow of mountain dew. i was 2 scared 2 miss out on this opportunity so i bought 1 rite then even tho it wasnt lunch time yet. it actually tasted better than i remembered. which is impressive, bc i remember it tasting pretty darn good.

lesson #2: when something is 165 degrees celsius....dont touch it. but of course in my supreme rush 2 get out of lab and go 2 lunch @ 2:45 (that only leaves 15 minutes 2 get 2 the caf b4 they close....which really means like 20 seconds 2 get there b4 they decide that they cant wait ne longer for 3pm so they'll close early and leave us lunchless) i decided 2 take the little glass tubes w. our precious crystals out of the melting machine. and boy were they hot. so i screamed and dropped them back in and then i laughed. and then my finger hurt and i branded myself w. thin glass cappilary. so now my finger has this little line on it. it was funny. i mean it hurt, but not bad enuf 2 take away the funniness.

now its thursday nite. what a beautiful beautiful time. i will b watching my first greys of the season..i'm only 4 episodes behind...but its all good bc while we were waiting 100 years 4 our stuff 2 boil in lab 2day jenn told me all the stuff i missed. lab is really useful sometimes.

thats about it. hopefully i'll survive the next 3 weeks. that would b nice. my birthday is gonna b amazing. rite after the last orgo test b4 finals. but then again its a week b4 the last fizix test b4 finals...and thats not always so good. but point is, its gonna b fun even tho i'll b so old that my hair will turn grey.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Big Day

Well well, it's finally here. The first from our class is getting married. Yes, i'm kinda freaking out a bit and i have every right. But lucky for me i dont have as much time today to dwell on it cuz i have stuff to day. But lets dwell for a bit. Tsipora chana chadga yalta chaya shprintza leah fruma baila fried is gonna be gross soon. Weird man. Oh right, shtick isnt even completed. It took forever for me and chani to get thru walmart last night and the pounding in my head did not speed up the process in the least bit and before we went back to her place to work on stuff i stopped off at my casa to get some migraine meds cuz i was sure i was either gonna pass out or throw up from the pain. How i managed to drive home is still a mystery. In any case we only completed one thing cuz chani was passed out on the ground sleeping towards the end and i was really trying not to throw up. It was really quite lovely. For some reason i didnt go to bed until really really late. I havent done that in a while and of all nights i pick the night before the wedding. Smart miriam. So now i have little sleep in me AND get this. This is really funny. You guys are gonna love this one. Cuz let me tell u im getting a real kick out of it. My head STILL hurts. Its hilarious. SNORT. So now im not so sure what to do with this lil head of mine. Anybody wanna trade? It's a really nice head!!!! (rachel, u know u want the luscious(?) hair) I really needa get a move on things. Maybe pop some more pills to try and deal with this head sitch. On the bright side i'm not at school......

Monday, October 16, 2006

Maybe I'm Addicted...

Please scroll allllllll the way down. Thank You.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

last minute blogging from israel...

so i'm leaving the house @ 3:30am and i figured i had nothing better to do then waste time online. i mean every1 else is sleeping, but thats all we're gonna do on the plane, so y not waste time now?? i kno..i'll b the 1 collapsing by the time i show up in ny 2morrow nite @ 11pm...

neways...thursday after some classic my family miscommunication and randomness, i found myself in mmy...and shockingly enuf i knew a good 5 ppl there...i was so proud!!! i got a lot of old comments tho.. as in o, so where r u in seminary? me: i was here 2 years ago.. them: wow. u're old. that happened like 10 times in 1 stuff.. another thing that happened was the super hyper rachel who just felt the need 2 blab to every single person she met. now im not like that. i meet ppl and i have absolutely nothing 2 say. not in a...omg i cant think of something that wont emb me..just as in my mind is totally blank and i just have nothing 2 say. but here i was in mmy and every person i met was priveleged enuf 2 hear me just blab on and on w. random stories and commentaries and hyperness. and then i was trying 2 tell them how i didnt talk in the beginning of mmy and they all looked @ me in this girl could not have been quiet at the beginning of mmy, she didnt shut up for the past 10 minutes.. it was bizarre. especially bc in my head i was like wow..who am i? and y cant i stop talking?? and no miriam, i hadnt had ne mountain dew. but of course, spending time in the heiligah mmy was a partay especially when i got 2 clean rena's chicken..

