Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Good Ol' Days

So i was in my room on shabbat (for most of shabbat) and saw the blog lying out and thought 'hey, lets read u' and i did. Man, that was entertaining. It was mostly of summer 2006. Can u believe its been over 2 yrs that we've had this blog. Better yet, can u believe no one has posted on this blog in over 7 months? And do u know how many things have happened since then. Well first rachel graduated. Then i graduated. but only she has a diploma. im still waiting. then rachel got hitched. unclear if that was a smart move on her part. but it was a super fun wedding so i guess we'll permit it. so i guess since the blog first started we've become adults?! unclear. well u wont really hear about school schedules anymore. at least not for another yr. cuz i think thats when we're both going back to school. its really weird everyone else i know is going to school now and i didnt get to buy any pretty new notebooks. there was no counting down my last days of summer. weird. like, chava and vivian and erin and tobi were all like this is my last shabbat home i dont wanna go back to ny. and i was just standing there laughing at them. ok, so that may not have been the nicest thing to do but its funny cuz im not in that situation. anyways, as i was saying, u wont hear about school schedules anymore. ur going to hear about jobs. thats right. we work. u'll hear how we're tired (i like how im speaking for rachel also) cuz we wake up super early. and rachel will complain about cooking and cleaning and laundry. but she chose that whole married life thing so we dont feel bad. i just get to play with mental patients all day long and... well then i do nothing cuz everyones going back to ny.
point is that i miss the life of blogging and feel like we should start it up again cuz now it REALLY will fulfill its purpose since we're both in different places. and it was fun. at least during the summer. i mean we wrote A LOT. we really had no life at all. good for us.
so i shall try and keep up with this blog. lets see how it goes.


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