yom tov was nice bc rebecca got 2 spend time w. my family and see how truly weird, bizarre, and 2 quote chani "we put the 'fun' in dys'fun'ctional.... there was a lot of classic..i came all the way here to do u a favor that u didnt request or need and now im mad that i came all the way here type stuff.. but she survived neways and still had fun..or so she said. and then after like 10 hours of scavenger hunt directions from me and rebecca, bracha (of link on the side of the page fame) came to visit me all the way from maale adumim in the rain. yes its true folks, it rained and rained 2day... fun stuff in israel. they were both zocheh 2 join the family tradition that is usually at nite on simchas torah, but was pushed off a few hours... this is the famous "tacos and beer" tradition. apparently it began about 25 years ago and has continued on uninterrupted in various parts of the world represented by different members of the mafia family. the actual tradition is as simple as it sounds. every simchas torah u have to eat tacos and beer. and have lots of fun.

b4 i go here is a story that i missed out on. it is my new favorite:

so my parents and my grandmother r driving back from chaifa (doesnt it look weird spelled that way?) and they take a wrong turn. its late at nite and the road is REALLY dark. eventually they see a sign that says "Shomron. High Surveillance"(something like that..) and they realize that they have found their way in2 the shomron.. so they decide 2 do what?? pull over on this random road and look @ a map. now please note they could really b on the road leading 2 jenin, but they pull over neways. then they see some1 approaching the car and he knocks on the window. its an 'israeli' guy w. a fro that has been compared 2 mine and he wants a ride. of course, being nice and crazy, my family lets the guy in and drives him 2 ariel. he is 'from' alon shvut, but apparently gets kicks out of walking down dark roads in the shomron and getting rides from clearly lost americans. neways. the story didnt come out as funny as it was. or maybe i just have a warped sense of humor, but i thought it was priceless. i mean who else would pick up a hitchiker in the middle of the nite in the shomron??

neways. im waking up in 3 1/2 hours..i should go 2 sleep...

Thursday, October 12, 2006


we approach the monkey park thru a large dusty parking lot. a quick glance at the hours shows us that we only have until 3pm, and its 1pm. no fear guys..this park looks small and we'll probly been done in like 45 minutes. we start walking thru. its a typical israeli zoo experience where the water is green and u can only imagine the lawsuits they would get in america. but then u get to a fun climbing park. then u see some more monkeys after that, but it seems as tho theres a sign for yitziah at the end. great.. the exit is coming up u think... and suddenly u find urself in a little part w. monkeys walking around u. thats cool. they must have saved the best 4 last bc theres another yitziah sign. suddenly u're passing more monkeys.. and u see another yitziah sign. that looks amazing. then u find urself near park tables..thats always a clear sign of an exit. but then theres more monkeys! and another yitziah sign. this place is seriously neverending.. then u go thru some more monkeys..rush past a little park..and then BAM u're in kid wonderland. theres a clown. theres a HUGE mcdonalds climbing gym on steroids.. theres a bubble bath pool... popsicles.. its insane. then u think ok this MUST be the end.. so u pass thru a gate and find urself in ANOTHER monkey petting zoo thing. (meanwhile u've been sidestepping all sorts of things in ur quest to leave the place) finally u pop out by the exit...and u think u must be locked in bc theres no way u've finally found the exit 2 hours after first spotting a yitziah sign..
plus the monkies were really cute. a little malnourished and popcorn fed..but cute neways.

all items have been purchased except 4 the chapstick and the sfarim..but no luck ppl...manny's is closed during chol hamoed for some retarted business plan reason. 2nite is partay in mmy...aka lots of speakers and leaving fun notes 4 rabbi katz on his door.. just 4 the record..u dont have red sox pitchers flying in2 buildings when the season's over... but thats just my observation..

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Rain Rain Go Away

why i hate the rain.
reason number 1. i get really bad headaches
reason number 2. it ruins my whole day

i've come to terms with the fact that tuesdays and thursdays are just bad bad days for me. i get it. ok? last week was the whole blood test fiasco. not fun. thursday just wasnt a good day even tho i had played with aviva all day (hmm, maybe that was why it wasnt good... j/k). today is tuesday and its raining and storming and its just no fun at all and it caused me to wake up before 9. WHO WAKES UP BEFORE 9 DURING VACATION?
yesterday was my busiest day of vacation so far. i think. first i took my mom to work so i could have the car. it wasnt the truck. i was stuck with the escalade. (now now, it sounds jappy and spoiled and all that good stuff. and im not. really. I JUST WANT TO DRIVE THE TRUCK). so on my way home i was on the phone with yulia who had been in town since friday and i had no clue so i decided to stop by her casa and we were just chilling and then i totally forgot that i was heading back home originally to say bye to my sister who was heading back to smelly ny and so then i didnt get to say goodbye and so now im a horrible sister. so then from yulias we made plans to meet up with rochelle for lunch at the jcc. but u see i was kinda still in pajamas covered up with a skirt and sweatshirt so before we could meet up for lunch i had to stop off at home and get dressed (we saved time by doing my hair at yulias while she was getting ready, smart move). so we stop by my house real quick (it was!) and i get dressed and then we head to to the j but we get there and rochelle decides she needs to get something from her casa so then me and yulia hop into her car and so we drive all the way back to there and then all the way back to the j and finally sit down for lunch. so we sit and chill and la la la. now i had left the house at 11 and i finally get back home around 2. so then i make plans with aviva to go to the carnival but i realized i told my mom that i was gonna pick her up at 4:30 and we were gonna get flu shots but instead i ask my dad to pick her up and so i can go to the carnival and yipee no flu shot for me (at least not that day). so just before im about to leave for the carnival (in my beautiful red truck, woohoo) i decided to be a good girl and visit my aunt who i hadnt seen since i had left for smelly ny. so i stop there and end up chilling there for an hr and my lil cousin ryan was there too. so i get to the carnival around 5ish. me and aviva and her niece ride the train and just hang around and then me and yulia have a waterfight. that was exciting. except that yulia was leaving so it didnt matter and i was stuck there all wet and my hair was ruined. but i survived. so then around 7ish we leave. i was gonna go over to tsippis later that night but that didnt happen cuz by the time i could go my head was killing from the stupid storm that was moving in. and that was my exciting day.

other exciting adventures:
i went to the library before chag and read 2 books over chag and im onto my 3rd. woohoo!

we (aviva, chani, me) went out for slurpees last week and first we went to one 7-11 and didnt like the flavors so we hit up another 7-11. chani had some issues parking which resulted in the 7-11 guy staring at her and laughing and chani waving back at him and the car next to us asking aviva if we were on drugs. so then we get our slurpees and somebody had spilled soda on the floor and chani made some comment about it and before we know it the 7-11 dude is cleaning it up and chani feels really bad. so we (me and aviva) get our slurpees (chani gets a soda) and we just hang around the store and we decide to start playing a game of which candy bar do u think u r and then it turns into im gonna say someone and u have to pick which candy bar u think they would be and the 7-11 guy is just getting a kick out of us. and hour later we finally leave.

me and aviva went to visit mesorah on thursday. it was quite exciting. oooh, i have a pic i wanna post. but its not loaded on my comp and its just too complicated to do right now. pity. anyways. it was fun. it was a girls bday so we got cake. actually, aviva doesnt like cake, so i ate cake. everyone was all excited to see aviva cuz they had all seen me over shabbat and yom kippur and so that made me feel a bit unloved. from there we went to fino and got a small pizza. there was a whole $10 issue. a mysterious $10 bill appeared on the counter and i was like its not mine and avivas like its not mine and it wasnt from the register and so were like um ok. but aviva really thought it was mine cuz we just traded money cuz i paid for the pizza and she paid me back but she gave me a $10 that i put in my wallet and gave her a $5 so i didnt get where the other $10 came from. so we're standing outside eating our pizza and im like i really dont think its mine but i check my wallet anyways and i look and then im like umm actually it might have been mine cuz i had a $10 and a $5 and now i just have the $10 from aviva and i was like oh well its just $10 im not going back in there and avivas like dude its $10 and im like no way cuz what if im wrong even tho i dont think i am cuz i know i paid with a $20 the other day i and i got the change and la la la and now i dont have it and it must have fallen out when i took out the $5 to pay u back and so aviva goes back in there and gets the $10 and we live happily ever after.

ok, so those are some stories from my vacation so far. not so exciting. this is y i never post. enjoy!

we are a family...

i was considering putting a picture here of my art project from 2day...but its not gonna happen now... its was a beautiful artistic rendition of the quote from the movie RV...
"on a family vacation, no1 can hear u scream..." it was beautiful and it highlighted our day.
basically its REALLY hot. DUSTY. lack of water. after walking 1000 miles yesterday in yerushalayim, i thought we were heading off 2 a day of car driving and kite flying. not wandering thru naot kedumim (which a note of excessive mmy planning is WAY more fun during the winter when u're wearing a coat and not stumbling w. heat exhaustion).. neways basically the day was me, brother, mother, 2 little ppl, and 1 baby... where the rest of the family was is a classic fischer secunda succos '06 move. they were all off in different places.. newaaays i believe that the faster u move the less time u spend dying in the heat. this is a theory most ppl dont believe bc they tend 2 move slower when its hot. so i just ran ahead w. 1 stroller @ full speed up the hills. fun times. neways after many hours of watching little kids try 2 feed dogs rocks. and after watching the most moving musical rendition of the story of reish lakish and 'r yochanan... (shout out 2 jewish history 10th grade when we made those posters and i drew reish lakish w. slouchy sweat pants and head fones..hahahah)we finally foudn ourselves in some shady place w. markers. thats where i created my succos '06 banner. thats also where the ultimate r katz twin sighting occured. i mean it was SCARY. even tho i went closer and saw it wasnt was still really weird. really really weird. rite now we're chilling. well...relaxing.. i think ppl have just disappeared w.o me which is kinda sad. but hopefully they'll come back w. food so thats good.
i had more 2 do, but now i've 4gotten. slicha..

Sunday, October 08, 2006

the badness of being american

man o man. 2 days of yom tov is REALLY annoying when every1 around u is not doing the yom tov thing... and when its sooo sweaty and hot and u just want 2 live permanently in the pool. really i have nothing 2 blog bc what happens over yom tov thats blog-worthy?? but i felt the need neways since i'm sitting here @ 11pm and theres no1 2 talk 2 online bc its still yom tov back in the 'hood. (shmutz laaretz as it is commonly called) neways lets see... umm modiin is pretty...pretty boring.... 2nite we really branched out and went 2 chashmonaim... 2morrow we're going 2 yerushalayim... if i wasnt so lazy, i would go call rebecca now 2 make plans... im not sure y i'm not doing that... im just so weird. wow this is the worst blog post EVER. this is scary how bad this is. ok i'm gonna stop now b4 i horrify u all w. my badness.
happy long week of chol hamoed!!!

Friday, October 06, 2006

mmm inhale that israeli dust

so here i sit. they say israeli floor makes u wise..hehehe. really i could sit on my sisters bed, but thats probably an american matress and that will just take all the fun out of flying all the way here. so heres the story. we arrived in modiin around 4:30 and only the cool milchig ppl got pizza and awesome greek salad. yay 4 the fleishophobes... or the ppl who r scared of airplane chicken. neways then i got 2 paint w. the little ppl and by the time we were done i had already washed the paint off the floor and then my grandmother had 2 get it off the wall...i think that happened bc i went 2 get paper towels to wash ppls hands and i said, while im gone try not 2 b crazy and dont paint on the walls..but u kno when little kids r REALLY hyper and they have selective hearing?? so thats what happened. i turned away and BAM there was the purple stripe on the wall. but no fear guys, super grandma got it off. thank goodness. then i was tired and every1 was yelling @ me that i was being quiet. but i was tired. so then we went back 2 the fischers and i got to spend like 10 hours trying 2 figure out y the wireless hates my laptop..we think we have found the block, but the powers that be werent home so we didnt want 2 mess w. it. hence the sitting on the floor using the ethernet...

i 4got how hot it is here. but in that sort of, 1ce u move beyond the hot it gets cooler way. u kno? like that 1st week in mmy was unbearable, but me and becca were 2 lazy 2 invest in a fan (plus i wasnt speaking back then..hehe) so we just got over it...and that is what has occured 2day. i woke up this morning (shout out 2 the awesome down blanket..i kno thats retarded of me 2 have it on the bed when its like 80 here..but if u knew this blanket u'd understand) and i felt like i was in an oven. so gross. but 1 iced coffee (made w. yummy israeli bagged milk of course) feeling like its air conditioned..and its not.

modiin is so pretty. i cant wait 2 go 2 yerushalayim tho. and oo iced coffee@ the tachana...yuuuuuum. (and the kotel 2...thats also exciting..dont worry ppl i have my priorities straight). not much else is going on. except 4 the usual rachel does weird things 2 get the little ppl 2 luv her gargle water for 10 minutes this morning..heheh

happy festival of booths! i'll make sure 2 inhale lots of israeli dust while sitting in the succah...yay!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Stand By

I know my ability to blog has really gone down the drain since the school year started. (i feel like there should be a but there like i should make up an excuse as to why this is happened but there is none. i'm just stating a fact) And so now i shall share with all our readers what happened a week ago today.
Just after me and aviva arrive at the airport in the sketchiest cab ride ever i go stand by on her flight which is really my flight but not anymore since i had to change it to a later flight when i had switched my flight back in august so i could leave for school 2 days earlier and i couldnt repurchase the flight i was originally on. Now i had checked earlier that day how many seats were available and there were 15 so i was like fine i can get on her flight no problem and i probably wont even have to pay the $25 to secure the seat. woohoo. so we're about to go thru security and the line is realllllly long and aviva starts walking towards the end of the line but its already sometime after 5 and boarding is at 5:55 and there was no way i was gonna wait in that line so aviva is walking to the end of the line and i go up the the airport ppl working at the security line and i'm like um our flight boards at 5:55 and they're like u can go ahead and so then aviva notices that im not with her and starts walking back towards me and we cut everyone in line and go thru security. (ok, so we didnt cut everyone, but we cut most everyone)
so then right before my backpack goes thru the lil scan thing i say to aviva i have a water bottle in there but im too lazy to take it out so i send my backpack thru and aviva goes thru the metal detector ahead of me and the security ppl have already scanned my purple backpack and saw my water bottle and have already called for backpack and ask aviva if the backpack is hers. she says no and i walk thru the detector and im like the backpack is mine. now, im already annoyed at this point for some reason, i dont know y so as they r saying this to me im not being very nice. so the security guy starts to open the wrong part of the backpack and im like the water bottle isnt over there (said again in annoyed voice) and i open the right part and he takes it and says u cant bring this thru here and im like FINE throw it away (annoyed voice) and he throws it away and proceed on our merry way.
then as we walk thru the airport aviva trips ever so gracefully without falling on the ground but hurts her side. i was laughing but felt really bad and was also really impressed that she didnt fall to the ground cuz she had her backpack on and everything.
so then we get to our gate and i go up to the counter to find out about my whole stand by status and that's where i start to freak out. there are only 10 seats left and 14 ppl trying to go stand by and i cant pay my $25 to secure my seat anymore and im 99% sure that i've paid at the gate before to secure my seat and the guy wont let me and all i want to do is go home and i dont get y the guy just wont give me a seat on the plane and poor aviva is stuck with me in such a bad mood cuz i just wanna get home already and i call my mom and im like GET ME HOME! so then finally finally they start calling the stand by ppl and they call out 6 names and i am NOT one of them. and i'm standing there pacing about and aviva has her stuff all ready cuz they are boarding ppl on the plane and this is her flight even tho it was MINE FIRST and the the guy is about to call a name and he pause and i KNOW its my name cuz no one can ever read my name ever and then he SAYS MY NAME and its the most beautiful thing i have ever heard in my life and i take my ticket and the guy says there are only middle seats left (as if i care) and i run over to aviva smiling and she's just laughing at me and i call my family and im like IM COMING HOME!!!!! im not so sure they were that thrilled. so we are on the plane and la la la. so as im getting all settled into my middle seat, 12E, next to a business dude and some older lady. the lady next to me drops a box of medicine and im like ok its just medicine no big deal it could be anything right it doesnt mean she's sick. then i see it as she picks it up and it says FLU on it. FLU. F-L-U. i start to spaz. serious spaz attack. there is no way i am sitting next to her for the next 3 1/2 hours. uh uh. no way. not happening. sick lady can crawl to dallas. i am NOT breathing in her toxic air. i try to stay calm and keep my head turned towards nice business man to the right. i flight is supposed to take off at 6:25 and we depart the gate at 6:21. we're off to a great start. and then.... the pilot comes on. there are 40 planes ahead of us waiting to take off and so we have to wait. now i should have expected this cuz i have yet to fly out of ny on time. so we sit. and we wait. and we sit. and we wait. and time just keeps passing by. and then the pilot comes on again. it seems there are some thunderstorms in the 5 or 6 catergory in our route and so we are waiting for a new route and until then we cant fly out. oh yip-ee. i didnt really want to go home anyways. and so we continue to sit. and we wait. and we sit. and we wait. me and aviva call each other up. i get up and bring her food cuz poor girl had nothing on her. i also brought the food when we went to silversmelly. and then the pilot comes on again. there are no west bound flights leaving the airport right now. they are all stuck cuz of the thunderstorms. I AM NEVER GETTING HOME AND IM STILL STUCK SITTING NEXT TO SICK FLU LADY!!! SOMEBODY GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!! 3 and half hours later the pilot comes on and says that in his 20 years of flying this has been his longest delay ever and after i should have already been home we finally take off. sometime after midnight i land in dallas. my dad and sis pick me up and i make sure they bring me dinner. i of course hug them both first and then give my truck a glorious hug and i finally get home around 1 am.
moral of the story:
we should only fly private

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!!! such luck mir

i regret 2 inform miriam that she can never gain complete control of this blog. ha!

so i am officially using the sketchiest internet ever in the sketchiest airport ever. basically i am NOT CONNECTED to wireless vienna airport, yet somehow i have access to the fastest internet connection ever. how fast?? i cant tell u, bc im not actually connected. its really bizarre. (bizzah) like the little computer wireless icon has a big X on it. and if u look @ connections, im NOT CONNECTED, yet my only option is to disconnect. so basically i feel like something sketchy and hackerish is going on. so if i suddenly seem strange it may be bc hans the viennese hacker has hacked in2 the blog. that would bring some life back in2 the blog.hahah

here r some highlights of my journey:
1. the spikey blonde haired stewardman made it his personal mission to make sure that i ate my kosher meal. now please note that never in my life have i actually eaten the meal on an airplane. i just dont eat on airplanes and them im really sick afterwards bc i havent eaten in like 2 days. but wtvr. point is i ate some sketchy beef thing. nasty i kno. but what could i say??
2. the lady in front of me pushed her seat ALL the way back and it was really really freaking annoying bc then i couldnt use my laptop to do ne work. so basically all i did was skim some fizix and have no clue whats flying, and then read some tristan and discover that i dont CARE ABOUT HOW HE GOT DRESSED B4 HE WENT 2 BATTLE. sheesh.
3. heres the best part. so we're waiting in dulles 4 the plane and im sitting there w. my laptop plugged in2 the wall, my ipod charging thru my laptop and o dads palm pilot treo fone...jappy rite?? u may wonder..y was i using my dads fone?? thats bc i left my the the gold lot.... stop 20... on the back seat. my poor fone which is by now VERY dead is chillin there...all alone. tragedy struck again. but its all good..except 4 the fact that neither of my siblings (shout out) believe in clocks, so last yr when i stayed @ my brothers house i had 2 turn on my cell fone every time i wanted 2 kno what time it was. so i guess im just timeless.
4. rite now im sitting on the floor in the corner of the large circle that seems to be the entire airport. in front of me are a ton of chinese ppl looking very lost. beyond them...guess whats there??? yuup... a minyan of 14 hysterical ppl. (1 of course being my dad) y r they hysterical? bc its just so fun 2 watch ppl get a minyan. its like hardcore spot the jew going on. and then they pulled it off. they have a guy leading the minyan w. a little security table as his shtender and all the women r standing behind them...good times...

neways so its 2:47am according 2 eastern time or wtvr its called. i think i slept like 3 hours on the plane. so basically im gonna collapse when we finally get there, but 4 now im totally awake and feel like its morning. which it is. so thats good bc i dont do the whole jet lag thing so i think im on a roll. till i get on the plane 2 israel and sleep and then get 2 israel and its afternoon. but wtvr. wow. i just got really really excited. I LUV ISRAEL. yaaaaaaay im going 2 israel. ok im done now b4 u all get mad @ me 4 going. sorry.

since i'll b chillin in the blogmasters house (aka the b-i-l) im sure i'll b back b4 long...

sweet dreams :-P

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Rachel has left and now the blog is mine! Woohoo! That is all. Carry on.